The 57-year-old officer’s son has revealed that his father had previously called off the relationship with the woman, reported to be a fortune teller after he discovered that she was still married. However, in recent months, the affair had reflowered after the officer was transferred back to Kalasin province.

The Thai wife of a senior police officer with the Crime Suppression Division in Kalasin, who was murdered on Sunday evening, following which his genitals were severed by his killer, has called for the murderer to be put to death. A 45-year-old suspect was arrested on Monday morning and is being held in custody. He is the husband of a woman whom the policeman had resumed an affair with, in recent times.

The main suspect in the case is the cuckolded husband of the woman the senior police officer had resumed an affair with after returning to duty in Kalasin province some months ago. Police arrested 45-year-old Amornlak Jitkoh (centre) hours after the body of 57-year-old Police Lieutenant Colonel Jamras Dolchua (inset) was found lying face up with 23 stab wounds and his genitalia severed in a wooden house.

Thai police on Monday revealed details of a gruesome murder of a senior police officer believed to have been carried out by the husband of the woman he was having an affair with.

On Monday morning before 1.30 am, police in Kamalasai district in Kalasin were notified of a fire and a murder at a wooden house in Ban Noi Pattana.

Villagers extinguished a fire in the village on Sunday night and only later discovered the gruesome secret

Villagers had extinguished a fire at the home on Sunday evening including an effort to set a white Toyota Fortuner SUV alight in front of the structure.

Once under control, inside, they discovered the body of the senior police officer named as Police Lieutenant Colonel Jamras Dolchua who was an officer with the Crime Suppression Division attached to Rong Kham police station in Kalasin.

57-year-old officer lying face up with vicious wounds

The 57-year old officer was found surrounded by blood which had seeped into the ground around his body. He was dressed in yellow black pants and a black T-shirt and was lying face up.

Stunned observers beheld a gruesome sight as the body was covered in vicious wounds. The man’s genitals had also been slashed off. 

Suspect is 45-year-old cuckolded husband ‘Archie’ 

Police at the scene quickly identified the main suspect as 45-year-old Amornlak Jitkoh also known as ‘Archie’ who was the cuckolded husband of the woman that the police officer had resumed an affair with, in recent times.

Son confirmed his father’s liaison with the woman

The son of the policeman told investigating officers that his father had for quite a while been having an affair with what he thought was a divorced woman in that village who is also reported to be a well-known fortune teller. 

However, when his father found out that she was still married to the younger man, he ended the affair for a while but had returned to her recently.

The policeman still lived with his wife but was known to spend nights the wooden house and more regularly, at another location in Kalasin.

70-year-old witness heard burning, raised the alarm

A witness to some of the events the village of Ban Nam Jang was 70-year old Pradit Srichat.

He told police that he had been watching TV in his home at 9 pm last Sunday when he detected a burning smell. He came out to find flames behind the police man’s car and the wooden home.

Mr Pradit said there had been a festival in the village and that a police officer was already there to help keep security. He noticed that there were three beer cans at the front of the house.

Neighbours extinguished the flames, later discovered the body inside the wooden village house

Someone had used old leaves and oil to start the fire at various places near the wooden house and the car.

Neighbours quickly extinguished the fires.

They sent word for the police and attempted to contact the owner of the damaged house. This was before they discovered the body inside the structure.

Police quickly located and arrested the suspect

When police and rescue services arrived early on Monday morning the police set up a command centre to begin a hunt for the suspect.

They were able to track him with the use of CCTV and saw him entering a forest area in Nakhon Ratchasima’s Sida district.

The 45-year-old suspect, described by many locals as a friendly and accommodating man before last night’s incident, was convinced to surrender.

Man in custody, police pursuing their investigation

Police told the media on Monday that they were holding the man in custody as their investigation into the atrocity continues.

One of the things they would like to know from the main suspect is how he disposed of the victim’s genitals.

The investigation and prosecution of the case are being led by Major General Somnuk Mickwal, the police chief in Kalasin province.

Murderer waited near the toilet at the back of the home and hit the victim over the head with an object

Police believe that the killer waited near the toilet at the back of the house for the officer to come out.

He then hit him with a blunt object over the head before using a knife to kill him with blows to the neck and chest area.

In all, the police officer suffered 23 wounds with knife stabs to the thighs and the buttocks as well as the violent removal of his sexual organs.

Policeman’s wife shocked at the murder

The wife of the 57-year-old victim said she had been informed of the murder of her husband by her son who forewarned her the there would be enquiries into his father’s personal life.

She said her first reaction was one of shock that someone could do this to her loved one as he did not have a quarrel or a feud with any other party.

Her husband had served in that area of Kalasin before being moved to Maha Sarakham province. However, two months ago, he was transferred back to Kalasin at Rong Kham police station.

Woman is aware that the motive was sexual but has called for the death penalty for her husband’s killer

She confirmed that she was still living with the senior police officer as man and wife.

She was aware that the murder involved a sexual aspect but would rather let the police investigate the case and find out what happened to her spouse.

She called for the death penalty to be imposed on the killer for his cruel and callous actions.

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