Initially, 40-year-old Chalita Sutthitongtae told police she had fallen asleep at the wheel but on Monday Thai police revealed that the younger Thai woman who was only slightly injured in the crash, has admitted that there was a heated row in the car just before she lost control of it causing it to overturn.

Thai police on Monday revealed that the real cause of an accident which resulted in the death of one Thai woman on Sunday morning was a heated row between the women which resulted in the car overturning.

Rescue workers at the scene after 5.20 am on Sunday morning found 42-year-old Netchanok Detaran still responsive and conscious. She died later in hospital from severe head injuries. On Monday, a senior Thai police officer in Phuket, Lieutenant Colonel Suchat Meelumphong revealed that the 40-year-old driver of the black Toyota Vios car, Ms Chalita Sutthitongtae, had been charged with reckless driving causing death. It is understood that a heated row in the car led it to overturn causing Ms Netchanok to be flung from the car causing her fatal injuries.

Phuket police were busy on Sunday morning responding to two separate car accidents only twenty minutes apart including the first incident in which a 42-year Thai woman lost her life. Now on Monday, Lieutenant Colonel Suchat Meelumphong has revealed the real cause of the accident.

Police reveal the real cause of the accident

He also confirmed that the driver, who has been named as 40-year-old Chalita Sutthitongtae, will be facing criminal charges including one of reckless driving causing death

Eye witness saw the car swerving erratically

The accident occurred sometime before 5 am on the northbound lane of the bypass road in Phuket. An eye witness to the accident said that they saw the car swerving erratically on the road before overturning.

42-year-old Thai woman lying on the road

Police and emergency services responding to the scene found 42-year-old Netchanok Detaran lying near the overturned car which had mangled itself when it overturned. The driver of the car was trapped inside her vehicle, a black Toyota Vios model but only suffered minor injuries.

Injured woman was conscious and responsive

Medical personnel said that Ms Netchanok was responsive when they arrived on the scene and conscious. However, the woman had suffered very severe head injuries after being jettisoned at force from the vehicle onto the motorway.

Ms Netchabok was hurriedly dispatched by emergency service ambulance to the Bangkok Hospital Siriroj. However, doctors at the medical facility later revealed that she had died from her injuries.

Driver admitted to police she fell asleep

Police have opened an investigation into the accident. The driver had initially told them that she had fallen asleep at the wheel before the car lost control and overturned.

On Monday, Lieutenant Colonel Suchat declined to elaborate any further on what had happened inside the car before disaster struck only to confirm that the driver Ms Chalita had already been charged. ‘I need more information. I am continuing my investigation,’ he told reporters.

Another car accident reported twenty minutes later

The tragic accident was followed twenty minutes later by another accident this time on the Srisoonthorn Rd where a white Toyota Vios was reported to have swerved out control on a curve causing it to crash into an electricity pole.

Accident cut off to local businesses and homes

The occupants of the car again were two Thai women named as 29-year-old Warinrada Sukkaew from Surat Thani province and her friend 26-year-old Supawadee Songsri from Phuket.

Women returning from a birthday celebration

Both women were returning from a birthday party celebration and suffered minor injuries as a result of the crash. Ms Warinrada suffered injuries to her leg while Ms Supawadee was treated for a bloody nose after the airbag in the Toyota car was deployed on impact with the pole.

Two women taken to Thalang Hospital

Police have disclosed that they are investigating the accident and that the driver of the car Ms Warinrad was tested for alcohol by officers.

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