Thai Police Chief withdraws lawsuit amid corruption claims. General Torsak Sukwimol’s bold move allows a fully open police probe into his affairs. Lawyer Tum’s allegations are challenged as evidence is questioned. Torsak’s lawyers argue it was illegally obtained and is therefore inadmissible. The byzantine and disturbing police scandal grips the nation with more to be exposed.

The furious battle within the Royal Thai Police which has seen it rocked to the core this week was still raging strong on Saturday. Lawyers for suspended National Police Chief General Torsak Sukwimol surprisingly withdrew defamation and criminal proceedings lodged on Friday against maverick lawyer Sittra Biebangkerd or Lawyer Tum. This came after Mr Sittra announced he was filing a criminal complaint with police against General Torsak. In the meantime, Torsak’s lawyer and justice activist, Atchariya Ruangrattanapong spoke out. He insisted the police chief was only showing confidence. Mr Atchariya said his client welcomed a thorough and open police investigation into his own activities.

At 3 O’Clock on Saturday, the President of the Crime Victims Assistance Club, Atchariya Ruangrattanapong (centre) and spokesman for under fire National Police Chief General Torsak Sukwimol (inset), announced that he had withdrawn defamation proceedings at Bangkok South Municipal Court launched the day before. It came after maverick lawyer Sittra Biebangkerd confirmed he was filing a criminal complaint against General Torsak with the police related to his massive police corruption allegations that have implicated the top cop. Mr Atchariya said General Torask welcomed the move.

The national police scandal took another surprising twist on Saturday. It came as lawyers and representatives of the temporarily suspended police chief withdrew legal proceedings lodged on Friday in court.

On Saturday at 3 pm the President of the Crime Victims Assistance Club Atchariya Ruangrattanapong told reporters that General Torsak had withdrawn the proceedings earlier in the day at 12.37 pm.

The civil and criminal actions were launched on Friday at Bangkok South Municipal Court.

Defamation proceedings were opened at Bangkok South Municipal Court on Friday by lawyers for General Torsak seeking ฿5 million in damages from Lawyer Tum

In the civil process, General Torsak sought ฿5 million in damages for defamation by advertising.

However, on Saturday, Mr Atchariya Ruangrattanapong told reporters the move was in response to lawyer Mr Sittra Biebangkerd or Layer Tum.

This is the maverick lawyer who previously made stunning and sweeping corruption allegations on Tuesday. 

In short, he had just announced that he would indeed lodge a criminal complaint against General Torsak Sukwimol.

On Thursday, Lawyer Tum handed over information to Police Major General Charoonkiat Pankaew, the anti-corruption police investigator. Police Major General Charoonkiat is deputy chief at the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB).

Afterwards, Mr Sittra clarified that he would give the police unit 30 days to pursue the claims and the information trail provided.

At the same time, he noted that he had refrained from a complaint against any specific officer.

Police complaint promised by Mr Sittra on Saturday against General Torsak over the lawyer’s sweeping allegations of corruption and money laundering 

On Saturday, this changed.

Mr Sittra said he would file a complaint specifically against General Torsak. In addition, he would target two accountants and the policeman’s wife.

Hence, Police General Torsak Sukwimon, Thailand’s suspended Royal Thai Police chief, opted to withdraw his defamation lawsuit against Mr Sittra. 

This decision, according to Mr Atchariya, is to facilitate a thorough investigation by police. In short, this would delve into the alleged money flow from gambling websites and other criminal enterprises. 

At a private press conference held on Saturday, Mr Atchariya, representing Police General Torsak, explained the basis for the case withdrawal. This came just hours after it was filed with a fanfare of media coverage.

‘It’s not about the club finding clear evidence of wrongdoing but ensuring evidence is presented in court,’ he declared at the outset.

Lawyer and activist supporting the police chief says General Torsak’s move will allow police to conduct a fully transparent and unimpeded investigation

The decision to withdraw the lawsuit followed Lawyer Tum’s decision to file a formal police complaint against Police General Torsak. In short, this will allege gross illegal conduct and money laundering. 

Mr Atchariya clarified that the case withdrawal afforded Lawyer Tum the opportunity to see a thorough investigation prosecuted.

‘We want the evidence to be brought into the court process. For the court to consider him as a key panel member, then appoint Police General Torsak to answer Lawyer Tum’s questions in court.’

Mr Atchariya underlined that the move demonstrated Police General Torsak’s commitment to transparency and accountability. 

Unprecedented crisis for the Royal Thai Police as Srettha baulks despite lawyer’s damning claims of corruption

It shows his willingness to subject himself to legal scrutiny and his desire to refute baseless allegations through established legal channels.

Massive, unprecedented police force corruption allegations unveiled by Mr Sittra or Lawyer Tum on Tuesday. In short, it suggests a national police mafia

The crux of Lawyer Tum’s allegations revolves around purported evidence of financial impropriety. These allegedly involve high-ranking police officers, including Police General Torsak. 

The disturbing allegations of nationwide corruption allege a ฿100 million a month racket. The shocking allegation made by lawyer Tum suggests a police mafia working within the legitimate police force.

However, Mr Atchariya on Saturday described the information being peddled by Lawyer Tum as of a dubious nature.

‘From what I have heard, it is metaphysical information with no evidence causing damage to the police chief.’

Furthermore, at one point, he suggested that the basis of the wild allegations made by Lawyer Tum was both lies and contrived evidence.

Mr Atchariya is a highly respected justice activist. Significantly, he was once seen as close to Deputy National Police Chief General Surachate Hakparn but this subsequently changed.

He emphasised on Saturday that he had never been afraid to pursue justice. Similarly, his name remained clear and uncompromised.

Lawyer and activist supporting General Torsak’s defence says he always pursued justice wherever it leads and is not intimidated by anyone in this respect

‘The club has been working for 14 years. Everyone already agrees that I am one of the first people in Thailand who is straightforward. Whether it is a minister or the Prime Minister or the Director-General, they have always complained and made accusations,’ Mr Atchariya declared.

He was referring to the Crime Victims Assistance Club.

‘I would like to say this to Attorney Tum: Go ahead and do as you say. Let Attorney Tum proceed with the law every step of the way, without obstruction, and fully support him to do his best. If after this Lawyer Tum changes his mind and will not take action. Lawyer Tum must answer social questions. But we’ve given it a chance. It’s not a matter of winning or losing. But it is a matter of examining scientific evidence. No one is above the law.’

Moreover, Mr Atchariya made allegations regarding the acquisition of the purported evidence. 

Questions about the source of Mr Sittra’s evidence. Lawyers for General Tosak insist much of it has been illegally obtained and is therefore inadmissible

He suggested that government officials colluded to unlawfully obtain personal information from police records. These include personal data linked with Police General Torsak and his family. 

These revelations, he argues, cast serious doubt on the integrity and legality of the evidence put forth by Lawyer Tum.

Mr Atchariya said some private information had been accessed between 20 and 40 times from within government systems.

It further suggests that elements within the government or the Royal Thai Police were acting illegally to target the police chief.

In short, Mr Atchariya said he was certain that much of the evidence was illegally obtained. On this basis, he insisted, it cannot be used for legal purposes. In short, it would have to be obtained through legitimate channels.

Furthermore, Mr Siripong Phongphansuk, a Supreme Court prosecutor hired to pursue General Torsak’s now-dropped case, emphasised the spurious nature of Lawyer Tum’s evidence. He labelled it as fabricated and unsubstantiated.

Crossing the Rubicon with a complaint against Torsak

He underlined the need for credible evidence to substantiate serious allegations.

‘If you have real information, you should file a complaint against the accused person. At the same time, if examined and found to have actually committed a crime, it will be accepted.’

Certainly, it was this challenge that was taken up by Mr Sittra. On Saturday, he appeared to cross the Rubicon as he took up the gauntlet thrown down. The lawyer made it clear that he would be filing a police complaint against General Torsak and others.

In light of these developments, Police General Torsak’s decision to withdraw the defamation lawsuit against Lawyer Tum takes on added significance.

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