Police arrested the husband, hours later, at a filling station in Narathiwat province and have charged him with attempted murder after his wife and her lover were both hospitalised with serious knife wounds after the man went berserk with a knife on discovering the pair at the couple’s Hat Yai apartment.

A Thai man has been charged with attempted murder in Songkhla after discovering his wife in bed with a younger man in the early hours of New Year’s Eve.

A 35-year-old Thai man was arrested by police in Narathiwat province on Tuesday afternoon following a serious multiple stabbing incident in Hat Yai in the early hours of the morning. 

Rescue services attend to 35-year-old Ms Naj Chanchuen on New Year’s Eve following the frenetic stabbing attack which left her and her lover with injuries which required them to be hospitalised after her husband Niphit Rueksamut discovered them.

Police caught up with Niphit Rueksamut, from Chumphon province, after responding to reports of violence and injuries in Hat Yai at approximately 7 am on New Year’s Eve.

There, police and rescue services found two injured people 35-year-old Ms Naj Chanchuen from Ramon in Songkhla and 33-year-old Voraphong Rongnoo from the Na Mom area.

Wife and lover viciously attacked by husband

Both parties had been viciously attacked by Mr Niphit after he discovered the pair in his bed. Ms Naj was his wife and Mr Voraphong her lover. The woman’s husband saw red when he opened the door of the apartment they had rented since they were married over one year ago.

Woman lied to him, said she was visiting family

Mr Niphit told investigating police following his arrest that his wife had told him that she wanted to go away for a few days to visit relatives for the new year.

Mr Niphit told police that he stayed with his wife at their apartment in Hat Yai 2 to 3 nights a week. He had not thought anything about it and stayed at another location in Hat Yai near a local Makro.

However, Mr Niphit’s suspicions were aroused when he failed to make contact with his wife by telephone over the last few days. She did not answer his calls. 

Shocked to find his wife in bed with another man

On Tuesday morning, he went to the apartment they shared and was shocked on opening the door to find his wife in bed with a younger man.

In a fit of temper, the husband grabbed a knife in the room and attacked the two lovers in a frenzy. He stabbed them repeatedly before taking his leave of the room.

Rescue services responding to the scene immediately attended to the two stab victims.

Wife stabbed below the chin, lover in the abdomen

The man’s 35-year old wife received severe stab wounds to her arms and a dangerous wound just below her chin. Her 33-year-old lover meanwhile was suffering from wounds to his right abdomen and chest as well as cuts to his arm.

The pair, after receiving initial first aid and treatment, were dispatched to Hat Yai hospital.

Held in custody, charged with attempted murder

Police later caught up with Mr Niphit at a petrol filling station. He has been charged by police in Hat Yai with attempted murder.

The investigation into the attacks is being led by Police Lieutenant Colonel Somkiart Khamsuwan of Hat Yai police station where Mr Niphit is being held in custody pending legal proceedings against him.

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