46-year-old Northern Ireland man Neil Henry Elliott picked up a woman on Soi Buakhao in Pattaya just before curfew on Wednesday night. Hours later, he murdered the woman at his rented home in Eakmongkol village in Bang Lamung. Police discovered the murder when the crazed man admitted the killing to medics treating him following a motorbike accident.

A drug-crazed British man from Northern Ireland murdered a Pattaya prostitute in the early hours of Thursday after the pair quarrelled following a private party that turned bitter and violent.

46-year killer Neil Henry Elliot from Northern Ireland, as he was taken from the villa-style property on Thursday morning. He led police to the rented home in the Bang Lamung area of the resort city after admitting to hospital personnel earlier that he had murdered a Pattaya prostitute at his home. He told police that after a party at his home turned sour, the couple engaged in a physical struggle.

A 46-year-old man from Northern Ireland, Neil Henry Elliott, a British national, was arrested on Thursday and is being held on suspicion of murder after police discovered the body of a 35 to a 40-year-old woman in the bathroom of his rented house at Eakmongkol Village in the Bang Lamung area of Pattaya.

Police were alerted to the murder after Mr Elliot confessed to medical staff at a nearby facility that he had killed the Thai woman.

Detained by police and brought for medical treatment following a motorbike smash after leaving his home

He had earlier been detained by police and brought for treatment after crashing a motorbike on Thursday morning after leaving his home following the incident.

His admission led to hospital staff alerting police who after hearing his story, took him back to the villa residence in Eakmongkol.

Police quickly discovered a murder scene

Police officers, on entering the home, quickly discovered evidence of a violent struggle all over the living room. They found the Thai woman, a sex worker named as Ms Onn, in the bathroom of the property. 

The woman had suffered multiple injuries.

Police quickly discovered a machete lying on top of a covered snooker table and a broken snooker cue on the floor.

Arrested at the scene and taken to Bang Lamung police station in chains in the back of a police pickup

Elliot was arrested at the scene, handcuffed and thrown into the back of a police pickup.

He was transported back to Bang Lamung police station for questioning.

He admitted the murder from the outset.

He explained to police that he had picked up Ms Onn on Soi Buakhao in Pattaya where she was working as a prostitute.

Pattaya’s nightlife is currently locked down

Pattaya, famous for its vibrant nightlife, is currently locked down with a 10 pm to 4 pm curfew in place. 

There are still thousands of expats living in Pattaya joined by an even larger group of stranded tourists from all over the world. Many of them are stranded on short term visas

Party turned sour and bitter as the pair used the dangerous methamphetamine based yaba drug

The Thai woman, on Wednesday night, accompanied Mr Elliot back to his home. It is understood that they both took the highly dangerous and powerful methamphetamine based drug known as Yaba.

Later in the early hours of the morning, however, a dispute arose between Mr Elliot and Ms Onn in which he went to beat her with a snooker cue. This broke and he then grabbed a machete which he used to murder the woman.

He told police that a struggle between the two had ensued and he lost control of his response leading to her death.

Murder investigation underway

Police are currently holding the UK man at Bang Lamung station having commenced a full investigation into the murder including a forensic examination of the scene and search of the house.

The media was briefed on Thursday by Police Colonel Chiddecha Songhong.

‘The suspect met her on Soi Buakhao and took her home. He said they both used drugs which led to chaos and he attacked her until she was dead.’

Northern Ireland flag found draped over the entrance to the single-storey property where the woman died

Police at the house also discovered a Northern Ireland or Ulster Flag draped over the entrance to the single-storey property where the woman met her death. Mr Elliiot is originally from County Fermanagh in the northern province of Ireland which is still part of the United Kingdom.

Colonel Chiddecha confirmed that Mr Elliot had confessed to the crime but police are anxious to establish his correct identity.

‘A snooker cue was broken and a knife about 60cm with blood stains was on the floor,’ he said about the scene of the vicious assault.

‘We have not found his identification documents yet but he has admitted his crime. He will be remanded at the station for interrogation while the officers will search his house thoroughly again,’ he explained.

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