A 43-year-old deputy school director in Lamphun, northern Thailand, was found dead on Friday night after being missing for over 12 days. Teacher Bank, or Ritsakorn Chaisanti, had committed suicide. 

A 43-year-old deputy school director in Lamphun, northern Thailand, was found dead on Friday night. He had been missing for over 12 days with his car. Teacher Bank, or Ritsakorn Chaisanti, appeared to have committed suicide. His gold Toyota Vios was discovered by a passerby on Friday night at 9:45 p.m. At length, the married man with a 4-month-old child is understood to have suffered from depression. His family believes a scandal over a ฿100,000 payment may have driven the teacher to take such a course. Certainly, his finances were healthy. At the same time, a new house was being built by the man’s extended family for him and his wife.

Scene on Friday night and in the early hours of Saturday morning. After the car was located by police at 9:45 pm, Teacher Bank’s wife was summoned. She confirmed the body was that of her husband. Afterwards, a full medical examination was completed on Saturday morning. (Source: Khaosod and Provincial Police)

On Friday night, there was a sad end to a missing persons case which had occupied police in northern Thailand since June 17th.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, police confirmed that the body of a school director found in a Toyota Vios car on Friday night was that of 43-year-old Teacher Bank or Ritsakorn Chaisanti.

Teacher was a deputy  director of San Pa Yang Nom School  and acting director of a kindergarten in the centre of Lamphun province in northern Thailand

The Deputy Director of San Pa Yang Nom School was additionally acting director of Wat Chamadevi Kindergarten School in Lamphun. Mr Ritsakorn had disappeared while driving to work at approximately 9 am on Saturday, June 16th.

The man’s family reported him missing on June 17th after he failed to arrive at school and later come home.

In addition, they reported some controversy related to the theft of ฿100,000 signed off on by the school official. In short, it is thought the matter was occupying the married man’s mind.

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In particular, police learned that the school’s teacher suffered from depression and was taking medication. 

Up to Friday night, the teacher had disappeared without trace since he set off for work on the morning of Sunday, June 16th last. Car spotted by a local

Up to Friday night, the teacher and his car had just disappeared without a trace. In the hours after, police traced his mobile phone location. At the same time, they recorded the last location nearby where the car was found.

Certainly, at one point, there were fears that the teacher had been kidnapped for ransom. However, the incident with the missing money weighed heavily on the family’s mind.

Weeks after taking the route of the car from where it was last seen on CCTV footage, police were still unable to locate it. 

On Friday, a passerby recognized the car and registration number from media reports.

The registration was กข 6610, Lamphun. He found the Toyota Vios car parked under the Ban Chiang Khang Bridge on a ring road between districts in the Saraphi district of Chiang Mai. That was at 9.45 pm.

Teacher Bank’s wife was called to the scene by police to confirm the worst. Afterwards, a local hospital medical team conducted a thorough examination

At length, Teacher Bank’s wife, also a teacher, was summoned to the scene. Teacher Tan confirmed that the badly decomposed body in the car was that of her husband.

Afterwards, a medical team from Maharat Nakhon Chiang Mai Hospital attended the scene.

By 1.30 am on Saturday, they confirmed that the body was that of the missing teacher. In addition, they also confirmed that he had taken his own life.

A thorough examination of the rotting body was performed. At length, the 43-year-old killed himself with a rope.

Furthermore, he had assembled a charcoal-burning pan and medications including anti-depressant pills in the car. The deceased had also written a farewell note to his family.

Family left in disbelief, young man had everything to live for including a career, infant child, a wife, healthy finances and new house being built for him

Certainly, the death has left his extended family in a state of disbelief.

Undoubtedly, they blamed the financial mistake and complaints over the loss of ฿100,000 from the school’s budget for what happened.

In particular, because the young man had everything to live for.

He was the father of a 4-month-old healthy child. At the same time, he and his wife had a solid financial situation with no debts and substantial savings.

Certainly, Mr Ritsakorn’s 72-year-old mother, a retired teacher, also explained that the family was in the process of completing a large new house for Teacher Bank and his family.

The wider family is known to be wealthy with extensive property interests including rented houses.

Nonetheless, they admitted that the teacher had a tendency to ruminate and ultimately may have become a victim of depression.

At length, the tragedy has left the local area stunned. The teacher’s family has suffered a terrible loss.

Suicide rate in Thailand has been rising steadily in line with economic performance. It appears to be up from 2013 and also surged during the pandemic

Suicide rates have risen sharply in Thailand since 2013. They also surged during the pandemic crisis. However, there is conflict between figures with data coming from the Thai government, the United Nations, and the World Bank.

In 2022, figures from the United Nations put it at 7.97 per 100,000, having risen from 6.64 in 2019.  For instance, Thailand’s rate of suicide has been on the increase since 2017 when it was 6.17 per 100,000. However, the World Bank figure for 2017 was 8.4. 

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Certainly, the rate of suicide according to World Bank data for 2018 and 2019 was 8.8. However, this was later revised downwards by Thai authorities. In 2013, the World Bank rate was only 7.5 before rising sharply.

While it has one of the highest rates in Southeast Asia, it is surpassed by countries such as Sri Lanka, which came in at 15 per 100,000 for 2022.

Undoubtedly also, it is a male phenomenon. The male rate of suicide in Sri Lanka in 2022 was 27 per 100,000 versus 5 for the female population.

Suicide rates appear to be linked to economic circumstances. During the 1997 financial crisis in Thailand, the number spiked to 12.27.

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