Klinkaysorn Wongsing’s white Nissan Pulsar car emerged from the water on the 9th of December. It brought to light a murder which police now believe occurred on the 12th November 2016. 

A police task force has broken the case of a murdered woman whose skeletal remains were found submerged in her car on December 9th last having been missing for 3 years. Two men appeared in court on Christmas Day charged with the murder of 36-year-old Klinkaysorn Wongsing, a popular and well known young businesswoman.

Police take one of the prime suspects from the court on Christmas Day after arresting Mr Santi Jungthongdee (inset right) also known as Sia Hai and his henchman Jack for the murder in November of 33-year-old Klinkaysorn Wongsing (inset top) whose skeletal remains where found inside her car when it emerged from low-level canal water on the 9th December last having been missing for over 3 years.

Thai Police in the Phra Phutthabat district of Saraburi province on Christmas Eve launched a huge operation using military-style weapons and tactics to take over the Ha Dao Chemicals Co., Ltd, a well-known factory on the Phra Phutthabat-Ban Mo Road to execute two provincial court arrest warrants against the owner of the factory and one of his close employees for murder.

The warrants were issued by the Saraburi Provincial Court hours earlier for the arrest on suspicion of intentional murder and the concealment of a body. The court arrest orders were issued for Mr Santi Jungthongdee also known as Sia Hai, the owner of the fertiliser factory and one of his employees named as Mr Niwat Chalermwat also known as Jack.

Two arrested men had just arrived back in Saraburi

It is reported that both men had been away earlier on Christmas Eve to purchase fish in Rayong province. They arrived back to the factory to find police waiting for them and to take them into custody.

The dramatic move by a large police task force comes after a meticulous and successful police investigation which came to life on the 9th of December last when a submerged Nissan Pulsar car was found in an irrigation canal nearby after water levels were lowered.

Car owned by a saleswoman at the Ha Dao Chemicals Co. whose owner has been charged with her murder

The car was owned by a saleswoman at the factory, herself a successful business person, the lover and girlfriend of its owner, 33-year-old Klinkaysorn Wongsing who went missing on the 12th of November 2016, over 3 years ago along with her car.

The court in Saraburi heard some evidence on the matter on Christmas Day, the 25th of December.

This was gathered from the investigation being led by senior police officers, including Police Lieutenant General Amphon Bua Rubphon, Police Lieutenant General Wuttichat Thamrong and Major General Suphabun Bunrong assisted by Colonel Aphichat Wannaphak and Colonel Chayanon Sane-san.

Motive for the murder was a jealous quarrel

Police believe that they have a very strong case against the factory owner, the lover and employer of the murdered Thai woman and his younger associate.

Officers have indicated that the motive for the murder revolved around jealousy and that Ms Klinkaysorn was murdered in the office of the wealthy businessman’s home from where it was removed in bedding sheets, then placed in the car which was dumped into the canal.

Police have a wide body of evidence

Police have indicated that they have received some forensic evidence from the submerged vehicle including a fingerprint and have pieced together their case from interviews with significant witnesses in addition to CCTV footage.

They believe that the older businessman, reported as being 63 years of age, and the younger woman, nearly thirty years his junior, had a bitter quarrel that turned murderous. Police also believe that a sexual assault took place.

DNA in the car matched with the mother of the victim

The Institute of Forensic Science in Bangkok had earlier confirmed that the dead woman was the victim by matching DNA samples from the remains found in the car with those of Ms Klinkaysorn’s mother, 56-year-old Lanthom Wongsing.

After the two prime suspects appeared before the court today, police have indicated that there may be more people charged with the murder of the young businesswoman whose mother had entered a temple just before the discovery of her car some weeks ago, to pray for justice for her beautiful daughter.

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