Jilted Thai lover arrested for blackmailing former French flame after abusive breakup in Vietnam. Published explicit videos, extorted €900, caught in Pattaya by Technology Crime Suppression Division. The French victim had filed a complaint leading to a Section 338 charge.

A 40-year-old Thai man was arrested by police on Friday for blackmailing a French woman in 2019. The victim in the case was a former lover of the Thai man, with whom he lived in Thailand and later in Vietnam. However, after being mauled and beaten up by her in Vietnam in 2017, two years later, he attempted to blackmail her. He published sexually explicit images of the pair before the French woman paid up. However, she later filed a complaint with the Royal Thai Police.

40-year-old Mr Chalermwut’s identity was not published by Technology Crime Suppression Division officers on Friday. Earlier, he was confronted by police with an arrest warrant. It followed his extortion of his former French lover in 2019. (Source: Technology Crime Suppression Division of the Royal Thai Police)

Police from the Technology Crime Suppression Division have arrested a 40-year-old Thai man for online extortion. An operation was launched in Pattaya to detain Mr Chalermwut, whose full name has not been revealed to the media at this time.

The accused was taken into custody on foot of an arrest warrant issued by the Criminal Court on June 19, 2024. 

Extortion offence occurred in 2019 but previously dates back to a 2017 relationship between the Thai accused and his French lover in Thailand and Vietnam

The offence relates to a series of incidents in 2017, which pertained to the man’s relationship with a French woman that turned sour.

In short, Mr Chalermwut was dating the French woman in 2017. It is understood she was working in Thailand. During this time, she made explicit videos of the couple engaging in sexual relations.

Afterwards, she moved to Vietnam to pursue her career, and her Thai boyfriend travelled with her. 

Relationship between the pair broke down in Vietnam. Mr Chalermwut alleges the French woman beat him up and then threw him out. He demanded compensation 

Thereafter, the couple’s relationship broke down. After his arrest, Mr Chalermwut told investigators that the French woman had beaten him up. Following that, she threw him out of their shared accommodation. In effect, he was forced to return to Thailand.

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However, he told police that he had insisted on compensation for being abused. In short, the French woman refused, making him extremely angry. He demanded €900.

That was when he threatened her with publishing the explicit imagery and videos online. Following this, she refused again, and he published the material on various platforms and accounts he had set up.

French women sent him ฿35,000 but there was a sting in the tail for the dumped Thai lover. Left him sore on Friday when he was placed under arrest by police

Certainly, this caused the French woman to change her heart. The former French lover wired him the money, which was ฿35,000 approximately.

Nonetheless, there was a sting in the tail for the Thai man. At the same time, the woman filed a complaint with the Royal Thai Police alleging extortion and blackmail.

Certainly, it is not clear why the case has taken so long. This week, the Technology Crime Suppression Division explained that Mr Chalermwut had fled his former address for Pattaya.

Nevertheless, on Friday, the law caught up with the accused man. He was taken to the Technology Crime Suppression Division headquarters near Bangkok for questioning and for charges to be processed.

Taken from his Pattaya condominium

He is charged with an offence under Section 338 of the Criminal Code as amended by the Crime Acts of 2007 and 2017.

The arrest warrant dated June 19 is number 2839/2567. In brief, it stipulates a criminal offence of ‘extortion and importing any computer data into a computer system which is obscene in nature and linked with computer data that the general public may have access to.’

Mr Chalermwut was taken into custody at his condominium complex in Pattaya. He was confronted by the police team sent to bring him in as he returned from a shopping trip.

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