Some of the suspects are juveniles and were held by Thai police pending a medical report. One Thai wife defends her husband who is accused in the affair saying he did not rape the young girl.

Authorities in Northeastern Thailand held captive seven men for they were allegedly accused of raping a 13-year old girl. The victim’s parents filed a claim against the gang whose relatives showed no slight interest in their release except for one of the suspects’ wives who sided with her husband.

Thai police have detained a group of men and underage juveniles in connection with a suspected gang rape of an underage Thai girl in northeastern Thailand. Thai police have involved social workers in the case, where there is conflicting evidence, because of its sensitive nature and the involvement of underage suspects

The Thai police arrested 7 young men, aged 14 to 22, four of whom were brought to a court in Buriram province so police could detain them for 24 hours. The other 3 suspects, because of being minors, were held at the Ban Kruat police station.

The gang raped a 13-year-old girl in a school’s toilet in Ban Krut distinct of Buriram Province in Thailand late Friday night.

Local police accused the four suspects under the age of 18 on Saturday with bullying and raping a school female teenager.

Parents of the victim filed a claim against the suspects

The parents of the girl filed a complaint, claiming that their daughter was raped by 7 young men, among whom are three minors, in a toilet at a school in Bung Charoen at 11 pm on Friday. In response to the claims filed by the parents of the victim, the police detained 4 of the suspects, and held in custody the 3 remaining young men, as they were under the age of 18.

After being present to court, relatives demanded no temporary release according to police

The 4 suspects were forced to be present before the juvenile court since the police wanted to detain them for 24 hours until investigations and interrogations gave fruitful results. The other suspects, aged over 18, were detained at the police station of Ban Kruat.

‘No relatives demanded their release, nor even their temporary release on Saturday,’ surprisingly said Thongrat Khiaosanam, the police officer of the Ban Kruat station. He was about to bring the three older suspects to the court on Monday to extend their detention period.

Investigations still to get underway

The local police force are now commencing a full investigation to get to the the truth behind the incident  and it is reported that they were waiting for the delivery of a thorough medical report undertaken on the victim after being examined in the local hospital of Ban Kruat. Thai police are also reported to have involved social workers in the case due to its sensitive nature and the innvolvement of underage suspects.

A suspect confessing to be involved in the crime

One of the three older suspects confessed to have intimate relations with the girl.He claimed that she seemed to accept and enjoy it. Other suspects said they were just in the scene of the girl being gang raped, but did not participate in what was going on.

One Thai wife sides with her husband

Ploy, the wife of one of the suspects, told the police that the victim was the girlfriend of a 16 year old who was among the gang. The girl had sent a message to her boyfriend. The victim had requesting that he come and pick her up since her motorcycle had broken down, according to Ploy, the wife of one of the men who is a suspect in the matter.

‘My husband had not raped the girl,’ she said. ‘And my family would be in trouble if he was sent to jail because he was the only subsistence provider of the family, especially they had a 10-month-old baby,’ she emphasized.

Thailand Law’s viewpoint

‘Whoever has sexual intercourse with a woman, who is not wife, against her will, by threatening by any means whatever, by doing any act of violence, by taking advantage of the woman being in the condition of inability to resist, or by causing the woman to mistake him for the other person, shall be punished with imprisonment of four to twenty years and fined of eight thousand to forty thousand Baht,’ according to Thailand’s Criminal Code, section 276, Rape.

‘Whoever, has sexual intercourse with a girl not yet over fifteen years of age and not being his own wife, whether such girl shall consent or not, shall be punished with imprisonment of four to twenty years and fined of eight thousand to forty thousand Baht. If the commission of the offence according to the first paragraph is committed against a girl not yet over thirteen years of age, the offender shall be punished with imprisonment of seven to twenty years and fined of fourteen thousand to forty thousand Baht, or imprisonment for life,’ according to Thailand’s Criminal Code, section 277, Rape.