The raid on the bar took place at ten minutes to midnight on Thursday and was led by a high powered team. This included the Deputy Governor and officials from the provincial administration in Udon Thani. The deputy governor announced after the raid, that the bar would be closed for five years while investigating officials said that the owners of the bar will face prostitution and human trafficking charges. The investigation has now been taken over by the Department of Special Investigation.

Thai police and officials on Thursday raided and closed down a bar in the centre of Udon Thani which was being operated as a prostitution takeaway service. 10 women were detained in the raid and 4 were found to be under age. The bar is reported to be owned by a Thai woman whose husband is a serving policeman in Udon Thani.

Evidence found at the sex bar in the centre of Udon Thani where 10 Thai women were detained for questioning, will lead to charges of human trafficking and procuring prostitution against the owner of the establishment. The bar has been linked to a local policeman currently serving in Udon Thani and this has lead to the case being taken over by the Department of Special Investigation which also participated in Thursday night’s high powered raid.

Thai police raided a karaoke bar in the northern Thai city of Udon Thani on Thursday night and arrested a number of women suspected of being involved in the prostitution trade. These include at least four Thai girls under the age of 18. The raid is thought be the result of a tip off from a teacher at a school linked with one of the young girls who made a report to a well known organization in Thailand that has grown up to combat exploitation of women, sex trafficking and the abuse of minors.

Club linked to a serving local policeman

It is reported that officials working with the Department of Provincial Administration in Udon Thani lead the raid. The sex bar was located in the centre of the city which is home to many foreigners. The bar, operating under the name Tor Yai was situated at Soi Pracharat. Local media in the area are reporting that the management of the bar may be linked to a local Thai police officer reported to be an active Sergeant Major assigned to the city centre area of Udon Thani. The names of the couple have not been released to the media.

Senior officials lead the raid on the sex bar

The raid occurred at ten minutes to midnight on Thursday night and the officer in charge was Ronnarong Thipsiri, the Head of the Investigation and Suppression Division of the provincial administration in Udon Thani. The raid team also included the Deputy Governor of Udon Thani, Pramote Thanyapeud as well as Police Lieutenant Colonel Supat Thamthanarak who heads the anti trafficking division of the Department of Special Investigation. A legal advisor to the provincial administration, Man Simm, also was on hand.

Four under age sex workers found

Among the 10 women working as take out prostitutes at the bar were 4 under aged girls including one 16 year old girl and three who were 17 years old. Patrons of the bar would pay for drinks for the girls and later pay a bar fee to take them out for sexual encounters. The raid came about after a teacher of one of the underage girls reported the activities of her student to the Ronnasit Foundation which assists victims of human trafficking and exploitation.

Owners of the bar face prostitution and sex trafficking charges based on the evidence obtained from the midnight raid by high powered team

The head of investigation and suppression division in Udon Thani confirmed that as consequence of the raid and evidence obtained, the owners would face charges. These will include human trafficking and procuring women for prostitution in addition to other violations concerned with operating a service business without the appropriate permits.

Bar to be closed for five years: Deputy Governor

The Deputy Governor, Pramote Thanyapeud, confirmed at the establishment would now be closed for five years. Lieutenant Colonel Supat Thamthanarak of the Department of Special Investigation said his agency will now rake over the case as it could involve the local police officer. All ten sex workers found at the establishment including the four underage girls, were interviewed by the Udon Thani Children’s Home which works with vulnerable girls who require treatment and in some case protection after they leave the prostitution trade.