Harrowing and disturbing case of the brutal murder of a beautiful 18-year-old university student by her boyfriend. However, it appears that the couple were both linked to the rape in 2022 of a 14-year-old girl. 

An 18-year-old student at Rajabhat University was denied bail on Friday before Pathum Thani Provincial Court. He was charged with murder. It follows the grisly discovery of a young woman’s body on Wednesday morning in the province near a motorway. Furthermore, there are emerging, sinister revelations suggesting the accused murderer was previously charged with rape. Indeed the victim of this week’s murder, his girlfriend, was a key witness for the prosecution. In addition, he appears to have had a history of mental illness. On Friday, as grim details emerged following an autopsy on the victim, 18-year-old Zan or Mr Thanakorn was taken to be lodged at Pathum Thani Prison until at least June 18th next.

Chaotic scene on Thursday at Pak Khlong Rangsit Police Station where the accused 18-year-old identified as ‘Zan’ or Mr Thanakorn was taken when removed from the hospital. At times he was unresponsive and incapable of walking. On Friday, he was lodged at Pathum Thani Prison until at least June 18th by court order. (Sources: Khaosod and Pathum Thani Police)

An 18-year-old student studying at Phranakhon Rajabhat University was remanded by Pathum Thani Provincial Court on Friday after being arrested at a local hospital on Thursday on foot of an arrest warrant for murder.

Certainly, the story has horrified the country after it emerged on Wednesday.

This came following the discovery of the body of a young woman near a motorway in the province on Wednesday morning. The body was found near the Udon Ratthaya Expressway in Bang Phun Subdistrict in the centre of Pathum Thani.

18-year-old boyfriend murdered his girlfriend of 3 years by slashing her throat. He then cut off her hands. These were later discarded separately by him

At length, the woman appeared to have had her throat cut and windpipe severed. However, in another horror, her two hands had been cut off by her murderer. Afterwards, police responding to the case identified this person as her relationship partner.

Both were 18 years of age and had been dating each other for 3 years.

The suspect in the case was later that day found by police at a luxury home shared by the pair. In addition, police quickly learned that this was where the murder took place.

The victim has been identified as ‘Nong Ming’ or Ms Waranya. Certainly, she was known to be quite beautiful. Her killer and boyfriend was Mr Thanakorn, also known as ‘Zan’.

Pathum Thani police were called to the home together with emergency services.

There, they found the suspect naked and convulsing after he had tried to take his own life. In short, his brother, who lived at the residence, had been asked by his mother to check on his younger brother. He found him in this state following an overdose.

Older Brother provided the police with useful testimony in the case as they reacted to developments on Wednesday after the woman’s remains were discovered

The brother also told police that he overheard the couple arguing the night before.

Indeed, he ordered them to be quiet. He also recalled when he left for university the following day, his brother’s bike had stains similar to blood on it.

In the meantime, police located a witness to Mr Thanakorn’s efforts on Wednesday morning to dump and conceal the body.

49-year-old Thongdaeng Bonsungnern, a mechanic, was sleeping in his car between 4-5 am. In turn, he noted a black motorbike without number plates.

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The man appeared to have left something at an embankment under the motorway. At the same time, he had first tried to throw clumps of grass on it. After that, he emptied trash over a large wrapped object.

Killer told Mechanic it was ‘something I love’

The 49-year-old challenged the 18-year-old about his actions. He told him he would call the police. In short, he asked him what he was dumping. In reply, Mr Thanakorn exclaimed that it was ‘something I love’ and drove off.

The object was the body of the man’s girlfriend, wrapped in a grey duvet. At the same time, it was bound by belts used by Rajabhat University students. They were tied in several places on the waist, neck, and legs.

However, it appears that the severed hands of the body were dumped separately from the remains adjacent to a nearby temple. They were retrieved by police on Thursday.

Police in Rangsit arrested the suspect on Thursday at a local Pathum Thani hospital. They had to drag the quite reluctant man out of the care facility

Officers from Pak Khlong Rangsit Police Station are handling the case led by Police Lieutenant Colonel Atchara Kratuengngan, an Inspector in charge of the investigation. The case had been given priority by Pathum Thani Provincial Police Chief Police Lieutenant General Jirasan Kaewsaeng-ek.

On Wednesday, the accused was transferred to Krung Siam St. Carlos Hospital in Pathum Thani.

However, afterwards, there was a scene at the hospital on Thursday. This came about as the accused appeared unprepared to meet the police even though the doctor judged him fit for questioning.

At length, after nurses supplied him with his clothes, there was consternation as the 18-year-old killer pretended to be asleep.

At length, he was dragged out of the hospital by police officers and into a waiting service vehicle. After that, he was taken in for questioning at Pak Khlong Rangsit Police Station.

Senior police investigator on Friday asked for the accused to be held in custody until at least June 18th as police interviewed more witnesses in this case

On Friday, the accused was brought before Pathum Thani Provincial Court.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Atchara told the court that the 18-year-old had effectively admitted to the charges.

However, the police were still awaiting a confirmed report after an autopsy on Ms Waranya and wished to interview between 7-8 witnesses.

The senior officer asked for an extension to hold Mr Thanakorn or ‘Zan’ in custody until June 18th next. Certainly, also, he told the court that police would object to bail for the defendant before it.

Subsequently, Mr Thanakorn applied for bail. However, it was refused.

In short, the defendant was told that the charges were of both shocking and serious nature. Considering that the potential penalty for the crime is death, bail was out of the question.

Mr Thanakorn is charged with murder and concealment of a corpse.

Harrowing autopsy results point to appalling murder 

Afterwards, details of the autopsy conducted by the Institute of Forensics were released.

The unfortunate young girl died after her windpipe was severed by a sharp object. In effect, she drowned in her own blood which overpowered the lungs.

It is thought that later the accused cut off her hands in some perverse attempt to conceal her identity.

At the same time, sinister and disturbing revelations have emerged about the 18-year-old university student accused in this case.

Firstly, he is understood to have received psychiatric care at a mental institution previously. 

Disturbing information is emerging in relation to the past history and background of this murder suspect who was previously before the courts in May

Secondly, Mr Thanakorn is already before the courts charged with the violent rape of a then 14-year-old girl in 2022. At that time he was 16 years old.

The first hearing in the case was in May, with a subsequent hearing due in August. The man accused of this ghastly murder was already at large on bail.

Thirdly, the mother of the previous victim has come forward with disturbing and sinister details. Her testimony suggests that the accused murderer was assisted in that rape by this week’s victim, his girlfriend, Ms Waranya.

Murder victim treated as a witness by police but the mother of the 2022 victim alleges that she played a part in the rape of her daughter by orchestrating it

She has told reporters that her daughter owed a debt of ฿500 to Ms Waranya, who had sold her an old smartphone.

Later, she received a call from this week’s murder victim suggesting that they meet. Her daughter was told there was a way to earn the ฿500.

The young girl went to a secluded car park where she was eventually met by Mr Thanakorn on a motorbike.

According to the girl’s mother, Ms Waranya was also present, watching this unfold. Indeed, she was to act as a witness in the prosecution rather than an accomplice.

At length, Mr Thanakorn allegedly raped the young girl in a nearby park. In turn, the victim reported the crime and the case is still before the courts.

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