Ranong’s shocking murder unfolds as an officer surrenders for killing his girlfriend’s lover, a delivery driver. The tragic tale of passion and violence destroyed a young family, sparking a high-profile case.

Another love triangle in Thailand on Friday night ended in bloody tragedy. It occurred when a Border Patrol Police Officer saw his girlfriend in the company of a 27-year-old rival, a delivery driver who worked under her supervision. The policeman had warned his love rival previously. However, despite Thanawat Poonsawat telling his wife and moving jobs, his femme fatale pursued him. It ended at a local market in Ranong City with him shot in the head three times and killed instantly.

Ranong police on Friday night in the centre of the city on the Western Andaman coast of southern Thailand. Previously, a Ranong Border Patrol officer had gunned down a 27-year-old Mr Thanawat Poonsawat near the Phumichanok Market in the city. (Source: Ranong Police Station and ThaiRath)

In a heartbreaking tragedy, a tearful wife paid tribute to her slain husband on Saturday, revealing a tangled web of infidelity and violence.

The shocking story unfolded with a border patrol police officer’s surrender, following the fatal shooting of his wife’s lover, a local delivery driver. The details of this crime, rooted in a love triangle, have gripped the city’s population and led to a high-profile murder investigation.

Border Patrol officer surrenders following fatal shooting in Ranong. Talked down by his company boss

The commander of a company of the 41st Border Patrol Police, Police Sergeant Jira Yut Khum Khet, on Saturday coordinated with Ranong City Police. At length, he brought the main suspect with him to face charges.

Afterwards, the accused police officer was not named by the police. Certainly, it was reported that he had been instantly charged with murder.

At length, the victim of the shooting was 27-year-old Mr Thanawat Poonsawat. Mr Thanawat worked as a local delivery driver. He was shot dead at a market in the heart of Ranong City. Police from Ranong City Police Station responded to the scene as well as rescue workers with the Ranong Songkhro Foundation.

A full murder investigation was opened. Spent shell casings were found at the scene. The victim had been shot three times in the back of the head. One bullet had exited his left eye socket.

Love triangle tragedy: an illicit relationship turns deadly. Passion overruled sense for the ‘good man’

The background to the story is a quiet, regular occurrence on Thai news pages: a love triangle involving one woman.

At length, it was said that Mr. Thanawat previously worked at another delivery service. There, he had gotten involved in an affair with one of his supervisors, the lover of the Ranong Border Patrol officer.

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Afterwards, Mr Thanawat confided in his wife about the situation.

On Saturday, Ms Niranuch Petchlaem described her husband as a good man.

The 31-year-old revealed that the pair had been married for eleven years. In particular, she described her husband as a friendly, polite, and sensitive man. She explained that they had an eleven-month-old child with an enlarged heart problem.

Recently, the couple had decided to try again to have another child.

Distraught wife reveals details of her husband’s affair and warnings he ignored. Her husband had moved jobs but the femme fatale, she said, followed him

The distraught wife explained that two months ago, the affair started been between her husband and his boss at work.

Afterwards, when he told her, he left to move to another company. However, the woman had followed him, taking up a managerial position with the new outfit.

Ms Niranuch told reporters that she had warned her husband only in the past few days. She said he was already worried.

Her husband was the breadwinner for her family. At the same time, he also supported his extended family.

Notwithstanding this, he had previously been severely warned by the other woman’s police officer husband. However, it appears he ignored the warning.

Notably, her husband had recently told her that he was concerned about the prospect of losing his job.

Police Report: murder followed heated warning over affair. Border Patrol officer had issued an ultimatum and it was ignored. Now he is charged with murder

Reports suggest that the accused man saw the illicit couple together on Friday night. Afterwards, he lost control and used a 9mm pistol to murder his love rival.

Later, police revealed that the culprit was an officer with the Ranong Border Patrol Police. The femme fatale was his girlfriend. She was the manager of a local freight company.

However, the arrested policeman told a different story. At length, he said it was the 27-year-old deceased who refused to end the liaison.

He had become aware of the relationship and was satisfied until Friday night that it had ended.

He admitted gunning down his love rival near the Phumichanok Market in Ranong. After that, he drove away in a sedan car.

Accused faces the music, police tight-lipped on bail

Following this, his commanding officer explained to investigating police that the accused man wanted to take his own life. He felt remorse and self-loathing. His unit superior had spent hours talking with him.

Consequently, he gathered his thoughts and agreed to surrender and face the legal consequences of his actions.

On Saturday, police in Ranong suggested further charges may follow in the murder case. Afterwards, they were tight-lipped on the matter of bail for the accused officer. Investigators confirmed that the arrestee was cooperative and had already provided useful testimony.

They were still questioning the accused and were awaiting his consent to stage a crime reenactment of the murder. This is a routine matter in Thai criminal investigations, but the accused has the right to refuse to participate.

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