46-year old Neil Henry Elliot is facing a murder charge and possible death penalty. The grainy CCTV footage of Pattaya’s red-light area appears to show the Thai sex worker Ms Ornn reticent about riding on the back of the British man’s Kawasaki motorbike. Police have asked the public for help as they brought the killer back to reenact the crime on Friday.

Thai police released an eerie video of a Thai woman being picked up in Pattaya’s redlight district on Wednesday night by a British man and being driven away to his home where she was later brutally murdered with a snooker cue and 60 cm machete.

Police in Pattaya is asking for help from the public as they finalise their investigation into the brutal murder of a sex worker early on Thursday morning at the home of UK man Neil Henry Elliot in Bang Lamung. They have released a grainy CCTV video of the man who murdered the women picking her up on Soi Buakhao in the city’s red-light area on Wednesday night. They also, on Friday, brought Mr Elliot back to the scene to retrace his steps from that point.

Thai police in Pattaya released grainy black and white CCTV footage on Friday as part of their investigation into the brutal murder of a Thai prostitute by a British man from County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The eerie footage shows the woman acting somewhat reticently as the Brit guns his motorbike and she gets ready to hop on behind him.

He was taking her to her death which occurred after both of them indulged in the powerful Yaba drug, the methamphetamine based substance which daily causes harrowing grief for families throughout Thailand. 

Sex worker and her family another victim of brutal crime linked to the evil Yaba methamphetamine drug

Today was no exception for the family and friends of Ms Onn.

The Thai woman was trying to earn some money during the lockdown of Pattaya’s nightlife industry. In Pattaya’s normally thriving nightlife scene, working girls can relatively safely earn fortunes by Thai standards.

For now, however, the industry has shuddered to a halt and faces an uncertain future due to the coronavirus crisis.

Ms Onn got on the motorbike and it drove off at approximately 9.15 pm last night from Soi Buakhao in Pattaya’s red-light area which in recent weeks, has become something like a sex zone in western cities.

British killer drive her away on a Kawasaki motorbike he later crashed on Thursday after the murder

In the video from Wednesday night, Elliot was riding the Kawasaki motorbike that he later crashed not long after murdering his house guest. 

Police had detained the man and brought him to a local hospital unaware of the murder. The crazed man later revealed what he had done to shocked medics.

This led to his arrest at the small villa property which he was renting in Eakmongkol village in Bang Lamung. Police had brought him there and quickly discovered the murder. 

Pattaya police appeal to the public for assistance

Although Elliot has confessed to murdering the woman and explained himself to investigating police officers, the investigation chief, Police Colonel Chiddecha Songhong, has appealed to the public in Pattaya for help as the force pieces together exactly what happened.

Sex worker was standing next to another redlight worker wearing a short dress and runners

The footage released to the media is from a premises across the road from where Mr Elliot picked up the Thai woman working as a prostitute.

The video shows her standing with another sex worker in a short dress and trainers.

Police escorted the killer back to the scene on Friday to reenact the crime which began on Wednesday night

The investigation team showed pictures of Elliot accompanying them on Friday as he retraced his fatal steps last Wednesday night.

This is an essential part of all Thai police investigations aimed at jogging the memory of the public and encouraging the accused to explain how the crime took place and provide full details.

It is being reported that Elliot was a motorbike fanatic and one social media picture of him shows him wearing a Kawasaki T-Shirt.

British man could face the death penalty despite his admission of guilt and cooperation with police

Mr Elliot could, in theory, face the death penalty for his crime.

The inducement of illegal narcotics will be no defence but police and prosecutors may take into account his cooperation, guilty plea and state of mind as mitigating factors. 

However, Thai courts in recent judgment have held some crimes of a similar nature when women have been brutally murdered to be so heinous that even such candour and honesty from the accused man or the influence of a mind-altering substance, is not sufficient to avoid the ultimate penalty.

One thing is certainly for sure, it will be a long time, if ever, before Mr Elliot rides a motorbike again. 

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