Thai police on Monday, nearly two days after the incident, reported that the evidence of both men appeared to be confused or contradictory. This prompted speculation that the men may still be under the influence of crystal ice drug found at the scene on Saturday when an 18 year old fell to his death from the 20th floor apartment wearing only a G string.

Two Thai men in their thirties are expected before a Bangkok court today as Thai police seek an extension of their detention in illegal drugs charges as they investigate the death of a young 18 year old man on Saturday. The 18 year old man was found lying naked, except for a G string, in front of an upmarket condominium complex in Thonglor. It is reported that the death resulted from a drug fueled gay sex party that involved three men including the deceased and two men in their thirties, one of whom is a doctor in the beauty business. The 32 year old doctor is also the apartment owner.

Thai police were called to the scene of an upmarket Thonglor condo building on Saturday afternoon after an 18 year old teenager was found on the ground naked except for a G String. Police found two older Thai men in an apartment on the 20th floor including a doctor, the owner of the apartment from where the younger man had fallen. They admitted to using the crystal ice drug as the precursor to a sex party which had begun earlier. Police removed 9 grams of the substance from the scene. Both men were arrested and are expected before a Bangkok court on drugs charges where police are expected to request an extension of their detention. On Monday, it was reported that evidence from both men was confusing and not coherent. Police sources speculated on the lasting effects of the crystal ice drug. They are anxious to have a post mortem completed on the body of the teenager who is known to have had large amounts of illicit drugs in his system when he died. Further charges may be brought against the two older men once police enquiries have been completed.

Thai police were called to a luxury condominium block in Bangkok’s upmarket Thonglor area on Saturday. The body of teenage man was found sprawled in front of the building wearing only a G string. He had fallen from the 20th floor of the building.

Thai police found two frightened men in the upmarket condominium on the 20th floor

Thai police led by Police Captain Nitiwat Sansing who is the Superintendent of Thonglor Thai police station proceeded to the 20th floor. There they found two men in their thirties who appeared to be in a frightened and shocked state. The men explained to police that they were in the midst of a gay sex party when the younger man had become intoxicated and fell off the balcony of the apartment.

One of the men is a 32 year old doctor working within the beauty business in Bangkok

One of the men is a 32 year old doctor employed in Thailand’s booming beauty sector. He had, together with the other older man also in his thirties, decided to pick up a younger man for a gay sex party at the doctor’s plush apartment. At this stage, both men have not been named but this will change when they are expected before the courts shortly. The men decided to use the deadly crystal ice methamphetamine drug known as ice which is now rampant in Thai society. They admitted this to police. They said that they had been using the illegal crystal ice drug to get into the mood. Police recovered 9 grams of the substance from the apartment.

Thai police suggested days later that the two men might be still under the influence of the deadly crystal ice drug as their evidence was incoherent

Both men were arrested by Thai police and take into custody at Thonglor police station for possession of an illegal substance. On Monday at 10 am, Thai police reported that the statements of both men were somewhat confusing or even contradictory. A source within the police suggested that the men may still have be suffering from the after effects of the drugs taken on Saturday.

Application to extend the detention period of the men on drugs charges as the police investigation awaits post mortem results on the cause of death

Police were expected on Tuesday to apply to the courts for an extension of the detention period allowed by law for the men based on the initial charges of possession of illegal drugs. It is understood that police are anxious to receive the results of a post mortem on the younger 18 year teenager who had died. This  could take up to two weeks. They are particularly interested to discover if the younger man was dead before he fell from the building or whether the fall itself was the cause of  death.

It is being reported that preliminary indicators suggest that the younger man had a large amount of illegal drugs within his system at the time of his death.

CCTV shows the older men escorting the young man to the 20th floor apartment for a sex party

Following their arrival on the scene after receiving a report of the death of young man at  3.30 pm on Saturday last, Thai police immediately retrieved CCTV footage from within and outside the upmarket condominium complex. Thai police have uncovered footage showing the older Thai men accompanying the younger man into the building and up to the 20th floor apartment. Both men have claimed that the younger man quickly became very intoxicated and then unexpectedly fell off the balcony to his death.