Murder and rape of a schoolgirl in the Hat Yai district of Songkhla has shocked and upset the local community. The depraved and callous nature of Prathom Iadkhao’s actions while acting on an impulse after observing the young girl at a nearby petrol station at 12.30 am approximately on Saturday morning, is unfathomable.

A top police officer in Songkhla province has revealed gruesome details of how a 15-year-old girl riding her motorbike on a highway was brutally rammed from behind by a man in a car, beaten, raped, robbed and murdered in the early hours of Saturday morning. The depraved 49-year-old man was an already convicted sex offender.

Police officers in Songkhla on Monday stage a crime reenactment of a horrendous murder and rape in the early hours of Saturday morning after arresting their prime suspect on Monday in Phatthalung, extracting a confession and matching DNA evidence. The details of the crime committed by Mr Prathom Iadkhao alias ‘Bangmad Kongra’ on a 15-year-old girl are disturbing. The killer can be seen in the centre of the shot in a yellow T-shirt and body vest while another man (inset) had to be held back by police as he attempted to assault the killer.

There were angry and tearful scenes in Songkhla province on Monday as police brought a murder and rape suspect to the scene of a horrendous crime driven by impulse, in the opening hours of Saturday morning last.

Provincial Police Region 9 Commander, Police Lieutenant General Ronnasilp Poosara, gave details of a case that police quickly solved as Mr Prathom Iadkhao also known locally as ‘Bangmad Kongra’ was brought to the scene of the crime and staged a reenactment.

Angry and stunned crowd look on as police conducted a crime reenactment on Monday after killer confessed

Dozens of police officers formed a barrier to keep angry and concerned members of the public back from the scene while some broke through and had to be restrained by police officers as reports of the brutal rape and murder of the 15-year-old schoolgirl spread throughout the community.

The victim of the attack was a student in Mathayomsuksa 3 which is the 3rd year Secondary or High School equivalent in western countries.

Her body was found by police on Saturday under her motorbike in a ditch in the middle of a local highway in the Hat Yai district of Songkhla.

CCTV footage at a local petrol station introduced police to their prime suspect in the case

Police managed to track down her movements to a local petrol station where she filled her motorbike at 12.30 am approximately on Saturday morning. Minutes before she arrived at the station, a bronze Toyota Corolla car pulled in driven by Mr Prathom.

The car then left and was quickly followed onto the road by the young girl on her motorbike.

Police, from further enquiries at other points, quickly established that the only two vehicles on the stretch of road where the young girl was found, at that time, were the school student’s motorbike and the Toyota car.

Red flag went up leading to the arrest of Mr Prathom in Phatthalung province on Monday morning 

Enquiries into the owner of the car, Mr Prathom, quickly raised the alarm when it was discovered he was sentenced to one year in prison in 2002 for taking a young girl from her parents for lewd purposes in the Bang Klam district of Songkhla.

That sentence was suspended for two years.

On Monday morning, on learning this, police moved to arrest the 49-year-old Mr Prathom at his home in the Kongra district of nearby Phatthalung province.

Shocking confession from the convicted sex offender revealed unimaginable evil and deapravity

Police Lieutenant General Ronnasilp Poosara recounted the true extent of the crime as he revealed the man had confessed to not only murdering the girl in a premeditated fashion but also raping her and stealing money from his victim.

Mr Prathom told police officers that when he saw the girl at the petrol station, he had waited for her on the road and let her overtake him on her motorbike.

Then, in what appears to be inexplicable depths of evil and madness, the Thai man rammed the young girl’s motorbike from behind sending her and her vehicle into the air and over into the highway’s ditch.

Descended into the ditch to commit a depraved and heinous crime on defenceless school girl

Then, the crazed attacker got out of his car, descended into the ditch and assaulted the young girl. He told police he pummelled her three times into the stomach before raping her.

He took her bag and withdrew ฿1,300 from it.

He then went to his car and brought back with him a tyre wrench which he used to hit the girl two or three times over the head extinguishing her life.

Charged with murder, rape and theft

Following this, he explained to police he used part of the girls clothing, a jacket, to wipe off semen from his body.

He then placed the motorbike over her body to make it look like a road traffic accident death.

Police Lieutenant General Ronnasilp told the press that investigators had extracted DNA tissue from under the 15-year-old school girl’s fingernails and that it matched a DNA sample from the man who callously murdered and raped her.

Mr Prathom has been charged with premeditated murder and rape of the girl as well as one count of theft.

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