Police allowed the killer to be questioned briefly by the media this week by audio link. They listened as he apologised and attempted to explain his actions. He has already been found to have lied to police about throwing the gold into a river in Singburi province. From the beginning, this outrage has been difficult to comprehend and the killer’s contradictory, false and outlandish statements since his arrest, including stating that he carried out the lethal robbery for kicks, only adds to the horror.

Thai police have caught the Lopburi gold robber and are now trying to make sense of the killer’s motives for the outrage on January 9th last. Police officers have already discovered the murderer blatantly lied to them over his disposal of the meagre amount of gold he took in exchange for three people’s lives.

39-year-old Prasittichai Khaokaew (left) was married three years ago to his wife who is also a teacher. She is reported to have gone into hiding this week amid the furore surrounding his arrest and the anger at his outrageous and senseless crime in which three people lost their lives including a two-year-old boy. Police are still trying to make sense of the man’s motives but it is not an easy task. The school director of a Singburi school has been charged with three counts of premeditated murder a crime which carries a mandatory death sentence.

During the week, police allowed the monster to speak to the media where he spun a fantastical and contradictory account of his murderous rampage on January 9th when for a few minutes at the Robinson Shopping centre, the man held the power of life and death over innocent people and exercised it with abandon.

Police officers have revealed that the school director of a primary school in Singburi province, arrested on Wednesday morning for the callous murder of three people including a 2-year old child, had debts of ฿2 million in loans owed to a teacher’s cooperative and the Krungthai Bank.

It has also come to light that the murderer, the son of an ex-police officer, came to police attention sometime back after purchasing an illegally imported Z4 luxury BMW car.

He had been driving the car before it was seized by authorities and the man was presented with a ฿600,000 fine.

When arrested on Wednesday, the killer was driving a Bangkok registered 5 series BMW car.

Gross salary of ฿30,000 per month and happily married three years ago to another teacher in Lopburi

The teacher, with a penchant for luxury lifestyle items, is reported to have had a salary of ฿30,000 per month and even that was before deductions making his net take-home pay even more meagre.

39-year-old Prasittichai Khaokaew was married three years ago to another teacher. Reports suggest that the young professional couple were happy together living in Lopburi province.

The killer’s wife, a beautiful young woman, has also become a victim of the outrage and is now reported to have gone into hiding after becoming the subject of vicious online harassment and threats.

Master of death and lies

The pronouncements of the gold shop murderer and child killer in recent days continue to raise questions about the man’s actions and, of course, his character.

It is often said that where there are lies, there follows murder and death and this man appears to be a master of both.

Lied about throwing gold into the Chao Phraya river

This week, after 5 hours of a police search conducted on the Chao Phraya river in Singburi on Thursday led in person by National Police Chief General Chakthip Chaijinda, it emerged from intense questioning of the man that gold the was, in fact, hidden in the structure of a car roof at the home of the suspect’s father.

Police took the suspect to his father’s home

Police took the suspect to the property on Thursday evening and he directed them as an officer climbed on to the roof. He first took out a straw plug and then withdrew what appears to be two black bags carefully fastened with laces. 

They contained 31 gold necklaces, the price of the lives of three people including two-year-old Titan or Paunwch Wongyai, thirty-one-year-old Thidarat Thongthip, the young staff member at the Aurora Shop and thirty-three-year-old security guard Teerachat Nimma who died within seconds of the robbery on January 9th. 

Killer allowed to speak with the press by audio link 

The killer was allowed, on the order of the police chief on Friday, to speak to the press after he was taken to Bangkok. His weaselling, contradictory statements as he projected himself as a reasonable human being were revolting to hear.

Lord of Death and Mayhem contradicted himself

He told the press that he had used the sophisticated silencer fitted to his gun as he did not want to frighten people at the Robinson Shopping Centre when for a few minutes on January 9th he became the Lord of Death and Mayhem.

‘I wanted to soften the noise because I did not want to frighten people,’ he said.

At the same time, he chillingly revealed that he had to kill the security guard, thirty-three-year-old Mr Teerachat, to frighten people out of his way.

Explained that he killed the gold shop staff member because his finger got stuck on the trigger

He told the incredulous media via an audio link that as he fired the gun with the expensive silencer fitted, his gloved finger got stuck on the trigger.

This is how he explained away the death of thirty-one-year-old Ms Thidarat who met her end in a hail of bullets as did the two-year-old boy, Panuwish Wongyai, who was hit by a stray round.

He then blithely went on to claim that he continued shooting out of instinct causing four more people were seriously wounded by his gun fitted with a silencer.

Surreal and sickening to hear his excuse and apologies or killing the two-year-old boy and shop assistant

Most sickening of all to hear where the man’s expression of regret for killing the two-year-old boy as he spoke to the media about his vile actions.

He said that he regretted the action and even apologised to the dead boy.

‘I felt guilty every time I saw news coverage. My apologies to Nong Titan and the gold shop employee. I was thinking about surrendering to police today after completing a school function,’ he said.

Police traced the killer through the gun silencer used in the attack to a Samut Sakhon firearms dealer

Police have revealed that the silencer used on the man’s guns proved a key clue to his identification and eventual arrest.

Police had last week said they had identified 13 of the same sophisticated guns of Czech origin in Singburi province. One of the owners was Mr Prasittchai’s father, an ex-policeman.

Firearms dealer only sold one such unit to a customer in Lopburi and it was the head teacher’s order

Police examined what looked like a locally-made silencer on the gun with markings and luckily through enquiries made by the elite Crime Suppression Police Division, found a firearms dealer who recognised it as one of his own. 

The dealer from Samut Sakhon also revealed to police that he had only had one order for such a unit from Lopburi which was from the main suspect, Mr Prasittchai.

Charged with premeditated murder

39-year-old Prasittichai Khaokaew has already been charged by police with three counts of premeditated murder.

It is a legal offence that carries the death penalty except the suspect has fully admitted the crime which may will help mitigate his sentence.

However, judges have recently found in some cases that the crime was so heinous that the death penalty ultimately had to be imposed even with a confession.

Police thought to be planning a crime reenactment

It is reported that there are plans to fly the killer back to Lopburi from Bangkok to take part in a crime reenactment.

This is a key element of the criminal prosecution process for the Thai police which is sometimes compromised in sensitive situations, like this, where anger towards the perpetrator is running high.

Fo now, most people are satisfied that the police have caught the evil killer. People now want to see him brought before the court, properly punished for his crimes and his lies finally silenced.

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