Thai King urged the new cabinet to work for the good of the people and the country. Prior to the ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam said that the government’s official policy statement would be printed and distributed to all MPs within 24 hours once approved by the new cabinet. It will be formally presented to the House of Representatives on Thursday, July 25th.

The new Thai cabinet has been sworn in at a ceremony held on Tuesday evening at the Dusit Palace in Bangkok in front of Thailand’s King and Queen. The Prime Minister, speaking to reporters afterwards and later at the first cabinet meeting of the new ministry, repeated the need for Thailand to find unity at this time. ‘People are pinning their hopes on the government,’ he said.

The prime minister led his cabinet to the Dusit Palace at 4.30pm today from Government House in Bangkok. At 6 pm the cabinet was granted an audience with the King Maha Vajiralongkorn accompanied by Queen Suthida. The King urged the new ministers and government to work for the country and the Thai people. Afterwards, the PM, speaking to reporters, underlined the need for unity in Thailand. It was a theme he referenced again at the first cabinet meeting later at Government House.

The new Thai cabinet has been sworn during an audience with His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn at the Ambara Villa within the Dusit Palace in Bangkok. The Thai King was accompanied by Queen Suthida at the ceremony.

National Council for Peace and Order ceased to be today after cabinet was sworn in

The swearing-in of the new government officially marks the end to the National Council for Peace and Order bringing an end to military rule in Thailand. In a statement, broadcast live on TV yesterday, the new Prime Minister on the eve of the cabinet’s swearing-in, asked the Thai public to be patient with the new government which, as a democratically elected one, does not have the decisive authority that its predecessor had to make and execute decisions. The former government, appointed by the military junta, ruled with sweeping powers such as Section 44 which allowed it to take action without recourse to judicial review or legal process.

New democratic government may not be as decisive, PM urges the public to ‘be patient’

The PM referred to the new democratic era which was about to commence and warned that his new administration may be more cumbersome as it was constrained by the need to follow the democratic process. 

‘Even though this way may be slow to respond to the needs of some groups of people due to constraints imposed by the laws, politics and budgets, and the need to listen to different opinions, it still follows democratic procedures,’ General Prayut quite frankly expressed himself to the nation. ‘All sides have to learn to co-exist peacefully, exercise patience, restraint, avoid conflict, be sensible and disciplined and respect the voice of the majority.’

Yesterday Prayut and his wife meet the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand – urged to be a good Buddhist

Yesterday, the prime minister and his wife had an audience with the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand at Wat Ratchabophit, Bangkok. His Holiness listened to the prime minister as he explained the challenges facing the new government and advised him to govern morally and wisely in accordance with Buddhist teachings. Be a good Buddhist, he advised. The Thai Prime Minister was reappointed to the office by the King on June 11th last.

Thai King urges the new cabinet ministers and team to work for the people and the country

At the swearing-in ceremony at the Dusit Place on Tuesday, the Thai King urged the newly installed cabinet to work ardently for the country as well as its people and that they do their utmost all times.

First meeting held afterwards at Government House

After the ceremony, the cabinet left the palace and returned to Government House where it had its first meeting. The collection of ministers represent a combined coalition of 19 political parties but also, among them, are many stalwarts that have worked will the prime minister over the last five years. The prime minister welcomed them all and went over the draft policy statement to be presented to parliament and a finance bill relating to the new government’s budget.

Prime Minister underlined the need for unity

The PM urged his new ministers to  strive for unity in the country which was an echo of his comments to a press posse after the ceremony today in which he said: ‘We have to prepare for the next task that is to present the government policies and create a sense of unity for the country, religion, king, and all of us, the people.’ The prime minister urged the cabinet to serve the country. ‘Our ultimate goal is the nation, religions, the monarch and the public. People are pinning their hopes on the government.’

PM led his team from Government House to the Dusit Palace at 4.30pm for ceremony at 6 pm

The 36 members of the cabinet were led from Government House at 4.30 pm by the PM to the Ambara Hall for the swearing-in ceremony held at 6 pm. All new ministers will commence work on Thursday, July 18th.

Prior to this, legal affairs expert and Deputy Prime Minister, Wissanu Krea-ngam said that once the government’s policy statement was approved by the cabinet, it would be printed up and delivered to all MPs on the House of Representatives within 24 hours. The government’s policy statement will be formally presented to parliament on Thursday, July 25th.

New Thai cabinet attains royal approval as military rule is dismantled in Thailand by orders

New Thai cabinet finalised as government set for July launch, PM to retain old hands at the helm