A well-built foreigner attacked a young Thai gas station attendant early on Wednesday before then assaulting a cashier who intervened. Police are seeking an arrest warrant after CCTV footage captured the incident at the PTT station in the centre of Udon Thani.

A young Thai petrol station forecourt attendant was viciously attacked in the early hours of Wednesday morning. In short, the assailant was a well-built foreigner driving an SUV who appeared to be able to speak Thai. Staff at the PTT station on Udon Dusit Road recorded the incident on CCTV. In turn, a police complaint was filed and an investigation opened. Local police are in the process of seeking an arrest warrant from the Provincial Court.

25-year-old Jirawat Sunthorn, known as Tum, puts his hand on his bruised face (right). The young man was assaulted by an aggressive, well-built foreigner in the early hours of Wednesday morning at a PTT service station in Udon Thani in northern Thailand (inset).

Police in Udon Thani are on the hunt for a middle-aged foreigner driving an SUV who assaulted a Thai man on Wednesday.

Twenty-five-year-old Jirawat Sunthorn, or Tum, a gas station attendant at a local PTT Station, was pummelled by the angry foreigner in an early morning incident.

However, the cashier at the facility ensured that there was video footage.

Both station employees on duty early on Wednesday morning gave detailed statements to Udon Thani police after a criminal case was opened later on May 22nd

Both employees at the PTT Plc station located on Udon Dusit Road gave evidence to investigation officers. Significantly, the foreign man appeared to speak Thai with a northern inflection.

At approximately 6:50 am, the SUV pulled up on the forecourt of the service station. This is located in the Mak Khaeng subdistrict in the centre of Mueang Udon Thani.

Certainly, at the outset, there were signs of trouble. Mr Jirawat, or Tum, alerted the cashier inside to be on the lookout. This came after the foreign man began throwing rubbish from his vehicle on the ground.

Afterwards, noticing the attention he was attracting, he challenged the service station staff. In short, he used the Thai language.

He asked them what the problem was. In addition, he indicated that he was ‘Tormor,’ an expression used by locals to suggest an officer of the Immigration Bureau.

SUV appeared to be driving with red licence plates. After disposing of his garbage from his vehicle, the driver pulled up to the fuel pumps for a fill-up

Tum later told police that the SUV had red number plates on it issued in Udon Thani.

These ‘trade’ number plates are normally used by car dealerships. In short, the owner of the vehicle must seek permission to drive outside the province or at night.

Following this, the man drove his SUV to the gas pumps and ordered a fill-up.

In response, Tum asked him to open the petrol cap. However, the man appeared too busy speaking on his smartphone to notice.

After that, when he noticed the gas had not been put in his vehicle, he drove to the exit point.

Meanwhile, he got out and stormed at the 25-year-old gas pump attendant.

Using curse words in both English and Thai, he punched him twice on the right-hand side of the face. In addition, he punched the shocked young man in his arm, causing his wristwatch to come off.

Cashier on duty tried to intervene. After she came out, the foreign man set upon her too and forcefully punched her once on the right-hand side of her face

Thereupon, the cashier came outside and tried to intervene in order to protect the petrol station staff member. In turn, she was attacked by the foreign man.

She was punched on the right side of her head with such force that she was left stunned. After that, he withdrew to his vehicle, cursing loudly.

Both staff members at the station described the attacker as having white skin.

At the same time, he was stocky with a large frame and had a bald head. At length, they estimated he was 45 to 50 years old. Undoubtedly, he was an extremely aggressive individual.

Tum told police he drove towards the nearby Nong Khai Bypass intersection.

Cashier told reporters she had never encountered such a customer before at the busy service station. She insisted all workers must be treated with dignity

Ms Sirikarn Parawong told reporters she had worked at the PTT station for some seven months. Unquestionably, this was a one-off. She had never witnessed such behaviour from a customer before.

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‘I had seen foreigners assaulting Thai people on the news, even though they live in our country. Working as a gas station attendant is a job with dignity, just like any other person, and it’s an honest profession because they don’t beg from anyone. This shouldn’t have happened,’ she declared.

Police to seek arrest warrant

Following his ordeal, Mr Jirawat filed a formal complaint with Udon Thani Police Station.

In turn, officers sent him to Udon Thani Hospital for a physical examination. He was found to have swelling to the right-hand side of his face.

In addition, officers recovered the CCTV footage of the incident and took witness statements.

It is understood that an arrest warrant will be issued for the foreigner in due course.

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