Rabid Russian rampage in Phuket. Tourist tasered by police after hotel havoc. A drunken Russian tourist, Mr Aleksandr Tolstov, triggered chaos in Phuket, assaulting multiple people at a hotel. Three officers intervened but had to resort to a taser to subdue him. Now facing criminal charges.

A Russian tourist is facing criminal charges and is being held by Karon Police after a furious outburst of violence in the centre of Phuket on Tuesday. The crazed Russian man, wearing nothing but summer trunks tore into security staff and later police at a local hotel. Finally, police were forced to use a Taser gun to incapacitate the rabid young man and prevent further conflict.

CCTV footage from the mayhem and chaos on Tuesday at a city centre hotel in Phuket. (Inset) Mr Tolstov attacked people, including security guards at the hotel. Finally, police used a taser gun to stun and collapse the marauding Russian.

There has been another incident of outrageous behaviour by a foreigner in Phuket. On Tuesday, police were forced to use a Taser gun to overpower a young Russian man who attacked multiple people at a hotel.

The man, half-naked, appeared to go berserk after an altercation with another tourist.

The Russian, dressed in nothing but what appeared to be summer trunks, attacked both security at the hotel and afterwards local police for Karon Police Station when they arrived at the scene.

Furious outburst of violence from crazed Russian who tore into security guards and others at a local hotel. Afterwards, he attacked police at the scene

The disturbing incident on March 26 caused chaos and alarm. The mayhem erupted at a local hotel in Phuket as the drunk Russian tourist, identified as Mr Aleksandr Tolstov, went on a rampage. Firstly, he assaulted another tourist.

Despite the later intervention of three police officers from Karon Police Station, the situation spiralled out of control. In short, the maelstrom of violence resulted in injuries to security guards, police officers and the suspect.

The Russian man certainly displayed an impressive command of martial arts and person-to-person combat. At the same time, he was also quite fit.

According to Police Lieutenant Colonel Teerayut Suksanguan of Karon Police Station, the incident was reported to the station’s radio centre.

Tensions in Phuket between foreigners and locals are running high after a number of egregiously violent incidents over the past month inflamed feelings

In turn, officers were involved in a violent altercation. In short, it began with a brawl between two foreign men within the premises of a hotel in Karon Subdistrict, Mueang Phuket District. This was in the heart of the main town on the holiday island.

Responding promptly to the distress call, the police officers arrived at the scene to defuse the situation and restore order. Tensions in Phuket are at a high pitch. Meanwhile, police are tasked with ensuring the situation does not get out of hand.

Earlier this month, a local tourist leader and President of the Phuket Business Association, Thaneth Tantipiriyakij, expressed concern about the situation. He warned that any further provocations from misbehaving foreigners may cause local feelings to overheat.

Phuket tourism boss concerned that the ‘feelings’ of locals on the island may be provoked by foreigners

This follows outrage over an assault by expat businessman Uli Fher on a local female doctor on February 24th last.

After that, the March 16th assault by two New Zealand tourists on an on-duty police officer during which they beat him with his own gun, further inflamed sentiment.

Russian tourist was heavily intoxicated and causing an ongoing disturbance at the hotel premises. Firstly, they tried to reason with him but this failed

Upon arrival at the scene on Tuesday, police encountered Mr Tolstov. Certainly, he was heavily intoxicated and causing a disturbance within the hotel premises.

His belligerent behaviour posed a threat to the safety of others. 

At length, officers moved to approach the Russian and attempted to reason with him. However, this failed to calm him down. Indeed, they were met with resistance as Mr Tolstov continued to shout and lash out aggressively.

He attacked a number of the officers and landed blows on them causing slight injuries. These were slight abrasions and bruises.

In a brazen display of violence, Mr Tolstov assaulted no less than three police officers. 

In brief, he left Sergeant Phisanu Singhara with minor injuries and bruises. 

Despite their patience and efforts to subdue him peacefully, the suspect remained uncooperative and combative. Officers decided he posed a significant challenge to their efforts to maintain peace.

Taser gun used to stun and collapse the suspect

Faced with escalating violence and fearing for their safety, one of the officers, Police Lieutenant Teerayuth, decided to deploy a Taser gun as a last resort. Finally, this was used to neutralise the suspect. 

Indeed, after a single shot from the electric gun, Mr Tolstov fell down in a stunned state. In short, he was brought under control. Afterwards, officers detained him to prevent further harm to himself and others.

Following the altercation, the Russian was immediately transported to Chalong Hospital for medical treatment. He sustained a number of injuries after coming to blows with at least five people. 

Subsequently, he was taken into custody at Karon Police Station. Police confirm he is to face criminal legal proceedings for his disruptive and violent behaviour.

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