‘Night Stalker’ alleged rapist nabbed after Bangkok car chase. Elite police unit apprehends Mr Nat accused of stalking and assault. Victim’s ordeal over for now although the accused offers differing testimony.

An elite Metropolitan Police Bureau squad arrested a man on Saturday who had stalked a co-worker for months before eventually raping her. The 45-year-old man identified as Mr Nat was taken down by police on Saturday evening after a car chase on the Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, as outlined to reporters. He was referred to by police as the ‘Night Stalker’ because of the terror inflicted on his victim prior to the rape.

Police pulled Mr Nat out of his car in Bangkok after he tried to evade arrest on Saturday night. The suspect, known to officers as the ‘Night Stalker’, was apprehended on foot of a Criminal Court warrant. Previously, in 2023, he had incessantly stalked a 22-year-old coworker before eventually raping her, according to charges made.

An elite Metropolitan Police Bureau unit has arrested another sex predator in central Bangkok. The latest case is linked to the activities of Mr Nat, a 45-year-old sexual stalker.

The IT technician worked at a local firm and at one point acted as a chauffeur for an attractive young woman at the firm. In short, he became infatuated with the 22-year-old.

Workplace rape followed months of predatory and stalking behaviour which terrified the 22-year-old victim. Woman was regularly followed home by the man

In brief, a warrant for rape and using violent force was issued by the Criminal Court on April 19th. It was linked to an assault on the young woman at her workplace, which took place after a company event.

Details of the arrest were released by Metropolitan Police Bureau Chief Thiti Saengsawang and related to an elite task force under the direction of top Metropolitan Police Bureau commander Police Major General Theeradej Thumsuthee. 

Bang O sex pervert arrested by police in Bangkok admits to controlling and blackmailing teenagers

Indeed, the leader of the task force is becoming famous in Bangkok for his distinctive dress code. That is Police Lieutenant Colonel Thanpirasit Chulphiphob or Inspector Jae.

Pervert dubbed the ‘Night Stalker’ by police who executed the court arrest warrant on Saturday, May 4th ending the woman’s ordeal for now as he is charged

The incident surrounding the ‘night stalker’ arrested on Saturday, April 4th, in a dramatic car chase on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, was outlined to reporters.

The alleged rape took place at the end of 2023. In turn, this followed months of a terrifying ordeal for the young woman who was stalked at work and at night by her coworker. It ended last Saturday night when told the spectre who haunted her life was in custody.

Of course, the case against the accused must be put and adjudicated before the court. Certainly, in this regard, Mr Nat already has a different version of events.

At length, the infatuation by the 45-year-old man with the young woman began while he was her chauffeur.

However, it became so intense that Mr Nattaphon, the 45-year-old accused, gave it up.

Nevertheless, he thereafter took every opportunity to accost her at work.

For instance, he would ask her questions about her life, displaying excessive interest in her personal life. At the same time, he would engage in discussions on intimate subjects.

Accused man himself asked to be moved to a different department. This was the second occasion he had shown an awareness that what he was doing was wrong 

After that, Mr Nattaphon asked to be moved to another department, showing some signs of an awareness of the problem. That was the accused second request not to be in proximity to the young woman. 

However, his infatuation got the better of him. He would search out her personal items, including clothing, and attempt to sniff them.

The situation started really getting out of hand when the 45-year-old began following the young woman home from work.

In short, he would follow her to her bus stop. He would then board the bus simultaneously with her and track her back to her accommodation in the capital. This disturbing pattern of behaviour went on for months.

The accused man even followed her around to convenience stores where he knew her favourite snacks.

Climatic incident ended in rape although the accused denies this but accepts that he sexually molested the 22-year-old woman after a company dinner dance

The climactic incident following this ordeal occurred after a company dinner party. The young woman had commitments at work. Consequently, she was forced to travel back to the office early.

Mr Nattaphon followed her. Alone in the company’s offices, he accosted her and dragged her into the fitness room.

This is where the sexual assault took place. The victim passed out. When she regained consciousness, she kicked her attacker and broke free.

The rape was reported immediately to Prachachuen Police Station, and the woman’s employer was informed.

Subsequently, police discovered that the accused had gone to lengths to destroy CCTV images and other evidence where the sexual assault took place.

Accused left the company but was waiting to be arrested. However, he still tried to evade detention on Saturday night as police engaged him in a car chase

Afterwards, the accused left the company, and it is understood he was working freelance.

That is until the arrest warrant was issued as part of the justice process. This was warrant number 1625/2567 issued on April 19, 2024. Meanwhile, he was summarily arrested on foot of the order and brought to book last Saturday evening.

Officers eventually had to battle the accused’s attempts to lose them in a car chase. In addition, he struggled with the police as he was placed under arrest.

The accused was taken to Prachachuen Police Station after being taken down by the task force squad.

There, he admitted to his wrongdoing. Indeed, he told the police that he was an admirer of the work of the police squad from media reports.

He explained to them that he had a premonition that he would be arrested by Inspector Jae. Curiously, he appeared to be aware of the Metropolitan Police Bureau police squad and even its more senior officers.

Mr Nat’s version of events is that there was no rape

However, Mr Nattaphon’s version of events was not what the victim had reported.

In short, he claimed that the 22-year-old had become amorous at the office complex. She had consumed too much alcohol, and he was assisting her to vomit.

He admitted to officers that when the young woman had removed her blouse, he had become inflamed.

Nevertheless, he was unable to perform sexual penetration as the she was in a drunken state and unconscious.

Officers told him that they were highly suspicious of Mr Nat’s testimony. They also believe from his erratic employment pattern, that there may be other victims.

This came despite his assurances that he would become a reformed man after the justice process with the help of his elders.

In the meantime, police in Bangkok are appealing to all women who suffer such predatory behaviour to take action. For instance, in relation to stalking, they can file a police complaint with their local police station.

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