Lanky motorbike rider charged at a woman with his motorbike in a dark and unlit area of Udon Thani city centre because she was working for a food delivery firm. The attack, by the man, caused further mayhem in the city on Saturday night, a community already suffering heightened anxiety following an outrage on December 5th when two young women were mortally wounded by a knife-wielding motorcyclist.

The black-clad motorbike night rider who terrified the northeastern city of Udon Thani on Saturday night last, for a twenty-minute period, has been apprehended. The man wounded a female food delivery driver with a fruit knife and later chased terrified civilians with a wooden implement. The attacker, a former delivery driver himself, told police that he did it because he felt cheated by a  similar delivery firm and was seeking revenge. Police also recovered drugs from where the man lived. Hours later on Monday, however, another incident was reported by a 24-year old woman who was accosted by a knife-wielding man on a motorbike.

(Centre) Udon Thani Police arrested 27-year-old Treephop Rodjui who attacked and wounded a 38-year-old woman during 20 minutes of terror which he inflicted on the city on Saturday night last. (Left and Right) 24-year-old Chawanlak Phattatrakul shows police where she was accosted by another knife-wielding man on a motorbike on Monday while riding home with her mother.

Thai police in Udon Thani have arrested the man who caused terror on Saturday night in the heart of the city when a female Grab motorbike delivery driver was stabbed in the right shoulder by an assailant dressed in black and riding a motorbike.

Police have named the man as 27-year old Treephop Rodjui whose escapades between 10.40 pm and 11.15 pm on Saturday night sparked fear, among people, out and about.

Part of the reason for this was the horrific attack on December 5th last by Mr Ithiphol Imphueng which the city is still recovering from.

Mr Ithiphol took the lives of two young women and injured five others after he inexplicably went berserk after stopping at traffic lights in the city nearly two weeks ago.

Charged with attacking and wonunding a 38-year-old food delivery driver in an unlit area of the city

Police revealed that the victim of the attacks last Saturday night, 38-year-old Ms Saifon Kha Luang, gave evidence that a man on a motorbike charged at her and even though she sped off on her own bike, she noticed, after making a delivery 500 metres from the place where she was attacked, that he had inflicted a bleeding wound with a slash to her right shoulder which later required stitches from a doctor at the scene.

The place where the attack took place was in an unlit part of the city near an intersection.

Lanky and wielding a big stick

Witnesses also told police on Saturday that the man attacked them with a big stick and that he appeared to be dressed in black and quite lanky.

At the culprit’s abode, investigating police retrieved a club, the motorbike used in the assault and 105 methamphetamine tablets.

They had earlier retrieved the blade of the knife used in the attack, which had broken off on impact with the woman, while investigating the scene on Saturday night.

Mr Treephop confessed to the crime and explained to police that he had been let go and cheated by a delivery firm in recent times.

He said that the sight of the food delivery rider triggered him into launching the violent and dangerous assault on the woman.

New attack on Monday evening

Udon Thani residents were further shaken on Monday evening when another woman reported that two men charged at her and her mother with a knife.

The young woman, named as 24-year-old Chawanlak Phattatrakul, took to social media to report that she and her mother had been attacked by yet another knifeman on a motorbike.

Mother and daughter had been motorcycling home when they were approached by another motorbike with two men aboard. One man, riding pillion, produced a knife and ordered them to stop.

However, she did the opposite and sped off to safety.

Police are investigating the new case as public uneasiness in the province has grown over the spate of attacks since the traumatic events of December 5th.

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