The order also granted a waiver for 90-day reporting for visitors extending all deadlines until April 30th at the earliest. The immigration chief says this date can also be extended if the emergency continues on an ad hoc monthly basis.

Thailand has granted an automatic extension to valid visa holders in the kingdom from Wednesday until April 30th following an order signed by the PM in Bangkok. However, these relief measures do not apply to foreigners who live and work in Thailand.

The Head of the Immigration Bureau Lieutenant General Sompong Chingduang confirmed the move to Reuters on Wednesday and that the Prime Minister had signed the order which is effective immediately. The move should put a halt to the frantic overcrowding seen at immigration offices in the last week as foreigners tried desperately to keep their visa status regular in Thailand.

The Head of the Immigration Bureau, Lieutenant General Sompong Chingduang, has told Reuters that an order signed on Tuesday by Thai Prime Minister, Prayuth Chan ocha, automatically extends visas for all foreigners legally in the kingdom at this time until at least April 30th.

The move comes in response to hazardous and chaotic situations reported at immigration offices throughout Thailand which clearly posed a risk not only to the foreigners involved but also to immigration officers.

Lieutenant General Sompong says this date can be extended further if required during the emergency

Lieutenant General Sompong also indicated that the waiver or automatic extension of visas will be provided beyond April 30th if the current emergency continues.

It is understood that the visa extensions or waiver also applies to the 90-day reporting requirement extending any deadlines until April 30th at the earliest but only for those who are tourists or stranded in Thailand.

The order was published in the Royal Gazette on Tuesday after being signed by the PM and the Interior Minister Anupong Paojinda.

Thailand’s borders closed to visitors

Currently, Thailand’s borders have been closed to all travellers and in the last month, a similar waiver was issued with regard to migrant workers stranded in the kingdom to encourage them to stay put.

Death of three foreigners announced on Wednesday

The news comes on a day when Thailand announced three deaths, all of them foreigners, from the Covid 19 virus with a rise in infections and hospitalisations also being noted.

It is thought that the spike coming after days of reduced numbers relates to Thai returnees from Indonesia who had a disturbingly high infection rate from the virus when tested.

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