A US man was arrested by police and sent for psychiatric evaluation after leaving a suspicious package designed to look like a bomb outside the American Embassy compound in Bangkok this morning. He was named as ex-marine Lucas William Mackemie.

A 35-year-old American teacher in Chonburi has been sent to a medical facility in Bangkok for a psychiatric evaluation after placing a suspect device near the US Embassy on Tuesday morning.

Scenes from Lumphini on Tuesday morning when 35-year-old Lucas William Mackemie was arrested for placing a suspicious package near the perimeter of the US embassy on Witthayu Road. The man was later delivered to a medical facility for a psychiatric evaluation.

A lunatic American man prompted a bomb scare outside the United States Embassy on Tuesday located on Witthayu Road in Lumphini.

The man was arrested at the scene after leaving what appeared to be a package designed to look suspicious and provoke alarm outside the perimeter of the diplomatic facility.

The incident occurred at 8.30 am.

35 year old named as Lucas William Mackemie

The 35-year-old American has been named as Lucas William Mackemie, whose background sources suggest, is that of an ex-marine. 

He was taken to Lumphini police station for questioning and was pictured at the scene grinning at the ruckus he had caused.

Bomb disposal team called to the scene

A bomb disposal team was called to the scene.

When they opened the package, a cardboard box with a syringe attached to a bottle of liquid, they found a Muay Thai doll, some clothing items and official papers. The package also contained batteries.

US man had a valid visa and was an English teacher

Police have confirmed that the man has a valid visa and official identification. His visa expires in June.

He is an English teacher working in Chonburi province. Police also found the man in possession of various quantities of medication contained in a large backpack which also contained a small plant and range of items such as a pair of scissors.

Background reports suggest the former marine suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder

Reports from sources suggest that Mr Mckemie suffers from a post-traumatic stress disorder condition.

He has been taken from Lumphini Police Station to the Somdet Chaopraya Institute of Psychiatry after police authorities ordered a mental health evaluation of the man.

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