Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan ocha also sent a letter to his counterpart Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Friday as the Speaker of the House, Chuan Leekpai, too wrote to his opposite number.

The Thai King has sent a telegram to Chinese President Xi Jinping expressing his sympathy and support for the Chinese people and its leadership at this time of crisis. The Prime Minister and the Speaker of the House of Representatives have also sent communications.

The Thai King sent a warm telegram to Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday expressing solidarity and support for China during the challenge posed by the coronavirus outbreak. A letter was also sent by the Thai Prime Minister, Prayut Chan ocha to his counterpart, Premier Li Keqiang, in Beijing.

Thailand’s King Maha Vajiralongkorn sent a telegram to Chinese President Xi Jinping in which he expressed his deepest sympathy to the Chinese leader over the devastating coronavirus outbreak that has inflicted hardship and suffering on Thailand’s close neighbour.

His Majesty expressed his consternation and anguish at both the broad scope of the outbreak and the deep impact it was having on the Chinese people.

Monarch expressed admiration for the leadership shown by Chinse authorities in fighting the virus

The monarch expressed his admiration for the determination shown by the Chinese people and its leadership in tackling the crisis and applauded the wide-ranging and thorough efforts being made to bring the threat to heel.

The King took the opportunity to pledge his continued solidarity with the Chinese people and leadership. His Majesty expressed a desire to see a successful outcome brought about by China’s leadership under President Xi.

Prime Minister sent a letter of support and encouragement to Chinese Premier Li Keqiang

A letter was also sent on Friday by Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan ocha addressed to the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang who leads the communist nation’s state council. 

The PM expressed his sincere sympathy and condolences to China on behalf of the Thai government.

General Prayut underlined the close friendship and ties between China and Thailand that were now in place.

He told the Chinese premier that he expected China to emerge from the current test strengthened.

Thanked the Chinese leader for taking care of Thai nationals stranded in locked-down city of Wuhan

The prime minister used his letter to thank Premier Li for the care and consideration shown to The nationals cut off in Wuhan and other areas of the country which are locked down because of the virus outbreak.

The Thai government leader also emphasised that Thailand was ready to assist Chinese authorities in any way possible at this time of crisis.

Thai Speaker also shows support for his counterpart in Beijing and looked forward to a speedy resolution

A third letter was sent by the Speaker of Thailand’s House of Representatives, Chuan Leekpai, to the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the People’s National Congress.

The Thai Speaker also expressed his sympathy to the Chinese leadership due to the current outbreak but also his personal confidence that the decisive measures being deployed by China will overcome the problem.

He said, that during the outbreak, his wish was for the Chinese people to stay safe from harm and that the crisis will soon be over. He underlined the support of the Thai people towards China during this challenging time. 

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