Thai police have revealed that the 15 year old Thai girl, the mother of the baby, has been charged with attempted murder but is being cared for by her family and counseled by social workers with government agencies. They believe the girl acted out of fear that her pregnancy would be revealed to her parents. Meanwhile, strangers and the media are flocking to the small village of Ban Nong Khlam in Nakhon Ratchasima to meet the 6 year old black and disabled dog called Ping Pong who is now a hero to many in Thailand and around the world.

Ping Pong has always been a loved member of the community in the small Thai village of Ban Nong Khlam in Nakhon Ratchasima province. The 6 year old black dog is lame in one leg after being hit a year ago by car. His owner explained that the dog has always been a good sort and faithfully follows him to work each day tending to the cows and livestock in the nearby plantation. Ping Pong’s exploits this week when he surely saved the life of a new born baby buried in a field, has won him new friends and admiration in the Thai village and beyond. The story of the dog and what happened last week is already being covered by international mass media.

After last week’s uplifting story of a Thai dog rescuing a newborn baby buried alive by its teenage mother out of fear, this week the media has been turning to the hero of the tale. Ping Pong , the 6 year old Thai dog who is lame in one leg, has become a worldwide media star.

The media in Thailand and the public is only still getting to know about the baby rescued from a field in Nakhon Ratchasima province in Thailand. Buried alive, the newborn infant was rescued by a very unlikely hero. His name is Ping Pong and he is a disabled Thai dog.

Fame of Thai dog who saved newly born baby spreads worldwide on mass media

Since news of the story broke last week, Ping Pong has been the centre of attention in the small village of Ban Nong Khlam and indeed the whole Champuang area in Thailand rural Nakhon Ratchasmima province in the northeast. People have been calling from all over to meet the 6 year old dog. His owner is the 41 year old farm worker, Usa Nisaika who rushed to scene of Ping Pong’s cries for help early last week after he found the little baby crying under the earth. He identified the baby when the dogs furious scrabbling revealed a infant’s leg sticking out of the ground to match the crying coming from under the ground. Press and media reports of the dog are now reaching the international media.

Dog’s barking alerted owner to an urgent situation

Usa had been tending to cows nearby. He trusted the dog’s instincts when he heard the urgent nature of the barking not far off from where he was working. The dog was found frantically scratching the ground trying to retrieve the little boy.

When Usa with Ping Pong’s help, managed to extract the child, he was still breathing and he rushed him to hospital with the help of other locals from his village.

Newborn infant’s 15 year old Thai mother has been charged with attempted murder but is also receiving support and is being cared for

Thai police in  Champuang have said that they have provisionally charged the 15 year old mother of the baby with attempted murder. They explained this this is a matter of procedure and law but they are also having the young woman counseled and questioned by experts for Thailand Child Services Department.

Lieutenant Colonel Panuwat Puttakam explained to the media this week: ‘The girl is now in the care of a psychologist and her parents because she is in great fear. She regrets what she did and said that she acted on impulse without thinking it through. She feared her parents would find out that she had been pregnant.’

Ping Pong becomes the darling of the media

Meanwhile, the media has been finding out all about Ping Pong, the dog that saved the little baby’s life. The dog prevented what could  have been a huge tragedy and a far more serious situation for the 15 year old young mother and her family. Already, international mass media publications in the United States and the United Kingdom have picked up the story.

Ping Pong is unable to use one leg

Ping Pong is 6 years old and was injured last year after being hit by a passing car. He cannot use one of his legs properly but this does not stop him accompanying his master, Usa, on his chores and work daily tending to the animals on the Cassava plantation in the village of Ban Nong Khlam in the Champuang district of Nakhon Ratchasima.

Disabled dog was determined to rescue the new born baby from under the ground 

As Usa explains the story of the rescue, it is clear how Ping Pong was determined to save of the child. It was only after intense scrabbling and digging the ground that the dog helped reveal the child’s leg even though the crying of the baby was unmistakable as the owner of the dog approached the spot where the child had been buried in the ground. The incident took place 1 km from the small village of Ban Nong Khlam. 

Dog is loved and admired by his Thai community

When the boy was rushed to hospital, he was in a remarkably good condition and weighed 2.4 kg. Usa says that Ping Pong is a ‘good boy’ who listens to his owner and even before this week’s incident, was liked by everyone in the village. After this week, he has become an even more admired and most loved member of the small rural Thai community.

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