At a reception on Tuesday attended by the Governor of the Thailand Tourism Authority in Pattaya, a recycling initiative was launched by a Thai company as Thailand’s tourism boss highlighted responsible tourism as the future of the industry.

Another Russian tourist was the victim of a motorcycle body snatch gang in Pattaya on Tuesday in what was an almost identical crime to that committed on November 17th on another Russian woman.

The latest motorbike snatch occurred in an area where CCTV cameras are not working early on Tuesday morning. 39-year-old Burika Irima was walking back to her hotel with her husband and 5-year-old. It is an identical crime to the one which occurred on November 17th in which her compatriot 25-year-old Elena Pankratova was robbed of ฿55,000 when two gold necklaces were snatched from her person by a motorbike thief. (Inset) Later on Tuesday, the Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand Yuthasak Supasorn was on hand together with Chaiwat Kovavisarach of petrol station operator Bangchak and the Deputy Governor of Pattaya Manoj Nongyai to launch a green recycling and ‘responsible tourism’ initiative for Pattaya.

It comes at the city’s deputy governor revealed that many hotel owners and tourist operators are experiencing a difficult year.

He revealed that the city’s tourism industry is now driven by Indian, Russian and Chinse visitors. As the deputy governor of Pattaya, Manoj Nongyai conceded to the media on Tuesday at a press reception that bookings in Pattaya so far in the high season are lower than normal at 80% occupancy, came news of another snatch robbery targeting Russian tourists.

39-year-old Russian woman the latest victim

The latest incident occurred on Tuesday morning when 39-year-old Burika Irima had her shoulder bag snatched from her while out walking in the sunshine with her husband and her 5-year-old son.

She told police officers that the bag contained over ฿30,000 including some cash and other valuables. 

Identical crime to one committed against Russan tourist Elena Pankratova on November 17th

It appears to be a copycat version of another body snatch crime in which gold necklaces were snatched off 25-year-old Russian woman Elena Pankratova at 11.30 pm on Sunday 17th of November.

The two necklaces were valued at ฿55,000.

Family walking back to their hotel in Bang Lamung

Tuesday’s snatch and run occurred at 12.10 am and saw a motorbike with two men approach the family.

One snatched the bag from Ms Burika’s shoulder. The family were walking back to their hotel in the Bang Lamung area of the resort city.

Ms Burika told Pattaya police detectives that the bag contained ฿4,000 in cash in addition to $100 in US currency and her iPhone which was valued at ฿25,000.

A police bulletin was issued to track and pursue the motorbike but the thieves managed to evade capture.

Since then, it has emerged that CCTV cameras in the area were not working as police moved to track down the culprits.

Thai Tourism boss in Pattaya for ‘responsible tourism’ initiative to protect the environment

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand Yuthasak Supasorn spoke to an audience of tourism leaders in Pattaya and said that the future of Thai tourism is what he termed ‘responsible tourism’ with an emphasis on protecting the environment and recycling.

Recycling with a statue of a Leatherback turtle made from plastic to be erected on Jomtien beach

The event saw the launch of an initiative from Bangchak Corporation Plc which will use its 262 petrol stations to promote plastic recycling.

Those who participated in the event heard that a statue of a leatherback turtle made from plastic will be unveiled on Jomtien beach to highlight the new environmental dimension of Pattaya’s tourism industry.

Pattaya’s tourism now driven by Indian, Russian and Chinese visitors as the location plays a hub role

Deputy Governor Manoj revealed that Pattaya’s tourism trade is now driven by Russian, Chinese and Indian visitors.

The resort city still attracts 450,000 visitors a year and is now becoming a launch point for visitors moving on to visit islands and other destinations in Thailand.

Indian tourists the biggest spenders

Mr Manoj revealed that Indian visitors are among the biggest spenders on ฿10,000 per day compared to ฿5,000 for Chinese tourists who tend to come in groups and are also more likely to book accommodation through accommodation sharing apps in groups to save money.

He revealed that a huge boost for Pattaya in India this year has been the use of the city as a  location for several Bollywood movies which has prompted a surge in demand.

Hotel operators struggling with lower occupancy rates being reported in 2019

Nevertheless, the tourism sector in the city has declined in 2019 according to the senior official who pointed out that many hotel operators are suffering. 

He attributed the cause of this to an overall economic slowdown in Thailand and other countries in the world as well as the spiralling Thai baht.

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