Coworkers and friends gathered in a poignant scene as the young teacher’s body was removed on Sunday morning from hospital to the local police facility for a routine autopsy.

A well-liked and popular Ukrainian English teacher lost his life on Sunday morning following a hit and run accident on a busy motorway that left the young man with severe head injuries.

Young Ukrainian school teacher who was killed early on Sunday morning in Sa Kaeo province while crossing a busy motorway heading for a 7/11 outlet on the opposite side.

A Ukrainian English teacher was killed in a hit and run accident in Thailand’s eastern Sa Kaeo province on Sunday morning.

The incident is reported to have happened sometime after 1 am when the young man was crossing a busy motorway with friends. He was named by police as Mr Pavlo Dvozhan.

He was heading to a nearby 7/11 branch at a PT gas or petrol station on the road which is also home to several large retail outlets. The incident occurred on Route 317 heading to Wang Somboon. This is a notorious road for accidents.

Police Chief Inspector on the scene as investigations underway to find the vehicle driver

Lieutenant Colonel Phairot Nonthaphongsri is the Chief Inspector of Wang Nam Yen Police Station. He was on duty this Sunday and called to the scene by reports from the public.

He said that he found the victim alone on the road having suffered serious head injuries including a fractured skull.

He revealed that the man was carried for 30 metres by the pickup truck which hit him at speed.

Reports from the scene suggest that it was carrying agricultural produce.

A search and investigation is underway to identify the driver from CCTV footage and local interviews. 

Ukrainian died after being removed to hospital

The young man was removed from the scene by rescue workers from the Sawang Sa Kaeo Foundation. He died shortly afterwards at Wang Nam Yen Hospital. 

Sad and touching scene at the hospital on Sunday

On Sunday, there were tearful scenes at the hospital from friends and co-workers as the remains of a young man were taken for a routine autopsy at the local police hospital.

The group carried lighted candles and paid their respects as the body was placed into the ambulance.

The young man was a teacher to 5th-grade students at Mit Samphan Witthaya School operated by the Wang Nam Yen municipality.

It is believed that the body will later be cremated.

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