Shocking incident happened after a highly charged row on Thursday night when the 29 year old step father switched off the family’s wifi after the young man returned home to the rural homestead drunk and began playing internet games on his smartphone, breaking the peace and tranquility in the home. Following a violent outbursts, Sak Duanjan retreated to bed. However at 2 am, he got back up and placed pesticide in his parent’s drinking and cooking water. His mother noticed a corrosive substance the next morning at she prepared to water to make boiled rice.

A 29 year old Thai man living with his mother and stepfather in Sisaket province in the north east has admitted trying to poison them with pesticide after they cut off access to the internet on his smartphone. His middle aged parents have reported the matter to police authorities as they want to see him taken away for treatment. They also admit that they are afraid of the young man.

29 year old Sak Duanjan had admitted attempted to poison his step father and mother by introducing pesticide into their cooking and drinking water early Friday morning last after his internet access at home was switched off. The man’s stepfather switched off the internet router (top right) after the young man came home drunk and disturbed the tranquility of the rural homestead with the noise of gaming on his smartphone. The couple have reported the matter to Thai police claiming that they are now afraid of the young man.

A young Thai man, addicted to video gaming on his smartphone, on Friday last is reported to have attempted to murder his mother and stepfather last Friday in SiSaket province in northeastern Thailand after a row the night before in which the family’s internet router, used for wifi access, was switched off.

Stepfather switched off the internet router

On Thursday night last, 29 year old Sak Duanjan arrived home drunk. He was reported to have been playing games on his smartphone making a loud and distracting noises while his 52 year old stepfather and a 51 year old mother attempted to sleep in the Thai rural household. Finally, his step father Chakrit Kahmrunag, got up and switched off the internet service router cutting off the young man’s access to the internet.

Searing row between young Thai man and the older man which led to violent blows

This provoked a searing row between both step father and step son in which the younger man, known to have tempestuous nature and strong temper, fired obscenities at the older man. The young man also began to violently wreak havoc on the house in a rampage. The prompted the older man to strike him. Mr Chakrit explained that he only took this course of action in order to sober the young man up and get him to come to his senses. The two men then went to bed and the older man thought that that would be the end of at least that matter as the young man would be sober in the morning.

Young man got up at 2 am and later returned to bed

The house quieted down after this. At 2 am, the young Thai man’s mother, Suban Duanjan, got up. She said she observed her son put something into a jar. She said she asked her son what exactly he was doing but he declined to answer and simply returned to bed.

Mother shocked to find the water for cooking rice for herself and her husband had been poisoned by pesticide which had reacted with the water

The next morning, the middle aged mother found out exactly what he had done. As she went to prepare rice for cooking, she found something strange floating on the surface of the water. It was, in fact, substances caused by a chemical reaction to pesticide ahving being thrown into the container. Her son, apparently, had attempted to poison both herself and her husband.

Couple have called in the authorities including the Thai police: ‘it has become too much’

The Thai woman was stunned and shaken. She told the media that she could not believe that her son was capable of attempting to murder his mother and step father. The couple decided to report the matter to authorities. ‘I still couldn’t believe that he could do this. I know that he gets angry very easily. We tried our best to deal with his anger but this time it has become too much,’ she said this week.

Mother and stepfather now afraid of young man

They hope that by subjecting their son to scrutiny by the police and appropriate authorities, that he may end up getting help for his anger problem. They also admit that they are now afraid of the young man. ‘We wanted government officers to take him for treatment at the hospital because we don’t want to live in fear wondering when he would attack us again,’ she said.

Young Thai man admits trying to poison his parents over internet access for online gaming

The young man had admitted to the crime. He explained that he was driven to it because he had been so angry at being cut off from the internet and not being allowed to use his smartphone.

Drug crazed young Thai man burned down mother’s home in December last

Thai traditional culture expects children to be respectful to their parents and senior members of their family. In recent years, the scourge of drug addiction has caused many young Thai men to become maniacal and violent. In early December last, a young Thai man burned down his mother’s home in Khon Kaen. The 49 year old Thai women’s son had simply gone mad from drugs despite attending Rehab and several interventions.

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