Ice Cream Spiderman boosts Thailand’s soft power! Viral TikTok clip from Surat Thani goes global. It showcases Thai quirkiness and a love of culinary delights. A taste of Thailand’s unique charm and spontaneity online as one young man makes a living from tourism.

An enterprising young man in Surat Thani delights tourists at a popular dam by retailing ice cream from a boat while dressed as an ice cream spider man. A video clip on TikTok went viral on Friday and is already making its contribution to Thailand’s new soft power initiative.

Scenes from the short Tik Tok video clip which went viral on Friday. It shows the blue and white ice cream spiderman going about his business on the Surat Thani dam, a top touist attraction. Western foreign tourists were delighted interacting with the novel Thai vendor selling from his boat.

It is another one of the viral phenomena that can only come from Thailand.

Since Friday, millions online have been left amused and bewildered as footage emerges of none other than Spider-Man selling ice cream to boat-bound tourists in the south of the country.

Of course, this spiderman, in white and blue, also rides his own boat.

Tik Tok video goes viral across the world this week showing the waterborne Spiderman serving scoops of ice cream from his boat as he punts along dam waters

The peculiar scene was captured by TikTok user laylaloutfi during a boat trip at Ratchaprapha Dam in Surat Thani Province.

Afterwards, it sparked a flurry of comments and reactions. Many foreigners expressed their disbelief and amusement.

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The clip was made by a party of excited Western tourists. The footage shows Spiderman on the water guiding his craft alongside tourist boats. He is subsequently seen fist-bumping and interacting with delighted tourists. 

The video shows the dexterous entrepreneur him collecting cash and handing back change and pints of ice cream.

It was later accompanied by captions like ‘POV ur on a boat in Thailand and Spiderman sells you ice cream’ and ‘Only in Thailand’.

In short order, the video quickly garnered over 2.3 million views.

The clip highlights the unique blend of entertainment and delight of a culinary nature that Thailand offers its visitors.

Commentary showed that Thailand still has many fans around the world who love the country’s idiosyncratic ways and the people’s natural sense of quirkiness

Comments continued to flow in. 

At length, they showcased a mix of humour and intrigue. Some users jokingly tagged the phenomenon with the hashtag #onlyinthailand.

In truth, the word is out about the kind of quirkiness that can only be found in Thailand.

Others marvelled at the ingenuity of the makeshift ice cream outlet.

One commenter quipped: ‘Heroes don’t have to have superpowers. But there must be straps to put in change too.’

Indeed, the unexpected appearance of Spider-Man peddling frozen treats left many scratching their heads.

‘Soft power?’ one user pondered, giving a playful nod to the concept of cultural influence and diplomacy. 

Another mused: ‘Who would have thought that there would suddenly be people selling ice cream in the middle of a dam, haha?’

The video not only entertained viewers but also sparked broader reflections on Thai culture and cuisine. ‘Thailand has food everywhere, every time,’ remarked one commentator. 

Netizens focused on Thailand’s love of food

The comments referred to Thailand’s renowned culinary landscape and the people’s love of food. Others pondered the surreal nature of the experience.

One jokingly asked: ‘What kind of multiverse is this?’

Amidst the amusement, some couldn’t help but wonder about the logistics of Spider-Man’s unconventional side hustle.

‘Does Spider-Man earn extra income?’ one user pondered. He was joined by others in playful speculation surrounding the fictional superhero’s financial endeavours.

Certainly, the video may seem like a lighthearted moment of internet entertainment.

However, it shows the unique charm and spontaneity that defines the Thai experience. Unquestionably, this is true for both locals and tourists alike.

From bustling street markets to serene dam tours, Thailand continues to captivate visitors with its vibrant culture and unexpected surprises.

Kingdom is in the midst of a push to promote its soft power abroad. This is a reminder that part of it is the especially fantastic mindset of Thai people

In the meantime, the government-funded soft power committee led by Ms Paetongtarn Shinawatra, the leader of the Pheu Thai Party continues to promote Thailand’s soft power abroad.

From elephant pants to Muay Thai and Songkran, the country is trying to find its international voice.

Here on a dam in Surat Thani, in Southern Thailand, last Friday is what makes the kingdom special. It is the imaginative and creative spirit of its people.

As the viral clip continues to circulate, it serves as a reminder of the power of social media. It can be used to showcase the delightful quirks of everyday life and foster connections across borders. 

In a world often divided by differences, moments like Spider-Man selling ice cream in Thailand serve as a playful reminder of our shared humanity and capacity for wonder.

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