CHIANG RAI: Police are investigating the source of nearly ฿237,000 found in cash at the scene and the large quantities of illegal drugs found. Police were reported to be examining evidence and interviewing those arrested to establish the nature of the event which already countermanded emergency orders in the state of emergency. Thailand announced 143 new infections on Sunday with one further death.

Thailand announced 143 new infections Sunday with one more death, a man from Nonthaburi who attended the now-infamous boxing meet at the city in early March. The government is concerned by the latest jump in infections and has questioned efforts being made by the public at social distancing. Thai police on Friday night brought a poolside party involving illegal drugs, alcohol and sex at a luxury hotel in Chiang Rai to an abrupt halt when police raided the event in force. The party had been organised online by a 24-year-old man from Trat province. 

Police officers who were part of a large Chiang Rai task force which raided a luxury hotel in the city on Friday night and found 20 to 30 young adults engaged in a sex and drugs party by the pool. The 24-year-old organiser of the event was found with ฿237,000. Police also found large quantities of illegal class 1 and class 2 drugs.

Amid the coronavirus emergency, Thai residents in the centre in Chiang Rai reported to police on Friday about loud and raucous noises from what appeared to be a party at a local hotel.

This led to a police raid involving the Chiang Rai Special Operations Unit in association with the local administration in Chiang Rai and 30 police officers from Ban Du police station.

The raid was led by Colonel Pasakorn Na Phikun of Ban Du Police.

Location of the raid a luxury hotel in the centre of Chiang Rai, police directed there by locals

The location of the raid was a luxury hotel situated in the centre of Chiang Rai and several rooms adjacent to a swimming pool.

There, police found up to 12 women and 10 men, all between 20 and 30 years of age, frolicking near the swimming pool.

After the officers moved in, they found some bedrooms with partygoers engaged in sexual activity and in a state of undress.

Large quantities of alcohol and illegal drugs found

Police recovered large quantities of alcohol and a range of drugs at the scene including ketamine, a popular party drug and the deadly crystal methamphetamine substance.

The party had been ongoing at the suite of rooms since Thursday 26th of March, the day that Thailand’s declared state of emergency over the coronavirus crisis came into effect.

Those involved were arrested by police for breaching the terms of the state of emergency and other orders laid down under the Communicable Diseases Act of 2015.

24-year-old Thai man from Trat was the promoter of the event, police found that he had ฿237,000 in cash

The organiser of the party was named by police as 24-year-old Niran Emsawan from Trat province.

Police discovered that the young man had in his possession ฿237,000 in cash at the scene of the party which consisted of 3 large rooms at the luxury hotel.

Drug distribution charges under consideration

Reports suggest that the young man had booked and paid for the rooms and then invited his friends to party on Thursday and Friday night.

Based on the quantities of type 1 and type 2 illegal substances found at the scene, police are also looking at bringing charges in relation to the distribution of illegal narcotics.

All party-goers arrested and taken to Ban Du police station where a criminal investigation continued

The suspects were all arrested at the scene and taken to Ban Du police station where the investigation into the party is ongoing. 

It is reported that criminal charges will be brought against at least some if not all of those involved. The party organiser had promoted the party online.

Police also confiscated smartphones at the scene and are examining these as part of their investigation into the nature of the party.

Second night of a two-day party, many tested positive for illegal drugs as well as being inebriated

It was the second night of the event and the participants had come from many different provinces to socialise and party, oblivious to the current Covid 19 emergency and the orders in place under the state of emergency declared on Thursday.

Police are also investigating the source of the cash belonging to Mr Niran as part of their enquiries.

They reported that nearly all the party goers tested positive for illegal narcotics and many were inebriated when officers swooped on the gathering.

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