Police are hunting down the serial rapist who uses a knife and drugs to intimidate and control his victims after luring them on ‘pretty’ assignments with the promise of cash payments. The Reign of Terror in Bangkok and Chonburi has been ongoing since the end of 2020.

Police in Bangkok are trying to track down a serial rapist who has terrorised and raped at least 36 women in a campaign of terror that stretches back to the end of last year. Details of the appalling campaign of abuse and violence only came to light after one woman reported her ordeal to Bang Khun Thian Police Station on Monday, May 2nd last after experiencing a night of terror at the hands of the 39-year-old man who police suspect is being supported by at least one wealthy benefactor and who has already served time in prison.

One of the victims of the 39-year-old rapist shows his online picture to the media as police seek the arrest of Mr Denphum Wattanachotipinyo against whom 36 women have, so far, come forward online to make rape and abuse claims with reported incidents going back to the end of 2020. He has already served time in prison and was arrested in Nakhon Ratchasima in 2018 for the sexual abuse of a woman online. Since then he has progressed to physical abuse, torture and rape.

Police in Bangkok and Chonburi are hunting a monstrous sexual predator who is believed to be preying on Thai ‘pretties’ working within the ‘grey’ entertainment and hostess industry after police saw a trickle of complaints turn into an avalanche in a week after a young Thai woman reported her chilling story to the police at Bang Khun Thian Police Station on May 2nd last after an overnight ordeal at the hands of a man named as 39-year-old Denphum Wattanachotipinyo who is also known as ‘Joey’.

The man, who kidnaps and holds ‘pretty’ escorts against their will, targets his prey on social media particularly through the LINE chat network which is ubiquitous and extremely popular in Thailand.

Threatens the women on arrival at his apartment after he hires them out as ‘pretties’ using the LINE chat app

It is understood that Mr Denphum hires hotel bedrooms or luxury apartments on a daily rate and then lures the women to the venues with the promise of payments ranging from ฿3,000 up to ฿20,000 either for a few hours working ostensibly serving beer to friends or for overnight arrangements.

He then threatens the women on arrival with a fruit knife and forces them to consume crystal methamphetamine or ‘ice’ before stripping them and raping them repeatedly, sometimes throughout the night, while also filming the scenes on his smartphone.

Terrifies and compromises the women

The combination of recorded video clips, the forced use of illegal narcotics, shame about the nature of their activities as well as threats by the suspect to use his influence to have the women murdered if they speak out, had, up until last week, kept the man’s reign of terror, which appears to have started towards the end of last year, a secret from police authorities.

Officers, led by Police Lieutenant Colonel Chumpol Phurahong at Bang Khun Thian police, believe they have identified the man, who it is reported, was sent to prison in 2019 and who has criminal contacts with the underworld.

Receives a daily allowance from a relation according to police intelligence revealed about the suspect

Mr Denphum, reportedly, receives an allowance of between ฿1,000 to ฿1,500 from a step-parent which he uses to fund his bizarre and twisted lifestyle which has, so far, seen scores of Thai women traumatised by their harrowing experiences at his hands which has included rape with a knife, beatings, torture and violent threats of murder.

Pattaya woman recounts a night of horror in April at the hands of the ‘sex devil’ who lured her to hell

‘Feeling the pain of the event and remembering it until the day I die. Including not daring to accept a job. Today, I am still afraid to go anywhere. Besides going to study and going home. Because the scene persists in my head. As for the reason for the decision to not accept jobs.’

‘In the past, I only accepted a photoshoot with a price of four to five thousand baht and receive an entertainment job for the first time. Due to COVID-19, my parents are struggling. Together with having to be prepared to pay for tuition fees in the near term,’ explained a terrified woman, this week, in her own words, as she bravely came forward to report her incomprehensible ordeal at the hands of the sex devil on April 7th last.

Her concern over what people would think of her for engaging in this type of work is obvious and explains why this evil man has got away with his antics for so long.

Based in Pattaya and attending a third level institution there, the young woman accepted a job from Mr Denphum to entertain a purported Malaysian client at a hotel in Bangkok after being contacted by him on LINE where she was a member of a ‘Pretties’ group. 

The agreed fee for the overnight engagement came to ฿20,000 including travel expenses.

Duped her into paying herself for the hotel where she was to be raped and abused throughout the night

However, when the woman reached the hotel, there was no one to be found.

Contacting Mr Denphum, he asked her to book into the hotel herself and pay ฿500 as his client was running late and would reimburse her.

The next thing, the unfortunate woman heard a knock on the door.

At first, she thought it must have been a member of staff but when she opened it, she was confronted by Mr Denphum who produced a knife and held it to her neck warning her that any noise would result in her immediate death.

There followed a brutal all night rape during which, at one point, the sadist inserted a knife into her genitals causing bleeding and terrified her with his voiced resolution to murder her.

The woman reportedly begged for her life but was led to believe by the sadistic rapist that he was intent on killing her.

Scores of women have so far come forward

She is one of the scores of women who have come forward with some already giving statements to police about their ordeal following the experience of the first woman who reported an incident on May 3rd last with the earliest reports, which have just come in, dating from late 2020 with all incidents occurring in Bangkok and Chonburi.

Arrested by police in Nakhon Ratchasima in 2018

Police Lieutenant Colonel Chumphon in Bangkok has revealed that the suspect was arrested by police at Pak Thongchai Police Station in 2018 in Nakhon Ratchasima after he came to light falsely presenting himself as a talent scout for a famous TV show. 

The reported incident involved him asking a woman via a LINE chat to remove her clothing while surreptitiously recording the scene on his smartphone.

A 22-year-old woman studying at a Thonburi third level institution raised the alarm on May 3rd last

The initial report about the 39-year-old monster to reach police in Bangkok was filed after the experience of a university student who responded to a LINE call from what appeared to be an attractive woman, also a model, on Saturday, May 1st last inviting her to join her at a party which Denphum was hosting at a hotel in the southern district of Bang Khun Thian in Bangkok.

The woman told her that the client was a gentleman who spoke politely and gave generous tips. 

It is now understood that the call was placed by the suspect himself using a voice-altering device and false LINE profile.

The 22-year-old, who is a student at a prestigious Thonburi institute of education, arrived at the location, an upmarket apartment complex, to be greeted by Mr Denphum who was wearing Gucci shoes and dressed fashionably in long pants and a well-cut shirt.

Agreed to go up to his apartment

She acquiesced to accompanying him upstairs in the lift to the apartment where he turned on her as soon as the door closed behind them.

Again using a small knife to threaten his victim, he forced her to undress and consume drugs.

She told police that she was then raped repeatedly throughout the night without a condom by the suspect who made a string of video clips.

The next morning, finding him asleep, she retrieved her phone, clothes and his ID card and ran from the room.

The building security staff downstairs directed her to Bang Khun Thian Police Station.

LINE support group now attracting more and more complaints about the man within a special group

She also went public on a LINE chat group with her experience which has so far drawn 36 complaints about the suspect with the number steadily growing.

One woman reported that she was forced to sleep with Mr Denphum and another ‘pretty’, equally terrified, in the same bed while he later stole ฿5,000 from her wallet and forced her to transfer ฿2,000 to his bank account from her own.

Already jailed in 2019

Police have revealed that Mr Denphum was jailed in 2019 and that he appears to use taxis to move between locations.

He also targets women who he has already identified as having their own transport giving them flexible mobility and suggesting that they may be more likely to have access to cash.

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