Thai man’s leisurely wine tasting session goes viral and makes international media after he uncapped and tasted nine bottles on a visit to a local supermarket in the northeast on November 2nd.

A supermarket in Nakhon Ratchasima province in northeastern Thailand has filed a complaint with local police over a curious customer who patronised the shop’s wine section in early November. The man conducted his own personal wine tasting in which he sampled no less than 9 bottles before finally settling and purchasing just one.

A worldwide viral video of a Thai man, a wine connoisseur from November 2nd as he went about selecting wine at a local supermarket in Nakhon Ratchasima province. The man tested nine bottles of wine leaving seven on the ground and one faced backwards on the shelf before finally sauntering away after favouring an Argentinian white.

Police in Nakhon Ratchasima are on the lookout for a Thai man who fancies himself as something of wine connoisseur after a bizarre incident on Saturday, November 2nd at a local supermarket.

The man took up his position in front of the wine selection to select a bottle of wine as most people do. However, this customer had an altogether more hands-on experience in mind.

Security staff at supermarket alerted by customers

The odd situation was referred to the security staff at the supermarket after customers noticed the strange behaviour of the man and staff found seven opened bottles of wines left on the floor in the aisles displaying alcoholic products including wines. One used bottle was found face inwards on the wine shelves

A review of CCTV footage shows a Thai man wearing sunglasses and dressed in smart navy slacks and T-Shirt with matching sneakers taking ownership of the area in front of the wine selection as he made his wine purchase.

Wine taster initially focused on red wines

He initially focused was on red wines as he snatched a bottle from the top shelf. He then quickly twisted the top to sample the wine raising the bottle to his lips. As he screwed back on the cap he was already looking for another selection dissatisfied with his first sample.

After testing 4 bottles left on the ground, the man was still not satisfied but still determined

He pulled another from the left-hand side of the top shelf and places the first bottle on the ground. The same routine, a quick sip but not to his satisfaction.

Another from the top left and after a quick swig, this bottle also was quickly laid on the ground. Same as another bottle is pulled down, sipped and laid on the ground. There were now 4 bottles as a trolley approached.

He paused a little before he finally decided that that too did not meet his standards.

Family watch on as he placed the 5th bottle on the ground – the wine lover was not to be fazed

As a family of 4 watched on, he then proceeded to test the fifth bottle of wine which he also quickly laid on the floor, the wine taster the scanned the full array of shelves trying to select a better choice.

He walked to the right hand of the second shelf and pulled down another bottle that may have suited his palate. 

The family nervously approached with their trolley, the way was blocked by the wine bottles and this strange man.

The wine lover busied himself to his task but leaned back which allowed them to pass. He sipped the bottle nonchalantly and put a foot forward to show that he was at ease as he went about his task of finding the perfect bottle.

Family passed by as he placed a sixth opened and tested bottle on the ground and perused the selection

He looked at the wine shelves as he screwed on the cap and moved forward to let the family pass him clearly aware of their presence.

This time he placed the sixth bottle back on the shelf with the label facing in.

He walked up to the selection of white wines but turned back.

Inspired, he quickly withdrew a bottle for the second shelf to the left. He elaborately unscrewed the cap. This time he looked quite decisive but alas the wine did not meet his approval. He placed the bottle on the floor.

There were now six bottles on the floor and one that he had put back on the shelf.

Seventh bottle of wine on the floor

As another customer approached and sidled past him while another trolley came down the aisles, he withdrew a bottle from the third shelf on the right and raised it to his lips.

His instant dissatisfaction was apparent as he quickly screwed back on the cap and the second trolley tries to get past. The bottle was placed on the floor.

Finally decided to choose a white wine

Finally, having decided that he must have a white wine he pulled a bottle down scanned the label and took a swig. A second swig and he took a step forward. He put his hand behind his back as he ventured a third swig and lowered his head intensively considering the taste.

A full ten seconds later, he finally took a fourth draft raising the bottle high. This was the stuff. He looked satisfyingly at the bottle and walked towards the red section for one last look.

He turned around and began to happily saunter up the aisles with the white wine in his band. A satisfied customer at last but unfortunately for the supermarket, not a viable one.

Eight bottles opened and ฿2,500 in wine consumed

The shop estimated that the man consumed ฿2,500 worth of wine and left behind 8 opened and used bottles behind at the store, 7 of them on the ground and one lodged back on the shelf.

The CCTV footage of the incident has been passed on to the police. It appears the man may in fact be guilty of theft as he consumed the wine and left the store without paying for it.

He also took ownership of the bottles when he opened the caps breaking the seals on them but then walked out without paying for them.

The fact that he purchased the ninth the bottle does not absolve him for his criminal actions which are recorded on CCTV as evidence easily proving the prosecution’s case in court.

Final selection was an Argentinian white

It is understood that the ninth and favoured bottle of wine was an Argentinian white.

He paid for the bottle of wine at the counter but when security staff were called after the incident came to the attention of the store’s management, he had left the scene and could not be found.

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