Evil Thai man terrorised up to 200 Thai women with his blackmail scheme after he paid them cash  to send him sexually explicit video clips online. The man had funds of ฿2 million in his bank account when arrested and Thai police believe he was laundering his ill gotten gains through gambling accounts. The despicable scheme was expanding fast though contacts on social networks when Thai police brought him down as he chatted online this week to another potential victim. Meanwhile in January, Thai police nabbed another romeo who flitted from Thai woman to Thai woman to avoid arrest by authorities for online fraud. He took his departure from each lover leaving a financial sting. Thai police are aware of at least 10 such women but believe that there are far more.

The trusting and generous nature of Thai women has become not just a target for foreign online scammers but also Thai romeos who have developed ingenious ways to exploiting the internet and vulnerable people to make money online without scruple. Thai police chief Lieutenant Surachate Hapkarn introduced the public to a Thai online blackmailer this week who paid Thai women cash to record sex clips and send them to him online. He later blackmailed at least 200 women with threats to publish the clips and processed millions of baht through gambling accounts to launder his ill gotten gains. Meanwhile in January, Thai police caught up with a romeo lover boy and online fraudster who moved from Thai woman’s heart to Thai woman’s heart as he tried to keep one step head of the law.

In his capacity as the Head of the Information Technology Crime Suppression Unit, Lieutenant General Surachate Hapkarn briefed the press this week on the despicable blackmail scheme of Kittisak Nimboonchuen perpetrated against at least 200 Thai women which netted the blackmailer a huge return in millions of baht. The suspect had ฿2 million in funds when arrested this week as he chatted and attempted to lure another Thai women into his trap. Thai police believe he laundered his money through gambling accounts to cover his tracks. In January, Thai police arrested another Thai romeo fraudster who used the trusting nature and hearts of Thai women to avoid investigating police as he moved from one woman’s home to another while thieving from each of them as he left and running an online sales scam.

Thai police have arrested a Thai national in Phitsanulok province for preying on Thai women online. However, unlike foreign romance scammers, who lure their victims with the bait of promised the riches, the trap devised by 35 year old Kittisak Nimboonchuen was just as effective and even more traumatic. He used blackmail.

His arrest came at the hands of a special police task force lead by Lieutenant General Surachate Hapkarn dealing with online technology crime. The police boss held a press conference this week to detail Mr Nimboonchuen’s exploits and criminal enterprise into which he sucked at least 200 Thai women as victims.

Thai man befriended Thai women online and offered them cash to video record sex acts online

The relatively handsome Kittisak would befriend Thai women online using online social networks such as Facebook. There he would engage in live chat with his victims. Many Thai women are aware of the online threat from romance scammers and one of the tests for authenticity is to insist on live chat. Once he had convinced his online girlfriends that he was real, the Thai con man would move to the next step. He would coax them into performing live online sex cats or to video record sex clips. In return, he offered them a ฿5,000 reward which he did, in fact, pay to his victims. Except for Kittisak, this was just a temporary investment. He would then turn around and blackmail the Thai women inferring that he was going to publish the clips online and reveal their identities if he was not paid off. And the payoff was considerably more than ฿5,000.

Lucrative blackmail enterprise was expanding

Thai police revealed that the online blackmailer had funds of ฿2 million in his bank account when the force of the law finally caught up with him this week. It emerged that he would allow some The women without access to funds, to meet the blackmail demands by letting him have access to their Facebook accounts which he then used as a springboard to recruit more and more victims.

Caught in the act as Thai police swooped

The Thai police boss revealed to the press that the 35 year old Kittisak Nimboonchuen was nabbed by Thai police while using the PC of a neighbor to prey upon another Thai woman this week. Thai police believe he may have earned large amounts of money which he processed through gambling accounts as a means of laundering the money. Police are understood to have retrieved evidence of the man’s diabolical scheme including the video clips.

Another Thai romeo arrested in January

At the end of January this year, Thai police announced the arrest of another such Thai romeo, a man who police suspect may have lived for many years playing on the renowned good heart and sometime deep pockets to hard working, well off Thai women.  The Thai police Chief of Bangkok Metropolitan Division 4 announced the end to the man’s suspected fraud campaign at the end of January when Thai police finally caught up with him and landed him in jail.

37 year online swindler targeted Thai women

The man, named by Thai police as 37 year old Kittipong Saelao, was arrested on suspicion of swindling Thai women through social media websites. The police believe that he may have at a minimum, preyed upon at least 10 Thai women through his activities. Thai police believe that the victim pool is much larger than this and have called on victims to come forward and make police complaints. His modus operandi appears to have been to befriend the women with his confident chat online and then, amazingly coax them into trusting him and living with him before absconding usually with something of value or wealth, onto pastures new.

Warrant issued for his arrest in 2018 by a Thai court but police caught up with in January 2019

It is reported that Mr Saelao was arrested by Thai police on the basis of a warrant issued by the district court in the Phra Nakhon area of Bangkok, which is one of 50 districts in the huge Thai capital. The warrant was dated March 18th. Police found the suspect at a house in Nong Khaem, another district in the city on Sunday the 20th January last. The man reportedly admitted the crime for which he was arrested for. He told Thai police that he had need money to purchase illegal drugs.

The court warrant and the man’s subsequent arrest followed an investigation by Thai police who had received an array of similar complaints against the silver tongued Thai man who seems to have had a particular way with the hearts of the Thai women he met. It is reported that the complaints were submitted from victims throughout Thailand. All the reports to police referenced a man on Facebook with the profile name: Saelao Kittipop.

Online motorbike parts sales racket which ended in fraud and social network account blocked

All the reports had a similar pattern. The Thai man advertised that he sold much sought after goods online at a bargain basement price. The range of products he sold ranged from motorbikes, a speciality, to motorbike parts and religious amulets. The latter are very popular with Thai people, many whom are devout Buddhists and believe such items bring luck and good fortune. The enterprising Thai man would chat confidently with his customers who would later become further victims and who funded the whole endeavor. People online would wire him funds for the products but would later find their profiles an accounts blocked from the seller. Thailand has a very effective banking and ATM system where money can be transferred between accounts with the click of smartphone or if not form a bank ATM. It is reported that some of his marks or victims posted information online about the ruse and the man but it seemed not to deter or discourage the man in his scamming.

Thai police investigations lead them to discover Thai man’s means of keeping on the move

But Thai police unearthed more than this when they investigated that man. They discovered how he was able to keep changing location and address. They also found that the 37 year old man targeted young Thai women online. He held himself out as a well to do and well paid man with a full time job. For many reasons such as urbanization and lack of suitable prospects, there are more single Thai women who have full time incomes in search of marriage and love partners than Thai men in Thailand particularly in urban areas and in Bangkok. Mr Saelao claims were evidently false. However, his confidence and bonhomie won the Thai women over. Many allowed him to stay in their homes. Later, at some point, he would borrow something of value such as money or a motorbike and pretend to go out on a bit of business but never to return. It was a practiced tactic and and Kittipong himself admitted to Thai police that he had stolen no less than 4 motorbikes from one time girlfriends in this way.

When the charmer was arrested, Thai police were not surprised to find him living with another Thai woman at her rented house in Nong Khaem in Bangkok. The police believe strongly that there are many more victims out there who have dealt with or lost money as the result of the suspected fraudster and his bizarre life. Officer at Bangkok’s Thonglor Royal Thai police station are investigating the matter further.