A mysterious skeleton found. Active investigation is underway. Police in Bangkok’s Lat Krabang investigate skeletal remains discovered with a Nigerian driver’s licence. Suspected foul play or murder.

Police in an Eastern Bangkok suburb have begun an investigation into skeletal remains found on Monday. Although the remains are currently being examined, they appear to belong to a Nigerian male. Officers working on the case are currently following up on a United Nations-issued driver’s licence found nearby along with white sneakers. Certainly, at this time, it appears to be a suspicious death and possibly a murder.

Police at the scene in Lat Krabang, Bangkok on Monday after a 35-year-old farm worker phoned in the find. Alongside white running shoes, Lat Krabang police also retrieved a United Nations driver’s licence buried with the human skeletal remains.

Thai police in Lat Krabang are investigating the discovery of skeletal remains in the eastern suburb of the capital on Monday.

The remains are being examined by the Institute of Forensic Science. They were unearthed as a farmer began preparing the land to prevent future burning and smog pollution.

The location of the find was near Soi Marialai 10 and nearby train tracks. At length, police were also engaged after a United Nations identification document was found among the remains.

United Nations identity card found with the human skeletal remains was issued over five years ago in February 2019. It appeared to belong to an African man

In short, it dates from the 12th of February 2019. The document purports to be a driving licence. It expired just this year.

At the same time, the person pictured on it appeared to be from Africa.

On March 25, 2024, a routine ploughing job in farmland on Bangkok’s outskirts took a surprising turn. In brief, a mysterious skeleton was discovered in a dirt field near the train tracks in Thap Yao Subdistrict, Lat Krabang District.

The skeleton, resembling a human’s, was found by Pichai Butdee, 35, who was operating a tractor to improve the soil.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Jirayu Wongsing of the Chorakhe Noi Police Station received the report.

After that, he opened an investigation along with Police Colonel Phanlob Samransom. They were joined at the scene by forensic experts from the Por Tek Tung Foundation. 

Police make no assumptions. They have sent the skeletal remains to the Institute of Forensic Science for detailed analysis. White sports shoes also found

Upon inspection, they discovered human skeletal remains. At this point, they can only surmise that it is of an unknown gender. In addition to the skeletal remains, they also found white sports shoes, a piece of cloth and a United Nations identity card.

According to Police Colonel Phanlob, the incident occurred in the vicinity of Marialai School. The tractor driver, Mr Pichai, was clearing the area to prevent fires when he stumbled upon the human detritus. In effect, they appeared as the soil was ploughed.

Initial examinations suggest that the discovered bones include a piece of the coccyx and a leg. This is the tail end of the human vertebral column.

Forensic experts are conducting further analysis to determine the age, gender, and other details of the skeleton.

Additionally, a card resembling an international driver’s licence with the United Nations logo was found nearby.

Significantly, it indicated that it belonged to a man of Nigerian nationality.

Drivers licence issued by the UN could turn out to be critical as investigators seek help from the international organisation to verify its authenticity 

Investigators meanwhile are working to verify the UN officer’s card. Furthermore, they hope to glean further information on the possible victim.

At the same time, they are collaborating with relevant agencies, including the Mirror Foundation.

This organisation is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) which helps track missing people in Thailand.

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Police working on the case will additionally cross-reference the information with records of missing persons.

The meticulous investigation is aimed at discovering the identity of the deceased individual. Afterwards, police will endeavour to discover the circumstances surrounding the victim’s demise.

Certainly, police are adopting a suspicious posture relating to this discovery.

Given the identity card and white trainers, it appears it may be the body of a relatively younger Nigerian male.

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