Turkish Romeo steals ex’s phone and posts her naughty pics online. A regular visitor to Thailand, Mr Amir, was nabbed after his Thai girlfriend rejected reconciliation. Charged with theft, unauthorised access and obscene image dissemination. Legal woes only beginning.

A Turkish man, a regular visitor to the kingdom, was placed under arrest by Immigration Bureau police on Saturday. He was detained in Bangkok. It came after he published obscene photos of his former Thai girlfriend online in a fit of pique after she consistently refused his efforts at reconciliation.

Immigration Bureau officers confronted Mr Amir on Saturday with the evidence against him. They also carried an arrest warrant issued by the Bangkok South Municipal Court. The 26-year-old Turk faces serious criminal charges including theft, unauthorised access to a computer system, and the dissemination of obscene images. (Source: Immigration Bureau)

A Turkish man was arrested by the Thailand Immigration Bureau on Saturday. His detention came following a complaint filed earlier by his estranged Thai girlfriend.

Previously, the Turk, identified only as Mr Amir, had spotted her in a Bangkok shopping mall. At length, the 26-year-old seized and ran off with her smartphone. Afterwards, he explained to the arresting police that his actions were a prank gone wrong.

Stole his ex-girlfriend’s smartphone from her at the car park of a well-known IT shopping mall in Bangkok. Later tried to coerce the Thai woman to reconcile

In brief, he told officers that he was annoyed with his girlfriend. This followed repeated attempts by the Turk to reconcile with her.

He snatched his girlfriend’s phone when he spotted her at the well-known IT mall in the city. The incident occurred in the parking lot of the facility.

A police operation launched after the woman’s complaint used CCTV footage from the centre to establish the theft act. Afterwards, they set out to raise charges and after that, his arrest.

In short, he was jealous that she had turned her attentions elsewhere. He told arresting officers that she had rejected his offers of reconciliation for an extended period.

The Turk, with a muscular build, is a regular visitor to Thailand. Police with the Immigration Bureau revealed that he had entered the kingdom 14 times.

Threatened his girlfriend that he would publish her erotic photos found on her smartphone online if she failed to get back together with him. She was not cowed

Afterwards, he discovered that his girlfriend had a large number of personal and erotic photos on her phone. Following this discovery, he attempted to blackmail her. Again, she rejected his offer and reported him to the police for both theft and extortion.

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Consequently, the Turkish man posted the photos of the woman on social media.

In the meantime, police sought and obtained a warrant from the Bangkok South Municipal Court. The Eurasian man was charged with theft, unauthorised access to a computer system and device, and dissemination of obscene images.

Certainly, he may face additional charges linked to his campaign of harassment and behaviour towards the woman, his ex-girlfriend.

Subsequently, he appeared shocked when police caught up with him and presented him with an arrest warrant. He was taken into custody as criminal legal proceedings were processed against him.

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