Thailand’s post office ThaialandPost released a stamp on Sunday, July 28th to celebrate His Majesty’s birthday and is available at all post offices and online. The King, who came to the throne in 2016, following the death of his father Bhumibol Adulyadej, is seen to be following many of father’s principles such as sustainability and a commitment to work on behalf of the people. King Maha Vajiralongkorn or Rama X was coronated in May.

A sense of purpose and unity was felt by the people of Thailand on Sunday from leading government officials to people paying their personal respects as the Thai King celebrated his birthday with his subjects throughout the kingdom. Ceremonies began on Sunday morning and ran into the evening with others scheduled for Monday.

On Sunday, Thailand celebrated the 67th birthday of  King Maha Vajiralongkorn of Rama X with events and activities in every province and town of the kingdom.

Thailand’s King King Maha Vajiralongkorn or Rama X  celebrated his 67th birthday on Sunday, July 28th commencing with a ceremony at the Grand Palace. The day saw events and ceremonies in all Thai provinces including army, navy and air force 21 gun salutes and an early morning ceremony at Sanam Luang in front of the Grand Palace led by the Prime Minister, Prayut Chan -ocha. Thailand’s post office, ThailandPost, launched a beautiful new ฿10 stamp on Sunday 28th which can be bought in strips of 10 for ฿100 at all post offices in the kingdom and online at

In Bangkok, the Royal Thai Army, Navy and Air Force fired 21 gun salutes while the King began the day with a formal audience while sitting on the Bhutan Kanchana Singhasana Throne at the Grand Palace. The King and Queen Suthida travelled to the Grand Palace from their residence at the Dusit Palace for the ceremony.

Senior officers of state wish the King a Happy Birthday at the Grand Palace in Bangkok

After raising the curtain, the King was saluted by officials waving golden flowers. The King later heard birthday greetings from his sister, Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn after which the Prime Minister, Speaker of the National Assembly and the President of the Supreme Court spoke. The King also acknowledged and thanked those assembled to wish him a Happy Birthday.

Ceremony in the presence of the Supreme Patriarch held on Sunday at the Emerald Buddha Temple

Later in the day, the King and Queen attended the Emerald Buddha Temple at the Grand Palace and granted titles to monks from China and Vietnam. The King made a presentation to senior monks while the Supreme Patriarch joined in a religious ceremony.

Prime Minister led government officials in morning ceremony commencing at 7 am near the palace

Earlier in the day, the Prime Minister Prayut Chan ocha led thousands of officials and government officers in a salute to the King in a ceremony that commenced at 7 am at Sanam Luang in front of the Grand Palace. Later, there will be another ceremony where drones will be used to commemorate Thailand’s King who was coronated in May.

United with a sense of purpose – the days revealed the power of the monarchy in Thailand

The unity and sense of purpose in the country on Sunday brings home to all foreigners the strength of feeling among Thais towards their King and the monarchy. It is a unifying institution embodied by the King that brings Thailand and its people together as one.

New stamp released with a cover price of ฿10

To celebrate the King’s birthday, ThailandPost, Thailand’s postal service has printed a beautiful collection of 10 stamps produced using highly skilled printing techniques as well as gold foil. The stamps bear a ฿10 price mark and are sold in strips of ten for ฿100 with special envelope for ฿20.

The beautiful stamps went on sale today at all Thai post offices and are also available from the ThailandPost website at

Thai King coronated in May this year

The Thai King while he was coronated in May this year, ascended to the throne on the 1 st December 2016 after taking some weeks to mourn his father Bhumibol Adulyadej or Bhumibol the Great, the title conferred upon him in 1987. The King’s father was Thailand’s longest-serving monarch coming to the throne on the 9th June 1946 and reigning for over 70 years.

Kings’s first royal command: ‘I shall carry on…’

The new King seems to follow in his father’s footsteps in many ways. In May, following his coronation, his first royal command read:  ‘I shall carry on, preserve, develop and reign with righteousness for the benefit and happiness of the people.’ 

Linked to bicycling after ‘Bike for Mom’ success

The King is well known in Thailand for his links to sports and particularly cycling where he launched a cycling outing event which saw Thai people take to the streets nationwide and in all provinces in 2015. The event named Bike for Mom in honour of the Queen Mother, Queen Sirikit was a huge success and saw a dramatic rise in bicycling as a pursuit in Thailand with many new bicycle shops opening around the country. The King later followed this up with Bike for Dad to honour the late King.

Made Crown Prince in 1972 and trained as a military man before following a career in the armed forces

The King was named as Crown Prince by King Bhumibol Adulyadej on December 1972 when he was over 20 years of age. The third crown prince in the Chakri dynasty was educated in Thailand, the United Kingdom and a military academy in Australia. He later pursued a military career and as well as sports, is known to be very interested in Thailand’s military as is his consort, Queen Suthida who rose through the ranks to become an Army General before becoming Queen in May.

The Thai Examiner on behalf of all our readers would like to also to say Happy Birthday to the Thai King and express our best wishes. 

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+ All over Thailand on Sunday July 28th, people from senior officials of state to normal Thais gathered and celebrated the 67th birthday of Thailand's monarch in a day of unity and common purpose.Carla Boonkong reports from the Grand Palace in Bangkok

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