Aussie man with Thai wife in Chiang Mai uses his own pension money to buy food and provisions for poor people in need during the virus lockdown. 72-year old David Noy is also encouraging his friends to take part.

David Noy, a retiree married to a Thai woman and living in Chiang Mai is currently waiting on his next pension payment to continue a campaign to help the less well off in the northern city after using his own money to buy food and necessities and making them available to those in need during the coronavirus emergency.

72-year-old pensioner David Noy (right) and 48-year-old Vatinee Noy. Mr Noy who has lived in Chiang Mai with his Thai wife for the last seven years. This week, he was lauded online for his own charity initiative to support the less well off during this emergency. Mr Noy has used his own pension money to buy food products and distribute them to the community.

A 72-year-old Australian is doing his part to show Thai people that foreigners also care deeply about the plight of those in need in the country at this time of crisis and human suffering. He is also encouraging other foreigners living in the city to take action and show that the foreign community can make a positive difference.

David Noy has lived in Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand for the last seven years. His idea is simple. He is using his personal cash to help those less fortunate by buying necessities and making them available to the public.

Rice, canned food and fish sauce offered to the public

This includes bags of rice, canned foods and fish sauce. The foreigner and his Thai wife have been busy delivering the goods around the city in his truck and setting up makeshift stalls to put the goods on display so people can take what they need.

Deliveries to orphanages and old folks homes

His 48-year-old Thai wife, Vatinee Noy, told local Chiang Mai media outlet City News over the weekend that her husband also makes deliveries to orphanages and old people’s homes in the city.

2nd stage of campaign targets the outskirts of Chiang Mai – waiting on next pension payment

Mr Noy is making plans for his next campaign in which he will target the outskirts of Chiang Mai where he has been told there is a particular need.

To do that, he is waiting on his next pension payment from Australia.

His wife explains that her husband’s motivation is simply that he is touched by the predicament of many of the poorer people in Chiang Mai and their good-hearted nature during what is an unprecedented crisis.

Positive reaction by local people and foreigners 

The work of the Australian is drawing positive comments online from the local Chiang Mai community which is highly networked, and also foreigners and expats living in the city, many of whom are now preparing to help and do their bit following Mr Noy’s inspiring example.

It must be said that the work that Mr Noy is doing is part of a nationwide trend which has seen many Thais also open their hearts in an inspiring example of humanity at its best, from one end of the country to the other.

Thai man also shows us the way

On April 15th in Chiang Mai, a Thai local named as Panya Saephan provided his own support to those in need with ฿100,000 worth free dinners served to 200 people in Fa Ham in the centre of Chiang Mai near the Ruamchok Mall.

The Thai man said he was moved at seeing how many people were suffering during the coronavirus lockdown which has left so many local people destitute for cash and food.

A country and society also with merit

‘It’s a very small amount of money for rich people but very big for those who are in the situation now today,’ Mr Saephan explained. ‘I want to help. Even if it’s not much. I have a chance to do good things today. Today, if I help many lives to get through 1-2 more days that is real merit.’

Much has been written about what is wrong with Thailand as a society and a country online and indeed in these columns. 

However, most foreigners and fans of Thailand will agree that this crisis has also shown a very positive side to the country and some of the foreigners who live in the kingdom. 

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