Motorcycle bomb blast injures four in Narathiwat insurgency attack. Chaos ensued as shrapnel scattered, prompting an evacuation of a nearby market busy with people having their dinner.

Authorities were put on notice on Monday evening when a motorcycle bomb detonated in Narathiwat. The bomb went off at a security point during a particularly busy time in the evening. In short, four people, two men and two women, were seriously injured in the massive blast. The bomb spread shrapnel in all directions causing chaos, leading security officers to evacuate a nearby food market.

Rescue workers with the Mercy Foundation in Narathiwat on Monday evening responded to a forceful explosion. It went off near a security checkpoint and a popular local food market. In brief, four people were taken to hospital with serious injuries from the blast, which scattered shrapnel and caused a conflagration.

On Monday evening, an explosion occurred in the centre of Narathiwat, seriously injuring four people.

The bomb, planted on a motorbike, scattered shrapnel in all directions.

The motorbike bomb was aimed to cause maximum disruption and damage. It went off at a busy time on Phuphaphakdi Road in the Narathiwat municipality.

Busy time of evening when many locals were out in public to dinner at a busy nearby food market. The motorcycle bomb was placed near a security checkpoint

Locals were out buying food for dinner when the explosion happened.

Security authorities believe the device was aimed at large concentrations of police and military personnel working in the area. It is believed to be the work of insurgents, part of a major uptick in activities. The use of motorbike bombs is particularly worrying.

Motorcycle bombs are normally used by the insurgency to cause as much disturbance and carnage as possible.

Reports from the scene speak of a large conflagration caused by the explosion. The victims included two young women and two public health officers.

Four people very seriously injured

Police from Narathiwat Police Station, including Police Lieutenant Itthiphon Malikul, the deputy head of investigations, and Superintendent Police Colonel Pratchaya Bite, responded to the scene.

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Emergency services were provided by the Mercy Foundation. Volunteers transported the injured to Narathiwat Rajanagarindra Hospital. Meanwhile, their injuries were described as very serious.

In short, the motorcycle bomb had been placed in a safety area near a checkpoint in the centre of Narathiwat.

Security services evacuated the busy food market some 200 metres from the explosion fearing another device may have been planted. People were very rattled

Certainly, the explosion shocked local people. Its force rattled nerves and caused a loud explosion.

Afterwards, a large crowd at a food market, only 200 metres from the device, fled. They were assisted by security services who urged civilians to leave the area.

There were fears of further devices concealed nearby.

On Tuesday, police were collecting forensic evidence from the scene. 

In turn, the attack follows a firefight between security services and two insurgents on May 1st. This occurred in the Thung Yang Daeng District of Pattani Province.

Previously, during that evening firefight, police killed the pair after coming under intense fire.

At length, the two men, both wanted for various criminal charges, were later identified. In short, they were Mr Masobri Bahe and Mr Ashar Jalo.

It was later revealed that both insurgents had participated in gun attacks, arson and bomb attacks in the region.

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