46-year old David Mitchell threw his 56-year-old wife off an 8th-floor balcony in Rayong and shockingly, appears to have fled the province after his initial arrest by Ban Chang police. The Immigration Bureau chief disclosed this week that officers had tracked down the Brit in Bangkok after he tried to evade arrest several times by regularly switching hotels in the city.

A dangerously unstable British man has been rearrested in Bangkok and is facing multiple charges including the illegal detention and attempted murder of his wife after he threw the 56-year-old Thai woman from an 8th-floor balcony on the 28th of April. It appears that 46-year old David Mitchell somehow managed to take flight from Thai police in Rayong after his arrest there on Tuesday 28th April following a tense standoff with authorities after which he surrendered peacefully.

This week, the Head of Thailand’s Immigration Bureau briefed the press on the re-arrest of David Mitchell, the 46-year-old UK man who at the end of April, threw his Thai wife, Sukanda, from an 8th-floor balcony of an apartment by the sea in Rayong. He was arrested in Bangkok on a warrant issued by the Rayong Provincial Court and is charged with illegally detaining his wife and attempted murder.

A briefing in Wednesday recalled the story of British man David Mitchell who at the end of April in Rayong province, made news around the world for throwing his wife off an 8th-floor apartment balcony. He has now been arrested on charges after a warrant was issued by the provincial court in Rayong.

Mitchell, who on April 28th, was reported to have been arrested by police from Ban Chang, appears to have fled Rayong following the incident when he told local police that his actions were driven by his frustration over the Covid 19 lockdown.

Charged by the Rayong Provincial Court with illegal detention and attempted murder of his Thai wife

However, the briefing on Wednesday by the Head of the Immigration Bureau, Lieutenant General Sompong Chingduang, told a different story.

The top police officer referred to David Mitchell as David Marshall and explained that an arrest warrant for the UK man had been issued by Rayong Provincial Court on charges of detaining his Thai wife Sukanda against her will and also for attempted murder.

Mitchell threw her from the balcony of their 8th-floor condominium on April 28th last causing the man’s outrageous and despicable behaviour to make him notorious around the world.

Brit became angered when Thai woman threatened to leave him for another man says police chief

‘The incident took place on April 28 at Ban Chang Cliff Beach Condotel in Rayong,’ Lieutenant Sompong disclosed on Wednesday. ‘The victim survived, because her fall was broken by the balcony on the seventh floor, but suffered serious injuries. She also told officers that her husband had forcefully detained her in the room for several days.’

It appears that the UK man had flown into an uncontrollable rage after his 56-year-old wife had told him that she was leaving him for another man.

He told police that this revelation took him aback particularly when it came after he had transferred all his assets into her name.

Mitchell named by police at today’s briefing as David Marshall who was arrested at a Bangkok hotel

The Immigration Bureau chief revealed that Mitchell, also named as Marshall, was tracked down by Thai Immigration police using the country’s advanced biometric database system.

He was not taken in so easily.

Lieutenant General Sompong said his arrest came after he tried to escape police detection by moving from hotel to hotel in Bangkok.

‘Police reportedly tracked the suspect down to Baron Residence Hotel in Bangkok’s Soi Lad Phrao 130 using the biometric scanning system,’ the immigration bureau’s top officer concluded.

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