American 19, caught abusing horses in Phuket. Thalang Police to grill suspect after disturbing allegations & CCTV evidence. Appointment made with father’s consent. Cruelty or abuse charges loom.

Thai police are to interview a 19-year-old American man in the Thalang area of Phuket over sexual interference with horses. An appointment with police was made after officers with Thalang Police Station and tourist police met the man’s father this week. It followed a reluctant complaint by local horse owners in the Pa Klok sub-district over the young man’s repeated behaviour. The complaint included CCTV evidence to support the claims. 

One of the horses at the stables in Pa Khlok which the 19-year-old American man was seen with in CCTV footage supplied to police in Thalang. The young man is due to meet with police on Saturday at Thalang Police Station in Phuket.

Thalang Police are actively investigating a disturbing complaint involving a 19-year-old American man made by locals.

A local couple who breed horses allege that the young man is committing indecent acts with animals. At length, their stable is located in the Pa Khlok sub-district of Phuket.

The worried owners Chatcharo Lek-Awut, 50, and his wife, Ms. Praphada, 43, initially reported the ongoing incidents to the Thalang Police last month.

Initially, the horse-breeding couple assumed the young man simply liked horses. However, the behaviour has been ongoing and has resulted in monetary loss

According to the pair, they observed the young man previously interacting with the horses in the area.

Before more disturbing evidence came to light, they assumed he had a personal affinity for them.

However, their perception was abruptly altered after viewing CCTV footage from their stables. The stable owners told police they witnessed the foreign man committing disturbing acts with the horses at their premises.

The first incident involved Nong Mali, a pony who was nine months in foal at the time. The man was secretly filmed allegedly inserting his hand into Nong Mali’s vulva.

The middle-aged couple told police they believed it resulted in the horse contracting an infection.

Consequently, the unborn foal was aborted last year.

Therefore, the young man’s actions have caused the couple monetary loss. Nevertheless, even at that point, no complaint was made by the horse couple.

Three different horses targeted by the American man over a period, all at a similar time. The most recent incident was on March 10th between 4 pm and 5 pm

The second horse targeted by the American was Nong Gina.

However, this horse was not in foal at the time of the incident. At length, no immediate physical effects were observed.

The most recent incident occurred last Sunday, March 10th.

It involved Nong Noon, who is more than four months in foal. Concerns have been raised about the potential risk to Nong Noon’s unborn foal after the alleged interference.

Mr Chatcharo revealed that the man was seen entering the stable between 4 pm and 5 pm that Sunday. The couple believe there is a pattern of behaviour.

CCTV footage obtained from the stable corroborates the couple’s claims.

Indeed, it reveals the man engaging in inappropriate behaviour with the horses. Certainly, the footage clearly shows him inserting his hand into the female horse’s vulva on multiple occasions.

Expressing their distress, Ms Praphada questioned reporters: ‘What are we supposed to do?’

Police response to the complaint, interview with the suspect arranged for Saturday at Thalang Police Station. The 19-year-old may face criminal charges

In response to the complaint, Police Lieutenant Colonel Yuttaphon Watthaseth of the Thalang Police agreed to take up the case.

In brief, along with investigators and officials from the Phuket Tourist Assistance Center (TAC), officers visited the suspect’s home.

At length, they spoke with his father.

The American’s father was reportedly shocked when shown the CCTV footage.

The 19-year-old American is to visit Thalang Police Station on Saturday, March 16. The appointment with the police was confirmed by the young man’s father.

The investigation into this disturbing case is ongoing. 

The incidents took place in Pa Khlok, the same subdistrict as the assault involving notorious Swiss national Uli Fehr on February 24.

It is not clear if the American foreigner will face charges over the affair. These may certainly include cruelty to animals under the Cruelty Prevention and Welfare of Animal Act.

However, the 2014 Animal Welfare Act specifically provides for such an offence.

It stipulates a maximum one-year sentence to be imposed on those committing sexual acts with animals.

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