PHUKET: The sentence handed down to 18 teenagers in Ayutthaya should let the Phuket party crew know what is in store when they come before the courts. Police in Udon Thani on Thursday arrested 12 debt collectors drinking and carousing in the province. Police reinforcements were called as the low lives resisted arrest after they could scarcely believe they were being locked up for organising a party. They now face jail for defying the emergency order and also the local police.

A group of foreigners busted by police in Phuket for organising a rooftop party with alcohol and drugs could be facing a stiff prison sentence if the jail time handed down to 18 Thai party-goers arrested on a barge on Monday is anything to go by. 16 of the party people were sent away for four months on Friday for similar offences while two got off lightly with a prison sentence of just one month. The defendants were indicted by prosecutors on Thursday and sentenced by the court on Friday.

Scenes from the raid on a rooftop party in Phuket on Wednesday night in which 14 people were arrested, nine of them foreigners. They were found to be in breach of the state of emergency decree and are being held in custody facing charges. On Friday, a Thai court sentenced 16 Thai party-goers in Ayutthaya province to 4 months in prison for a similar offence on Monday in the Bang Sai area where a party on a raft was raided with drugs and alcohol found.

All 14 of the Phuket party crew are already in custody following their disobedient and flagrant defiance of the law. It is a situation that both Thais and foreigners living in Thailand cannot, at this stage, condone or have any sympathy for.

On Friday, Thai officials showed their teeth in the face of mounting reports of breaches of the State of Emergency declared on March 26th and other orders issued at both national and local level, when 18 teenagers were jailed for terms ranging from 1 month to 4 months for flouting the law.

18 teenagers arrested on a raft in Ayutthaya province

The group were arrested on Monday in Ayutthaya province when concerned neighbours reported their irresponsible and outrageous behaviour to the police.

Police located the party on a floating raft on the river and also found quantities of drugs and alcohol at the scene.

All were taken into custody by stern-faced officers and today they have all paid the price and were transported to prison.

Most have been sent to prison for 4 months

Only two of the offenders were spared a four-month sentence and sent to prison for one month while the larger group of the party pack have been sent away for 4 months behind bars where self-isolating may not pose such a problem.

Huge police and military crackdown to save lives because that is what is at stake with these efforts

A huge crackdown is underway throughout the kingdom with police and security services mobilised to enforce the emergency provisions.

This is not a matter of being party poopers but one of saving lives as the country struggles against an invisible and deadly enemy that must be defeated.

The curfew that came into effect on Friday is being enforced and coordinated by the security forces under the Royal Thai Army overseen by General Pornpipat Benyasri, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and also Thailand’s security chief during the current state of emergency.

Drinking party of debt collectors ends in violent mass arrest in Udon Thani after going home party

On Thursday, police broke up a drinking party in Udon Thani.

The men at the private social gathering were debt collectors whose work has been suspended because of the virus and the damage they pose to others in their pursuit of those who owe money at this time.

They had gathered together in Soi Samakkhi in the Ban Na Sai area of the province before they returned to their respective provinces of Nakhon Ratchasima, Chaiyaphum, and Uthai Thani.

There were 12 men in total at the gathering of debt collecting brothers.

Men could not believe their ears when police arrived and told them they were being arrested

Police arrived to arrest the merry band following reports of the party to local police. It appears that the men were celebrating with loud music. 

At the scene, the men could not believe that they were being arrested by police officers on the spot for having a party indoors. But the police were adamant and unforgiving.

There are no second chances for beaching state of emergency orders.

The men resisted arrest only to be overpowered by force and taken away. Police had to call for reinforcement to enforce the law and have their way.

The men now face the real prospect of jail not only for flouting the law but also resisting arrest.

Party Time in Thailand is over

Thailand began its first night under curfew on Friday at 10 pm as authorities have made the situation abundantly clear. 

Party time in Thailand is over until this coronavirus is defeated and the state of emergency lifted. Those breaking the law will find themselves partying behind bars.

The new regime covers everyone in Thailand from young to old, from foreigners to Thais alike.

However, some foreigners in Thailand do not seem to be getting the message and for some, it is difficult. For certain foreigners, particularly young adults in the kingdom, this is their raison d’etre for being in Thailand in the first place.

They include both men and women and quite a few in Phuket which has closed itself off in recent days to help defend the population against this deadly disease.

Police raid a Phuket rooftop party on Wednesday and catch foreigners and Thais red-handed

In Phuket on Wednesday, Thai police broke up a party consisting of nine foreigners and five Thai women on the rooftop of an apartment.

The gathering was a violation of the state of emergency where social gatherings are explicitly prohibited. In addition, local orders issued by the Governor of Phuket were also violated by the activity.

Officers raided the apartment and found quantities of alcohol and drugs at the scene. This included under 1 gramme of cocaine and 4 grammes of cannabis. 

14 party animals face jail when they come before the courts in Phuket for blatant breach of the law

The 14 people who attended the party were all named by police authorities this week and are being charged under the emergency laws for violation of the decree.

Based on the sentence handed down by a Thai court in recent days, linked to the raft party on the Chao Phraya River in Bang Sai, Ayutthaya, they can expect to spend time in prison for their party fun.

Three UK nationals thumbed their noses at Thai law and the welfare of everybody in the kingdom

The UK nationals who thumbed their noses at Thailand’s law and the danger to others posed by this virus were 23 year old Oliver Hoskins, 22-year-old Alan Jones and 29-year-old Stuart Mc Donough.

There was one American found flouting the law and making a mockery of the crisis that has seen thousands die in the United States. He was 32-year-old, Russell Robertson. 

There were four Ukrainians among the party pack. 

These were 27-year-old Zakharov Andriiand, Petriv Tetiana of the same age. The lawbreaking group also included 22-year-old Chala Anastasiia and 31-year-old Semko Iana.

Thai women found dressed for a pool party

Five Thai women were found at the scene, some of them wearing swimming suits.

This rooftop venue has a small swimming pool.

These were 31 years old Nida Usen and 33-year-old Wararin Jaidee from Satun province in Southern Thailand. The party women also included 36-year-old Boonchanok Roongruang, 28-year-old Supika Kitdee and 23-year-old Narumon Thuadao from Nakhon Si Thammarat.

Last week up to 30 people were arrested for cavorting poolside at a luxury hotel in Chiang Rai 

The raid on Wednesday follows one last week in Chiang Rai where up to 30 people engaged in partying and sex activities. 

They were found by a large police force at a poolside party in a luxury hotel although officers found half a dozen people in a number of bedrooms in a state of undress.

Police recovered large quantities of drugs and alcohol from the scene as well as ฿237,000 belonging to the 24-year-old party organiser named as Mr Niran Emsawan from Trat province.

The raid involved a large task force composed of provincial officials and police from Ban Du Police Station in Chiang Rai.

All those involved faced charges for breach of the emergency decree. Police reported that some may face further criminal charges as they launched an investigation into the nature of the party, the quantity of drugs provided and the nature of the cash found.

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