New Zealand men in hot water after violent attack on Phuket policeman. Two New Zealand tourists face charges after assaulting a Phuket traffic officer. Their brazen attack has outraged and disturbed both local residents including foreigners and tourists. Senior police in the province have vowed to seek justice in court for the injured officer following his ordeal.

Two New Zealand men are to appear before Phuket Provincial Court on Monday charged with assaulting an on-duty policeman. Top brass on the holiday island are determined to seek justice for the officer who was assaulted. The brazen attack occurred in the Chalong district of Phuket on Saturday. It saw the pair, both in their late thirties, physically confront, assault and overpower the policeman. It came after he pursued them over a road traffic stop. At one point, a shot was fired from the policeman’s gun as he struggled with his attackers. At the same time, one man used the firearm to assault the officer putting him in fear of his life.

Shocking scene shows two New Zealand tourists after they attacked an on-duty police officer on Saturday in the Chalong area of the holiday island. One of the pair snatched the police officer’s Sig Sauer firearm and assaulted him with it. When the policeman, Police Senior Sergeant Major Somsak Noo-iad, tried to recover his gun, a shot was discharged in the ensuing struggle. Top brass have vowed to pursue justice in the case. Indeed, further criminal charges may be brought. Initially, the pair face charges of assault, robbery, obstruction and bribery.

Two New Zealand tourists sparked outrage in Phuket on Saturday, March 16.

The pair physically attacked and overpowered an on-duty police officer while stealing his gun.

At length, they appeared to use the gun to further assault and terrify the stricken officer.

Two New Zealand attackers identified by the police in Chalong, Phuket. The violent attack on an on-duty police officer has disturbed the local community

The two New Zealand tourists have been identified as Hamish Day, 36, and Oscar Day, 38.

The pair appear to be brothers. Certainly, they attacked the officer while on traffic duty after taking off from a routine traffic stop on motorbikes.

Their reckless behaviour escalated into a violent confrontation, leaving the officer injured and the wider community shaken.

On Saturday evening, Phuket’s peace was disrupted when Police Senior Sergeant Major Somsak Noo-iad was violently attacked.

At length, the traffic policeman from Chalong station attempted to stop the two tourists for violating road traffic laws. 

Instead of complying with the officer’s instructions, the tourists fled the scene on their motorcycles.

Police officer chased after the pair on motorbikes when they fled a traffic stop. When he caught up with them, they were visibly irate and confronted him

The situation quickly escalated as Police Senior Sergeant Major Somsak followed the tourists. In short, he urged them to stop.

After finally halting their motorcycles, the tourists aggressively confronted the officer. Firstly, they attempted to block him from recording the incident on his mobile phone.

Previously, the officer had begun recording the incident after being violently shouted at by the two irate tourists. The pair were visibly angry and aggressive towards the officer.

At that point, the violent attack began. After that, the policeman was both manhandled and punched by the pair. He was knocked to the ground by one blow.

Afterwards, in a shocking and brazen turn of events, the tourists continued to physically assault the policeman. At the same time, they managed to snatch his pistol.

This was a deadly 9 mm Sig Sauer model P365 gun. Subsequently, they used the gun both to assault the policeman and to threaten him.

Lethal Sig Sauer firearm discharged in the struggle between one of the  men and the policeman who tried to retrieve it from the violent New Zealand pair

The policeman doggedly tried to regain possession of his gun. Amidst the struggle, the pistol discharged. Fortunately, this happened without causing any injuries.

The swift intervention of other policemen from Chalong station subsequently led to the arrest of both tourists.

Following their arrest, Hamish and Oscar Day were both charged with robbery, obstruction and physically assaulting a policeman. 

Furthermore, they were charged with driving without a licence and bribery. This latter charge was in view of their attempt to bribe the officer. Police Senior Sergeant Major Somsak is understood to have courageously rejected the offer.

In addition, it is understood that police at Chalong Police Station and senior officials are considering further charges. This is in view of the serious nature of this incident.

Senior police officers take a grave view of the outrageous and blatant attack on an officer upholding the law. Reports suggest that he refused a bribe

Police Colonel Ekarat Plaiduang, chief of Chalong station, emphasised the gravity of this case.

In short, it was an attack on the forces of the law. At length, he highlighted that it was the first case of visitors attacking police at Chalong station.

The injured traffic policeman was treated for his injuries and discharged from a local hospital. 

The police officer’s ordeal included at one point, the terror being violently confronted by the men with his own gun. Meanwhile, there are already plans to honour and reward him for his bravery.

The incident, occurring in broad daylight on a bustling street, has disturbed the community in Phuket. It raises concerns about the safety of law enforcement officers.

It comes at a time with an influx of crime caused by foreigners on the resort island. In particular, the arrival of Russian and Chinese criminal networks since the Phuket reopened.

However, these have been joined by criminal elements from Central Asia as well as Eastern Europe.

Recent events on the holiday island as well as an influx of Russian and Chinese criminality have raised tensions between local residents and foreigners

This was further inflamed by the infamous case of Swiss businessman Uli Fehr who has been charged with physically assaulting a Thai doctor on Makha Bucha Day February 24.

That case, in particular, and others linked to foreigners behaving badly, has raised tensions.

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The brazenness of the tourists’ actions and their disregard for authority have sparked outrage among locals and indeed tourists alike.

Top brass seek justice for the honest policeman

In response to the incident, Police Colonel Ekkarat Plaiduang, superintendent of Chalong Police Station, promptly reported the details to Police Major General Sinlert Sukhum, Phuket Provincial Police Commander.

The police are now pursuing possible additional legal action against the two tourists. They are determined to ensure justice is served for the attack on the traffic policeman.

The disturbing incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of foreigners respecting law enforcement in Thailand. Especially adhering to road traffic provisions despite reports of widespread corruption and bribery.

The two New Zealand men will appear before Phuket Provincial Court on Monday. Their continued detention is expected.

Police are anticipated to certainly oppose bail for the two men given their blatant disregard for the law on Saturday.

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