Brit impaled on wall spikes in Pattaya! Second freak accident this week! A 65-year-old UK man suffers a 6-inch puncture wound. On Wednesday, a 53-year-old UK aviation engineer died following a shocking shower mishap in the resort city. 

A UK man impaled himself on a spiked perimeter wall of his residence in the Bangla area of Pattaya in the early hours of Sunday morning. The 65-year-old is understood to have arrived home and was subsequently unable to gain entry through the gate of his property. The injured man suffered a 6-inch puncture wound and was rushed to hospital by paramedics. He was reported to have been in an intoxicated state. This is the second tragedy involving a British national in Pattaya this week. It follows the death of aviation engineer Gareth Wilson at his home in Bang Lamung, Pattaya last Wednesday. Mr Wilson died in a freak accident after he crashed into a glass door.

Emergency workers on Saturday morning removed 65-year-old Michael Girling from the scene at his home in the Chokchai Housing estate in Nongprue in the Bangla area of Pattaya. The alarm was raised by his 50-year-old neighbour, Ms Pad, who found him impaled on wall spikes at the perimeter of his property.

A UK man was seriously injured on Sunday morning after falling onto the perimeter fence of his suburban home in Pattaya.

65-year-old Michael Girling reportedly impaled himself on the sharp spikes. At length, he was trapped in pain until a neighbour heard his plaintive cries for help.

Police in Pattaya suggest the British man had been drinking and was in an intoxicated state. 

Elderly UK man was unable to negotiate the gate to his new home in Pattaya on Sunday morning. Decided to climb his own perimeter wall but fell on spikes

Reports suggest that on arrival home at his property in the Nong Prue area of the resort city, he was unable to negotiate the gate.

After that, he resorted to climbing the perimeter fence. In his drunken state, the elderly man fell and one of the steel spikes punctured his belly. Indeed, medics at the scene later reported that the wound was 6 inches deep.

Meanwhile, it appears Mr Girling was lucky. A neighbour heard his moaning and came outside to investigate.

50-year-old Ms Pad raised the alarm after first moving fast to find a ladder to assist the man.

Ms Pad was aware that her UK neighbour was a newly arrived resident of the Chockhai housing estate in Bangla. This is a popular residential area in East Pattaya. Mr Girling had moved in within the last few months.

Afterwards, paramedics arrived at the scene. They used their expertise to gently extricate the UK man from the railings. After that, they carefully transferred him to a waiting ambulance. He was subsequently taken to hospital.

Incident follows shocking death of a 53-year-old aviation engineer in the resort city on Wednesday after he lost his balance and crashed into a glass door

The latest incident follows another tragedy in Pattaya some four days ago on Wednesday 3rd April.

A UK engineer, working in the aviation sector, was killed in a freak accident at his home.

The 53-year-old reportedly fell through a glass sliding door in the shower area of his home in the coastal city.

The house was located at an upmarket estate in the Bang Lamung area.

After stumbling with fatal injuries inflicted by the glass the man died shortly afterwards. He had been wearing his underpants and was badly cut in the chest area.

He died later from loss of blood in his bed.

Horrific accident played out in front of the UK man’s Thai wife, Ms Lek who summoned emergency services. Mr Wilson ultimately died from blood loss

His shocked Thai wife, Ms Lek, summoned emergency services. She was present during the entirety of the horrific incident.

Certainly, it appears that a piece of gas from the shower door had severely injured the British man. In short, it was a freak accident.

It happened at approximately 6.30 am.

Mr Wilson was originally from Staines in Surrey.

Evidently, he stumbled while walking to the shower area and lost his balance. At length, the British national crashed into the glass partition and partially shattered it.

Reports suggest that the blood loss and shock of the incident led to the middle-aged man’s demise. Mr Wilson had previously suffered from a congenital heart condition.

His Thai wife Ms Lek dealt with emergency services and police at the tragic scene.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Surasing Sukmak told the media that police at Huay Yai Police Station were alerted at 7.10 am.

The Anglo-Thai couple’s two young daughters were staying in another room on the property. 

UK man worked in Louisiana as an aviation engineer

Mr Wilson worked for PHI Aviation of Lafayette, Louisiana as an engineer.

The British man was also an accomplished golfer ranking 1,297th nationally in Thailand.

Police were satisfied that the UK man’s death was not suspicious in any way.

The blood pattern for the incident was in one place, while no unusual circumstances were found. For instance, there was no sign of a struggle.

His body was nevertheless taken to the Institute of Forensics for a full post-mortem. This is now a routine matter for most investigations involving sudden death.

Police Colonel Surasing gave a full briefing to reporters.

‘There were four people in the house when the incident occurred. They were the husband, the wife, and daughters,’ he disclosed. ‘The room where it happened was the shared bedroom of the husband and wife.’

Tragic accident as the UK man crashed into the glass door of the toilet adjoining his bedroom. Police colonel briefed reporters on exactly what happened

‘A security camera in the middle of the house recorded a very loud sound of glass breaking at around 6:30 am. The man’s wife ran and told their daughters who were staying in another room to help her dad who fell on the shards of the glass door. The blood was concentrated in one place. No suspicious items were found. We are sure that it was clear that he died by falling on the glass. The deceased was a large man, so it would have been easy for a man of his size to break through the glass door.’

On Wednesday, his wife also spoke to the media about the loss of her husband.

‘Gareth was so strong and healthy. He was everything to me,’ she said.

UK nationals the largest Western expat population

UK nationals comprise the largest Western expat population with 85,836 living in Thailand. This is according to a 2010 census.

Many are retired or work offshore while maintaining residence in the kingdom.

The attraction of the country is its climate, relatively lower cost of living and lower taxation. In addition, a significant number have formed relationships with Thai partners.

Sad story of failed love between an elderly Austrian and his Thai wife aired publicly in Pattaya dispute

In recent years, the Brexit process has made it more difficult for UK nationals to reside in European Union countries.

Therefore, Thailand has become a more convenient option. Particularly, since the country reopened after the pandemic.

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