Alisa Makarenko pursued a purse snatcher through Phuket town, capturing the thrilling chase on video. Police are confident of catching the culprit using CCTV footage.

Police in Phuket are tracking a motorbike purse snatcher after an incident was reported by a Russian woman on Sunday night. Alisa Makarenko, riding pillion on a friend’s motorbike, had previously chased a thief for half an hour. In the meantime, she was also making a video which she later handed over to the local police station. It all happened in the centre of the town.

A photo image from the video recorded by Russian woman Alisa Makarenko as she pursued the man who snatched her purse earlier in the town. (Source: Phuket Police)

Phuket police are confident of catching a thief who snatched a Russian woman’s purse in the town on Sunday evening.

It follows a report filed by Ms Alisa Makarenko, who was riding pillion on a friend’s motorbike when the purse snatcher struck. At length, the culprit rode off ahead of her on his motorbike.

Russian riding pillion on a friend’s motorbike gave the purse snatcher more than he bargained for as she pursued him with horn blaring and making a video

Nevertheless, the purse snatcher was in for a surprise. At length, the Russian woman gave chase at speed.

She was on a motorbike driven by her friend. In a thrilling road ride, they managed to pursue the thief along three roads and a roundabout.

In all the chase lasted nearly thirty minutes.

At the same time, they blared the horn of their motorbike as they pursued him through the town.

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Later, she detailed her efforts to the police, who applauded her tenacity. 

At the same time, the Russian’s response was dangerous as the pursuit at times was at speed. Certainly, there was danger in abrupt turns and the pursuing bike’s ability to overtake vehicles in the face of oncoming traffic.

30-minute chase at speed through 4 different intersections before the culprit eventually lost his pursuers. Police check the registration and CCTV footage

The chase was seen by locals and passersby on Ratsada Road, Suriyadet Circle, Bangkok Road, and finally Poonphon Road. Nonetheless, the thief eventually managed to lose Ms Makarenko and her dogged pursuit.

The Russian, however, did manage to make a video of the chase. The culprit was wearing a brown T-shirt, dark short pants, and a blue motorcycle helmet.

In particular, the motorbike had a number plate visible. In addition, police are tracking the motorbike thief using CCTV images.

Russian’s bag only contained ฿60 but additionally her bank and credit cards, sunglasses and motorbike driving licence. Cards were quickly frozen by police

The Russian woman’s bag contained only ฿60. However, it additionally contained a Kasikorn Bank card, Russian bank and credit cards, as well as her sunglasses and motorbike driver’s licence.

The determined woman reported the theft at Phuket Police Station at 9:29 pm, just over 49 minutes after the theft occurred at 8:40 pm on Sunday.

The theft had taken place at Supalai Condo Vista on Takua Pa Rd in the heart of Phuket. In brief, the opportunist thief snatched the purse from her lap.

Afterwards, police assisted the victim in freezing her Thai debit cards and her Russian cards to prevent any further financial loss.

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