Social media star complains to the police about her relationship breakdown. After revealing her pregnancy to Mr Zhang, he abruptly returned to China upon learning the child’s gender, leaving Ms Noey in emotional turmoil. The matchmaker blamed her for having a daughter.

A beautiful Thai online influencer whose engagement fell through with her Chinese fiancé sought police help on Monday, Christmas Day. She met with Deputy Police Chief General Surachate Hakparn in Bangkok. Ms Noey, who has one million social media followers, asked for a probe into a Chinese matchmaker. She claimed the woman was engaged in finding women for Chinese men. She said these men wished to father only sons with Thai women. Ms Noey was accompanied by social media activists who warned of a wave of such complaints in recent times.

General Surachate Hakparn or ‘Big Joke’ on Christmas Day at the Police Club in Bangkok. He met a social media influencer with over 1 million followers whose identity was only given as Ms Noey for now. She was accompanied by the founder of the Facebook Saimai page, Mr Ekkaphop Luangprasert. They briefed the deputy national police chief on the danger posed by the new phenomenon of Chinese men ‘son hunting ‘ in Thailand.

The pair dubbed the trend ‘son hunting’ and warned that it poses a threat to Thailand. It is not clear if any law has been broken or criminal acts committed. However, General Surachate agreed to have his officers probe the matter. They would look into the activities of the matchmaker at the centre of this case.

It’s a strange case that may lift the lid on a new trend relating to Chinese activities and influence in Thailand.

The complainant is Ms Noey, a well-known 42-year-old social media personality with over 1 million followers.

Her name has been disguised to protect her identity as well as the identity of other parties concerned.

Top policeman urged to probe activities of a 42-year-old Chinese matchmaker in Bangkok who seeks women to help Chinese men father sons for life in China

It is not clear in this story if any criminal act has, in fact, been committed. However, there is evidence that a significant phenomenon and issue is involved.

Ms Noey came forward on Christmas Day, December 25th to file a complaint against her Chinese fiancé, a certain Mr Zhang. She also sought action against the matchmaker who brought the pair together.

The beautiful Thai woman, on Christmas Day, implored top cop General Surachate Hakparn to help her seek justice.

She claimed she had been damaged by the activities of a Chinese matchmaker. The love go-between, up to recently, had lived in the same apartment complex as her family in Bangkok.

Previously the Chinese matchmaker, who has been identified as 42-year-old Ms Jane Chunying, had introduced her to a well-to-do Chinese man. He was from the mainland and the couple met earlier in the year.

After communicating at length with the Chinese man, he came to visit her in Thailand and the pair holidayed together. They subsequently became engaged to marry. The couple were due to be married in September.

Formerly, in June, Ms Noey, the complainant who visited General Surachate at his headquarters in Bangkok on Monday, told her soon-to-be Chinese husband that she was pregnant. 

Wedding set for September but subsequently postponed until October. However, it was soon all over when Mr Zhang discovered he had fathered a baby girl

A wedding date had been set for September. However, he asked that this be postponed to sometime later. He also appeared anxious to know the sex of the unborn child.

In brief, Ms Noey said she could ascertain this at the end of September.

Earlier, she was approached by the Chinese matchmaker involved in the affair. The Chinese woman asked her to go to a doctor and have an ultrasound on the foetus. She said it was important to know the sex of the child.

In the meantime, the proposed wedding was postponed until the end of October.

The Chinese man, Mr Zhang, told his Thai fiancé that it was a particularly busy time for him. Ms Noey accepted this.

Basically, it turned out she was expecting a baby girl which is due in February 2024. After this revelation, the Chinese man made an excuse saying he had to return to China for business. Thereafter, he disappeared. 

Ms Noey, a top social media influencer made contact with the owner of popular Facebook page Saimai. They discovered many more Thai women in the same boat

After being dumped, Ms Noey later approached Mr Ekkaphop Luangprasert, the owner of a popular social media page called Saimai.

She explained all about her predicament. The pair soon discovered that there were many other Thai women in a similar position. Consequently, they ascertained a significant rise in Chinese men dating Asian women including Thai women. 

At the same time, they found out that Chinese men seek exclusively to have male children. 

While visiting Police General Surachate on Christmas Day, Mr Ekkaphop told him the story of another Thai woman who had given birth to a baby boy in Thailand. She was subsequently invited to visit the Chinese family on the mainland. 

When there, she was told that the family were keeping her baby and that she should return to Thailand alone.

Later, the brave woman stole out of the house of her Chinese in-laws with her child and hid in a hotel. Subsequently, she obtained help from authorities to return to Thailand. 

It is not clear if any law was broken in the complaint brought to the deputy national police chief on Monday.

Ms Noey asked for a probe into the Chinese matchmaker and the father of her soon-to-be-born child in this story.

She told the policeman that it was an issue which authorities in Thailand must explore. 

General Surachate sounded concerned and ordered an inquiry into the activities of the Chinese matchmaker. Firstly, officers must see if a law was broken

Significantly, on Monday, Ms Noey recalled her relationship with her Chinese partner turned from white to black in an instant. That was when she told him the sex of her unborn baby.

He failed to return from China and soon cut off all contact with her. When she went to discuss the matter with Ms Jane Chunying after this, the matchmaker upbraided her.

In brief, for not having a baby boy instead of a baby girl.

Following his meeting with the Facebook page activist and the social media influencer complainant, General Surachate Hakparn sounded concerned. However, he said the matter would have to be looked at in detail. They first must ascertain if any law was, in fact, broken.

The complainant says her story marks a dangerous new trend and threat to other Thai women seeking love.

She warned of ‘son-hunting’ when she met top cop General Surachate Hakparn or ‘Big Joke’ at his headquarters in Bangkok.

Soon-to-be husband disappeared. Ms Noey wanted to know if action could be taken against him from Thailand for desertion after leaving her with child

She complains that her new Chinese husband disappeared. This happened, she claimed when he found out that the child she was carrying was a girl instead of a boy.

Ms Noey claims Chinese men, rebuffed at home by their own women who seek careers, are targeting Asian marriage partners. But only if they can produce male children or sons.

The case has already led to an urgent investigation targeting the matchmaker involved.

This was ordered by General Surachate after Monday’s meeting with the social media influencer. He gave officers 5 days to report back on the matter.

Ms Noey and Mr Ekkaphop met the famous deputy police chief at the Police Club on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Bangkok.

Ms Noey also sought assistance in pursuing a case against the Chinese man who deserted her in Thailand while with child.

It came directly after he discovered that she was carrying a baby girl by him. He had wanted a baby boy. The baby which is due in February 2024 was conceived by the couple after they met, holidayed and developed a relationship this year.

Media activists told the top cop it was a disturbing trend. Chinese men were paying matchmakers to find, not relationship partners, but sons in Thailand

Mr Ekkaphop, who accompanied her to the meeting, expressed concern to the police chief about the situation.

He identified an emerging pattern like this among Chinese men targeting Thai women. He claimed there was a new trend of such men seeking Thai women to bear sons.

The activist saw this as a distressing development

According to Mr Ekkaphop, this is confirmed by individuals in the travel industry and a prominent lawyer. It appears that many Chinese nationals, facing challenges finding partners in their home country, are resorting to extraordinary methods.

They seek to procure relationships with Thai women. To do this, they engage the services of personal matchmakers. For this, they pay big money.

At length, the phenomenon raises questions about the motives and conduct of these Chinese matchmakers. He called for a thorough investigation of Ms Noey’s story.

Ms Noey in turn spoke of an orchestrated plan involving months of communication through the WeChat application, video calls, and meetings in Thailand. The Chinese man, introduced by the matchmaker, expressed an interest in marriage.

The relationship took a turn for the worse when Ms Noey revealed her pregnancy. Subsequently, upon learning the child’s gender, the Chinese man abruptly returned to China, leaving the Thai woman in distress. 

The matchmaker callously dismissed her concerns and suggested that things would have gone better if she had produced a son.

Widespread threat currently alive both online and on the streets. A need to protect Thai women from what Mr Ekkaphop called a ‘son-hunting movement’

Mr Ekkaphop clarified that the intention is not to blame victims.

He saw a need to address a potentially widespread issue affecting many Thai women.

The Saimai page received requests for help from many women facing similar situations. In any case, it indicates a systematic problem. This prompted the call for authorities to intervene and protect Thai women from falling victim to this dubious ‘son-hunting movement.’

Police General Surachate assured them he would look into this case.

He outlined the need for targeted action. Acknowledging that China was Thailand’s top tourist market, he also underlined the problems associated with illegal activity and criminal threats from that country.

He expressed concern about ongoing illegal activities linked to Chinese nationals.

He referred to the creative methods used to break and exploit legal loopholes by Chinese elements in the kingdom. The top cop suggested that it was extremely challenging for the police to keep up with different new exploits.

Visa and working status of Chinese matchmaker involved to be examined closely by police in the coming days, says General Surachate known as ‘Big Joke’

Meanwhile, he proposed to have Immigration Police scrutinise the movements of the Chinese matchmaker involved in this case.

He said police would conduct a full review of the woman’s visa status including the type of visa.

He particularly suggested that her operation as a matchmaker would be looked at to see if it was legal employment in Thailand. 

Big Joke directed investigators to collect evidence and summon the Chinese matchmaker, identified as Ms Jane Chunying. The summons will cover inquiries about her entry and residence in Thailand, visa details, real estate ownership, occupation, and her connection with the victim’s ex-husband.

The investigation is expected to take approximately five days, involving questioning of witnesses residing in the relevant condominium who were influenced by the matchmaker.

Ms Noey revealed that the matchmaker had resided in the same condominium as her family. The matchmaker, Ms Jane, had introduced Mr Zhang to her family. She had helped foster a relationship that eventually led to a planned wedding. 

Chinese matchmaker is known to be quite wealthy

Ms Noey expressed concern for her safety and the potential danger posed to other Thai women. She revealed that the matchmaker had relocated to a new condominium complex in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok. Ms Noey told the top cop that the Chinese woman appeared to be very wealthy. She had bought up to 10 condominium units for cash

Before fleeing, she claimed no responsibility for what happened. She stated she merely introduced the Chinese man. At length, Ms Noey is urging authorities to hold her accountable for the situation she now finds herself in.

However, it is not clear if any law was broken.

The victim also disclosed that the matchmaker had presented multiple Chinese men to her in the past. Each time, she urged her to communicate with the recommended individuals for the purpose of creating a family.

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