56-year-old Lathom Wongsing told the press on Monday that she had entered Phra Phutthabat Temple recently to ask that her daughter, who went missing with her car three years ago, be found. She was on hand on Monday as police retrieved the younger woman’s car from the muddy Chai Nat-Pasak irrigation canal. 

Low levels in a canal in the province of Saraburi northeast of Bangkok on Monday revealed a submerged car and a murder mystery which looks like it will keep Saraburi police busy. The car contained the skeletal remains of what is believed to be a 36-year-old Thai woman who went missing three years before after what her mother believes was a night with her lover, an elderly businessman in the Phra Phutthabat district of Saraburi.

On Monday 56-year-old Lanthom Wongsing (inset top left and right) was busy at the scene near a muddy canal in Nong Don district of Saraburi where her 36-year-old daughter’s Nissan Pulsar car was found after being missing for three years. The older Thai woman is certain that the skeletal remains found in a bedsheet in the badly damaged car were those of her beautiful 36-year-old daughter Klinkaysorn Wongsing (centre) who she believes was murdered.

The 56-year-old mother who has been searching for her missing daughter since 2016 came straight to the Nong Don district of Saraburi on Monday when it was revealed that her daughter’s Nissan Pulsar car and been found after a muddy canal’s water level dropped so low that the badly damaged vehicle was revealed. The car contained the skeletal remains of her daughter wrapped in a bedsheet which had been lodged in the left-hand back seat. Bone fragments were also found in the front seat.

Police accept it looks like an unresolved murder

Police were at the scene in force and have already accepted that they are probably looking a case of unresolved murder. Although police specialists suggest that it will take some time to formally identify the victim, it is believed to be the registered owner of the car, 36-year-old fertiliser sales and businesswoman Klinkaysorn Wongsing.

56-year-old mother on the scene on Monday

Her mother, 56-year-old Lanthom Wongsing from Lop Buri province made her position known to police at the scene on Monday and told police positively that it was her daughter. 

This was based on the personal accessories found in the vehicle including her daughter’s makeup kit and archly, silicone implants as her daughter had had breast enlargement surgery after her marriage ended. 

36 year old women involved romantically with an older man – police set to explore this lead

It is reported by local people in the Phra Phutthabat district where Klinkaysorn ran a steak shop as well as a Thai costume hire business that she was romantically involved with the key figure in a local fertiliser business, an older man after her marriage had ended. 

Reports suggest that the younger woman had fallen in love with the older man.

It is clear that as police begin their investigation into what has the appearance of murder, that they will be exploring this avenue of investigation.

Handgun found among contents of the submerged car

Police Colonel Saksit Wichian San, the Deputy Chief of the Provincial police Saraburi, was at the scene on Monday and readily accepted that it does look like this may be a murder case. 

Among many other items, police discovered a handgun in the car. Police forensics officers were busy on Monday controlling the scene and photographing the contents of the car.

Case investigation will present challenges

The top police officer, however, warned that the case will present challenges for investigating authorities as after 3 years submerged in the water and mud a lot of evidence will have been wiped clean from the scene.

He did, however, confirm that police will now begin interviewing all those concerned with the life and last reported movements of the victim.

Mother says the night her daughter went missing, she understood she was staying with her lover

On Monday, the mother of the assumed murder victim, Ms Lanthom revealed that she had recently entered the Phra Phutthabat temple after becoming so frustrated with the lack of progress in finding her missing daughter.

The older woman had even appealed to the Crime Suppression Division of the Thai police to intervene.

She was quick to suggest on Monday where her suspicions in the case lay. She told reporters that on the night her daughter went missing, she understood that she was spending the night with her elderly lover.

Ms Lathom briefed police on Monday

Police, however, have stressed that they have not yet confirmed the identity of the victim.

However, officers have suggested that it is looking likely to be the 36-year-old woman, the owner of the car. Later the mother of the assumed victim met with Saraburi police officers to brief them on what she knew.

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