The Norwegian woman is now in the care of the island’s tourist police as police announce the arrest of the suspected motorbike attacker who they singled out from CCTV footage. On Sunday, the Norwegian woman was taken for a medical examination as part of the investigation which has been given top priority by the Thai police chief in Bangkok

Thai police have confirmed that they have arrested a 33 year old suspect in their investigation into the alleged rape of a 26 year old Norwegian woman in the early hours of Sunday morning on Ko Pha-ngan in southern Thailand’s Surat Thani province. The young woman had filed a complaint with police at 8 am on Sunday morning following an ordeal earlier that morning which is thought to have taken place at 3 am approximately. The Norwegian woman alleges she was raped by a man who had earlier offered her a lift on a motorbike. Thailand’s National Police Chief has given top priority to the investigation into the reported rape.

Thai police have arrested 33 year old Thai man Rewa Chansuwan who is a suspect in the alleged rape of a 26 year old Norwegian woman in the early hours of Sunday morning on the southern Thai island of Ko Pha-ngan in Surat Thani province. CCTV footage was critical in tracking down the man who picked up the victim by offering her a lift on his motorbike as she searched for a missing wallet. The suspect had just been released from prison Ko Samui the day before where he served a sentence for drug dealing. A court warrant has already been issued for his detention as part of the police investigation that is being given top priority.

The woman told police that a man on a motorbike had stopped to offer her a ride and later turned on her after she jumped off the vehicle as it was going in the wrong direction. The incident occurred after the young woman had attended a Half Moon party hours before and was within 100 meters of her hotel.

Thai man arrested in  rape investigation had just been released from prison on Ko Samui

The police in Surat Thani province have identified the suspect as a Thai man named as 33 year old Rewa Chansuwan. He had just been released from prison on Saturday on Ko Samui where he was serving a prison term for drug offences. The man is originally from the Khanom area of Nakhon Si Thammarat province.

Warrant issued for detention of rape suspect

The alleged attacker had been jailed some time ago on drug possession and trafficking charges. He is now being interrogated by Thai police on Ko Pha-ngan who have already procured a court warrant from a court in Ko Samui allowing for his continued detention as part of the investigation.

Man arrested at local motorbike repair shop on the island where he had just taken up work

He was located by Thai police at a motorbike repair job on Ko Pha-ngan where he had just taken up employment. The police were able to track the suspect down from the CCTV footage of the motorbike which showed the Norwegian woman meeting the attacker on the side of the road not far from her hotel.

Arrest followed an intensive Thai police search

The arrest by Thai police followed an intensive search for the attacker who is reported to have raped the Norwegian tourist on the early hours of Sunday morning the 12th May. The young tourist was walking in the vicinity of her hotel searching for her wallet with a male colleague which she had earlier realised had been lost after she returned from the Half Moon party. It is reported that the woman was in an inebriated state when a passing motorbike rider offered to assist her in the search.

Man on motorbike stopped his bike and launched a sexual attack on the Norwegian woman

The 26 year old woman then noticed that the man was taking her in the wrong direction. When he failed to stop the motorbike, she told Thai police that she jumped off. It is believed that this was near a Big C shop in the area which is now the subject of an intense Thai police search. The rape then took place when the man stopped his motorbike and sexually assaulted the woman. The scene of the rape is reported to be within 100 metres of the woman’s hotel.

Woman entered Thailand at Krabi on April 17th

The Norwegian woman is reported to have arrived in Thailand on April 17th. She entered the kingdom through an immigration checkpoint in Krabi province. It is reported that she then journeyed to Bangkok to meet her elder brother. The two arrived on Koh Pha-ngan on Saturday May 4th.

Woman went back to search for lost wallet again after first attempt with male friend failed

Thai police report that the Norwegian woman had attended a half moon party in the Ban Tai area of the island at 11pm on Saturday night. She was there until 2 am when she returned to Goodtime Beach Backpackers Hotel. The woman ventured out again with a male colleague just after when she realised that she had lost her wallet. The search was unsuccessful but the Norwegian woman decided to head back to the area where the Half moon party was held earlier. That is when she met her attacker on his motorbike.

Rape reported to police in Ko Pha-ngan on Sunday

The Norwegian reported the rape to the Thai police that morning at Koh Pha-ngan at police station at 8am. She explained to investigating police that she had been involved in a tussle with the alleged rapist as he began his sexual attack. She told investigating officers that she had lost a pendant as well as a body jewel and some fake nails during the encounter.

Police focused on a motorbike rider from CCTV who is now under arrest and being questioned

Based on the evidence supplied by the Norwegian woman, Thai police provisionally singled out the suspect from CCTV footage of him in the area which showed him in contact with the victim. The police took extensive photographs of the area where the attack is believed to have occurred. They were also reported to be interviewing locals in the area.  

Norwegian woman being cared for by the Thai Tourist Police as case is given top priority

The Norwegian woman was taken for a physical examination as part of the inquiry and is being fully supported by Thailand’s Tourist Police on the island. The Thai National Police Chief has given instructions for the investigation to be given top priority. The head office of the Thai police in Surat Thani is monitoring its progress and providing updates to Bangkok. This was confirmed today by Police Colonel Krissan Pattancharoen who briefed the media on Monday.