Violent rage of ex-boyfriend left the young 29-year-old teacher with stab wounds to her face and torso. Her killer, a 26-year-old man also a teacher, stabbed her 8 times in her car after she refused to reconcile with him.

A Thai teacher was murdered by her ex-boyfriend on Thursday night after she arranged to meet her former lover on a road outside the centre of Songkhla to firmly end their relationship. Unfortunately, the 26-year-old man, himself a teacher, saw it as a chance to make up and when the younger man finally got the message, he saw red

Police questioned the confessed killer at Songkhla police station after he was escorted to the station the day after the violent and bloody murder. Police were reported on Friday to be progressing the case including forensics and witness statements with the intention of charging 26-year-old Nattaphat Somkid with the intentional murder of his former 29-year-old girlfriend Suntharee Samutrat.

A 29-year-old school teacher arranged to meet with her ex-boyfriend on the outskirts of the central district of Songkhla in tambon Koh Taeo on Thursday night. The purpose of the meeting, it is understood, was to talk through their difficulties. The two teachers were previously involved in a relationship that had ended.

Grade 1 Thai language teacher found dead in her car

Suntharee Samutrat was a Grade 1 Thai language teacher at a local private school teaching children of kindergarten and primary level run by the Mahachulavajirawut Alumni Association in the Mueang district of Songkhla. The car in which the woman’s body was found by police was registered in Krabi in her own name.

Her ex-boyfriend was 26-year-old Nattaphat Somkid also a teacher who worked at Wat Sala Luang Lang School in the Ranot District of her province.

Things went disastrously wrong when the man’s former lover spurned his attempts at reconciliation

Things went disastrously wrong however and ended in a bloodbath. It is reported that Ms Suntharee spurned Mr Nattaphat’s attempts at reconciliation. The result was that the Thai man attacked her with a knife in what police are describing as an intense, prolonged and violent rage. He murdered the woman stabbing her 8 times in the face and torso.

Eyewitnesses to the scene reported the incident to local police in Songkhla after a noisy row

Eyewitnesses to the scene reported the matter to police shortly after the murder occurred. They reported that the couple had engaged in a heated and noisy row before they saw Ms Suntharee attempt to escape from her car, a black Honda sedan.

Woman ran injured from her car but was followed by her killer and dragged back inside

She was then followed by her ex-boyfriend who grappled with her. Mr Nattaphat dragged the woman’s body back to the car, placing it on the passenger seat with her head on top of the dashboard. The woman had initially been attacked in her car by the enraged man leaving it covered in blood.

Family of ex-boyfriend escorted him to the police station on Friday to submit to police interrogation

On Friday morning, the family of Mr Nattaphat escorted him to the police station in Songkhla to surrender himself to officers who were investigating the killing. They took the teacher back to the crime scene to locate the knife used in the attack which the 26 year old man said he had cast into the wooded area near his former girlfriend’s car after killing his former lover.

Man confessed to the crime – killed his former girlfriend in an intense rage after she demurred

It is reported that the younger teacher confessed his crime to the police explaining that he had flown into a rage when his former girlfriend refused to reestablish their relationship. Police also took the suspect to his home to retrieve the clothing from Thursday night which he was wearing when he attacked the woman in her car,

Family asked the press not to photograph the suspect

At the police station, relatives of Mr Nattaphat asked the press and media not to take photographs of the killer. They explained that the man was suffering from severe depression and was taking medication.

Police preparing case against the ex-boyfriend and are expected to charge him with murder

It was reported that police planned to interrogate Mr Nattaphat again and were preparing charges on the basis that he deliberately and intentionally murdered the 29-year-old woman after she rejected his advances towards rekindling the relationship.

Police are also understood to be collecting forensic evidence from the car where the murder took place as well as the victim’s body to complete their case against the accused.

The black Honda car has been moved to Songkla police station. Officers are also completing interviews with witnesses to the crime.

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