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The Thai Examiner is an enjoyable user experience designed to help foreigners have a relationship with the country or those who are interested. As  well as balanced, insightful and honest news reporting, we offer a new networking service. Our online community, forum and social network is also there for Thai nationals who wish to get to know foreigners and understand and develop the positive relationship between Thailand and the world

Thai Examiner is a growing news website and now social network which reaches millions of readers in Thailand, the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe as well as Australia, New Zealand and other countries in Asia. Our readership has increased over 300% in the last 8 months and we are poised to expand this even further in developing a vibrant online community of foreigners who love Thailand as well as Thai nationals interested in forging links with countries and societies outside of Thailand. The Thai Examiner if for anyone who wants to become a news leader on Thailand and its positive relationship with the rest of the world.

Thai Examiner is one of a number of websites operated by AtlanticThai Internet Co. Ltd in Bangkok. Our company has been operating in Thailand since 2005 and during that time we have launched Hitz Bangkok – The World Station and Thailand’s leading international dating Site with over 360,000 members,

The Thai Examiner brings you news from Thailand in a balanced and easy to read format for foreigners

As the years go by there is now growing community of foreigners not only who are living in Thailand but also many more who have a connection or affinity to the country. This news service is for you.

Thailand is currently a country in flux with many changes under way and facing many challenges. One of the changes, with many positive implications, has seen Thailand opened up to world with growing numbers of visitors to the country and significantly growing numbers of Thais immigrating to western countries with burgeoning Thai communities all over the world.

The strength and originality of Thai culture means that, despite globalisation, it is still a complex society which can sometimes be difficult for foreigners to understand. Therefore news from Thailand and current affairs can often present challenges to foreigners living within and without Thailand.

The aim of the Thai Examiner is to present a simple and clear portrayal of the important news events from Thailand for foreigners who live in Thailand or simply love the country.thai-examiner-news-website-thailand-about-us

Thailand is a proud and unique nation state that world can learn from as much as it embraces all that is best from western and other Asian countries was launched in 2015 to bring unbiased and honest news to  foreigners both living in Thailand and those who visit Thailand, are planning to visit Thailand or simply love this most unique of countries. Thailand often is the subject of negative press coverage in western countries. Since the explosion of sex tourism in Asia and Thailand in the 1970s, for some reason the focus has been on Thailand and in particular Bangkok and Pattaya. These are two of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations. Bangkok is the World’s mots visited city and Pattaya was recently listed in a Mastercard Top 10 list of Asian city tourist destinations. Many are familiar with Thailand’s derogative portrayal as the ‘sex capital of the world’ and association with poverty and exploitation. Many people worldwide never come out from behind that stereotypical and prejudiced view of Thailand. This and the country’s unique susceptibility to military coups has given the country negative connotations. These are well utilised by many a western tabloid newspaper editor to sell extra copies. Sex sells!

Yet, Thailand is one of the longest existing functioning states in the world with a state apparatus that has been functioning smoothly for over two centuries incorporating an advanced legal and property rights system which is deeply rooted. It has a flourishing society and highly original culture. It is home to some of the wealthiest people and families in the world in a country that has reduced poverty from 44% in 1988 to under 7% today. It has under 1% unemployment and has cut it inequality in half in the last 10 years alone. It is the 2nd largest economy in ASEAN or Southeast Asia and the 9th in greater Asia including the Middle East and Russia.

Closed off from the rest of the world until the early 20th century, it developed its own way. In the 21st century, it is a proud nation state that has made impressive strides in the last fifty years transferring from an poor agricultural economy to an industrialized one, reducing poverty dramatically and preserving its own unique identity. And while there are many negative stories that are rooted in reality, there is misconception and misunderstanding about Thailand even among regular visitors.

The honest truth about Thailand is deeper, complex and often paradoxical for western foreigners

Our news website and social network aims to explore the reality and the honest truth. We want to alert our readers to the very real issues that exist between Thailand and its foreign visitors who have now also become a growing community with links to the kingdom. This community exists within Thailand and more and more pockets of expatriate Thai communities across the world more often than not led by Thai women who have married western foreigners and introduced to them to Thailand. Thai Examiner is a news website for foreigners in Thailand, those who love Thailand and also Thai nationals interested in the western world. The truth  about Thailand is often deeper than the story on the surface suggests. In fact much in Thailand is a paradox when judged by western eyes.

Two Irish men and a Thai company partnership between foreigners and Thai people

Our company was founded by two Irish men, Joseph O’ Connor from Cork and Tony Fitzpatrick from Tipperary in Ireland in 2005 along with Thai shareholders who play an active part in our business. The mission of our company is a commercial one but it is also a lot more than that. Our primary mission is to develop and foster friendship, understanding, respect and even love between Thailand and the western world. In the end of the day, we are a small company with a modest mission to make the World a  little bit better in this special sphere of activity. Our company has a subsidiary company in Cork, Ireland which manages our Premium membership sales and advertising sales for or websites in cooperation with our operations centre in Bangkok. Thai Examiner employs journalists and writers both in Thailand, Asia and western countries. We are always excited to hear from potential new partners and colleagues in our mission, please feel free to get in touch. We are currently expanding our news coverage and looking for more journalists and writer to work with us.

An independent and proud nation with a lot to offer the world not least its culture and tradition

We believe that Thailand with its unique history and culture has a lot to offer the world while Thailand’s leaders and people have always been enthusiastic to forge more links, understanding, trade and goodwill between Thailand and the foreign countries. However it is a country that wishes to preserve its own culture, tradition and unique approach to doing things. Thailand has a proud history as a nation and independent, one which we hope we can help or readers and members to appreciate more through our work as a foreign observer and witness.


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