Police Lieutenant General Thiti Saengsawang assigned the case to a team including trainee police given the priority to protect the country’s foreign tourism trade and the damage caused by the 30-year-old transgender woman to the country’s image abroad. 

A 30-year-old transgender woman who turned over a Danish businessman after meeting up at a leading Bangkok hotel in the Sukhumvit area of the city and later attempted to blackmail him was arrested on Wednesday by an investigative unit assigned by the city’s police chief to crack the case.

Members of the police investigative team with the Metropolitan Police Bureau this week interrogated the transgender suspect who admitted to charges of theft at night and illegally using the victim’s credit card after a rendezvous at a top hotel in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok on Saturday, August 19th last.

Thai police in Bangkok, on Wednesday, arrested a 30-year-old transgender woman on charges of theft and blackmail after spending the night with a Danish tourist on Saturday, August 19th last.

The case was assigned priority status by Police Lieutenant General Thiti Saengsawang Tee Tee Sang, the Commander-in-Chief of the Metropolitan Police Bureau after the victim made a formal complaint to officers in the capital.

Trans woman who has not yet had surgery met the 78-year-old Danish man at a rooftop bar in the city before going to the tourist’s hotel bedroom for sex

The reason for this was the nature of the crime which was against a foreigner and which had the potential to damage the country’s tourism prospects and image abroad.

The 30-year-old transgender female who has not yet had surgery, was arrested by police following a warrant issued by the Criminal Court on Tuesday, August 29th. 

A metropolitan police investigation team was assigned to the case including students working on the 111th Criminal Investigation Training Course. 

On Wednesday, officers executed the arrest warrant against the offender in the Ding Dang area of Bangkok with the suspect identified by police as Mr Sit who also goes by the name of Alda. 

30-year-old charged with ‘theft at night’ and the illegal use of the Danish man’s credit card online

The 30-year-old was charged with theft at night time and the illegal use of the Danish man’s credit card.

The 78-year-old victim, who is a businessman in Denmark, reported to police that he had met Ms Alda at a rooftop bar in a well-known hotel in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok on Saturday, August 19th.

The two had spent an hour together, drinking and enjoying the atmosphere before descending in the hotel’s lift to a room in the hotel. 

The victim told police that he had fallen asleep after two hours with the woman whom he had paid in advance.

When he awoke he found his valuables were missing from the room including his mobile phone, ฿40,000 in cash and his credit cards.

Businessman blackmailed by the woman threatening his dating preferences would be revealed to his friends and contacts through social media

The businessman told police that he had also received a message from Alda attempting to blackmail him and demanding a further ฿35,000 which if not paid would result in the dissemination of information about his dating preferences to his contact list found on his phone and social network records.

The 78-year-old was not intimidated by the blackmail threat and immediately resolved to report it to the police. 

The accused, on Wednesday, when confronted by officers at her home, told police that the allegations were true and that she had resolved to steal the elderly man’s belongings because he had failed to give her a tip after performing five sexual acts in a two-hour period.

Accused admitted to buying a laptop device with the foreigner’s credit card, from her home in the Din Daeng area of the city before police swooped

The accused also admitted using the victim’s credit card at her home in the Din Daeng area of Bangkok to purchase an expensive laptop computer while disposing of the man’s smartphone to an acquaintance for cash.

Police investigating the case discovered that the defendant in criminal legal proceedings, Mr Sit, had a history of criminality, including the embezzlement of her employers in 2020, in a case which had been investigated by Chokchai Police Station in the Wang Thonglang District of Bangkok.

Officers working on the case reported having received full cooperation from the hotel involved and that the accused admitted fully to the charges against her while apologising to the country for damaging its reputation abroad.

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